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  1. I visited Timko rope suppliers in Tarporley Cheshire. Absolute bargain for 6/8mm bungee cord. I have no connection with the company and having restored several Lafuma chairs can recommend their very cheap product.
  2. I have used one but bottled out of the floor cutting. I made a piece of ply to fit the width of a front window and cut a hole to take the vent tube. Height of the insert was not crucial as the blind was pulled down to seal any gap. Not an ideal solution but avoided insect invasions. Mine was not quiet, what you think is quiet may not be so in the middle of the night on a quiet site. In retrospect I wish I had done the floor hole under a front seat. Venting under the van must be quieter.
  3. There are probably more than you think, very prevalent in north Wales where we are. I still have the option to tow but am not doing so this year. You can generally tell the towers on our site, often more self sufficient, some of my neighbours want the grass cutting inch perfect and expect the site owner to do everything. Spotted one couple pressure washing their van last week, seams and all.
  4. I do it religiously when I caravan abroad. Maybe a bit more blase as I am on a package. From the brief conversation with Nationwide it appears they shut the card down and you have to reopen your account. Used it in France and Spain in October last year. I called them to reinstate it but they couldn't, hence my thoughts that it is perhaps a Portugal issue.
  5. Forgot to tell Nationwide BS about trip to Portugal Emailed and phoned BS as my Select credit card was declined in Portuguese supermarket. Brief conversation due to phone cost we were told that Select card not working in Portugal and to use flexaccount card. Also told that I have had an email re this issue in the past. ? Also that Nationwide will reimburse the charges incurred by using flex instead of select. Cannot find anything on Nationwide website about this. Moral of story, tell card providers where you are going before you leave!
  6. My Welsh speaking friend says Rhug is pronounced reeg. Apparently the Welsh language is older than English so maybe our pronunciations are wrong. The road from Bala to Trawsfynnedd is one of my favourite drives. Never took a van over it but it is definitely do-able with care.
  7. Rhug can't be accused of being cheap but they do claim to supply meat to michelin starred establishments. Not sure if the car park would accommodate a caravan, playing skittles with all the pretty bikes might not go down so well.
  8. I have decided to give up touring, possibly for good but for at least a few years. I have a seasonal pitch where van also stays in winter storage. Can I expect a reduction in my insurance on the basis that my van is no longer being towed?
  9. Also stayed on this site, 2003. Excellent fishing Been back to the area but stayed at Perpetuum 2013. Went back to look at Soliel Plage and took a sharp intake of breath at the pitch price.
  10. Or, use your noseweight gauge as a support under the bed.
  11. Terraces overlooking the sea are very narrow, just about swung my van round to face the sea, 7. 2 mtr. Motor mover a must for this section of the campsite. Excellent facilities. Free WiFi for half hour each day. Shingle beach accessible down cliff side steps.
  12. It was €1. 03 at the intermarche at Montendre. Not seen anything cheaper in this area yet but at that price I probably won't worry. Wasn't being snipey at the French, just jealous.
  13. €1. 03 litre. Sunshine, cheap wine and fuel. Aren't the French spoilt.
  14. The site I use is only for part seasonal. Mynnyd Mawr has an excellent spot but there are lots more sites near porth oer and on the road to Rhiw with stunning views. Aberdaron is really unspoilt but the roads are narrow after pwhelli and need to be driven with care.
  15. But if you go beyond Abersoch it gets cheaper.
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