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  1. Had a quick look round but didn’t see anything exciting 😉 everything was all the same style and colour, even the new Isabella air awning , which I was hoping would be something different and inspiring, looked the same ☹️ Lots of people there though so hopefully they had some decent sales .
  2. Had ours in March so looks like later models affected, never had any problems at all thank goodness! Just been looking at a Lunar Quasar which would be a 72% match so may well do a part ex 😉 Just read that problems were for manual not dsg....must learn to read properly 🤣
  3. Thanks Lee, we always use the motor mover when putting on pitch from storage as it wasn’t brilliant reversing up a slight gradient onto the pitch, also found it light on the front end when towing up hill from a standing start, will definitely have to use the gears when on hills etc, love the car but we’ll see how it performs on Thursday , fingers crossed it manages ok .Thanks guys x
  4. We think you could be right Andy, it’s definitely borderline even taking everything heavy out and putting it in the boot of the car, not a brilliant match when you look at the statistics, have yet to see any reports of successful reviews of towing. We’ve going to give it a test drive just an hour from storage and see how it goes, no big hills so won’t be pushing it too much. When we had the Yeti and towed the Stellar the match was spot on and the Yeti was only 1200 cc but towed perfectly! You’d think the Koraq would have done the job but maybe not 😒 Will update after our little outing 😊 Than
  5. Recently brought the Karoq and it’s a lovely car , capable of towing 1500 kg, gave up caravans but recently brought a Senator Vermont which we keep on a store and stay basis. Max is 1392 so with minimal loading will work , noseweight though seems to be a bit of a problem as car towbar car is 75kg and when we tested it came out at 80kg , quite a bit of stuff in front locker we can remove but a bit concerned if it will tow ok, hubby very experienced in towing and just wondered if anyone else had towed with the Karoq. Any help and advice much appreciated 😊
  6. But if he doesn’t get any joy from Camping world what’s he supposed to do ? Many people on here have gone direct to Kampa because the supplier failed to help! 😡
  7. I would contact Kampa direct, how Camping World can make that statement I don’t know, you could have brought the awning during the winter and not used it til Spring! It has a fault and Kampa should repair or replace 😊
  8. Caravans are fine in Jersey, they only have 5 camp sites, a few restrictions but nothing major 😊
  9. Think you have to have a permit for a touring van in Jersey and check size of van too, there are restrictions due to the roads. Lovely place to visit 😊 Check out gov. je website, lots of info on there 😊
  10. You would have thought so ! We went to Black Knowl last September, had a few holes but nothing that bothered us but this year was just dreadful, and with all this rain will just get worse 😟
  11. Aldridge Hill is a caravan & camping club site now, used to be FC a few years ago but the club now have all the F. C. sites. We used to go many years ago and had some great times with the kids camping.
  12. So would the access road have come out on the main road where the houses are? A house and land have just been sold on the access road, Beachen farm I think. So who actually owns the land which the site is on?
  13. Be interesting to see what happens, let’s hope they pay out enough to replace your van with a similar price range if you can’t get it repaired . Has the towbar been fitted recently ?
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