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  1. But if he doesn’t get any joy from Camping world what’s he supposed to do ? Many people on here have gone direct to Kampa because the supplier failed to help! 😡
  2. I would contact Kampa direct, how Camping World can make that statement I don’t know, you could have brought the awning during the winter and not used it til Spring! It has a fault and Kampa should repair or replace 😊
  3. Caravans are fine in Jersey, they only have 5 camp sites, a few restrictions but nothing major 😊
  4. Think you have to have a permit for a touring van in Jersey and check size of van too, there are restrictions due to the roads. Lovely place to visit 😊 Check out gov. je website, lots of info on there 😊
  5. You would have thought so ! We went to Black Knowl last September, had a few holes but nothing that bothered us but this year was just dreadful, and with all this rain will just get worse 😟
  6. Aldridge Hill is a caravan & camping club site now, used to be FC a few years ago but the club now have all the F. C. sites. We used to go many years ago and had some great times with the kids camping.
  7. So would the access road have come out on the main road where the houses are? A house and land have just been sold on the access road, Beachen farm I think. So who actually owns the land which the site is on?
  8. Be interesting to see what happens, let’s hope they pay out enough to replace your van with a similar price range if you can’t get it repaired . Has the towbar been fitted recently ?
  9. The warden told us the road is shared between the club and the forestry commission but can’t see them paying towards the upkeep 😟 looks like the club will have to fork out to repair it.
  10. Goodness me, that sounds scary but thank goodness you’re ok. Did you manage to get the van off the motorway ok or did you need recovery to get you off ? Was your van insured ?
  11. I have left a review David and hopefully a few more will as everyone was complaining about it, think it’s a lot worse than Cirencester though. Just wonder who will pay if a caravan gets badly damaged 😟 the snow has obviously taken it’s toll as it was nowhere near as bad when we stayed there in September.
  12. So we know he’s a man from Chester that drives a Volvo and tows an Abbey caravan! Hello Mr Happy! 😄
  13. If anyone is planning on visiting this site in the near future please be very aware of the access road which is full of huge potholes, we spent three nights at the site but by the time we were due to leave we’d had enough of the road and have cancelled a couple of stays there because of it, the warden suggested we complain as it may help get the road resurfaced. It has suffered due to the bad weather over the last few weeks but it’s quite dangerous and before long damage will be done to either car or caravan. Apparently it’s jointly owned by the club and the forestry commission . Our van is only small but still found it difficult to avoid the holes.
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