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  1. I was once conned by a similar scam - just pay the £2.99 postage for the trial sample package. Then found I had signed up to a £20 a month for follow on deliveries which I didn’t want. No answer to the phone number given, their email box full and accepting no further messages so, as they had my card details, I spoke to my bank who gave me a new card and also contacted the con artists ( by mail I assume ) and warned them they were aware of the scam. I never heard anything else from anyone!!
  2. Bin there, dun that many times. Just time to call it a day!
  3. Hello Babs - have you been appointed Chairman/Secretary/Treasurer of this club . If so, I look forward to receiving the itinerary for the hotels we will be meeting up in 😀😀 once a month would be great🥃🍸🍺
  4. Sad to say that age and poverty (😀) have caught up with us and we have sold our van. This is the first time in 49 years we have not owned a tourer. 😢😢. Just got to sell our awnings and all the equipment we have accumulated and then call it a day. Have really enjoyed CT which has provided us with information and discussions over the years, so thanks to all who have contributed. Enjoy your caravanning, we will try not to complain too much when we stuck behind one of the white boxes on the road!! ivan
  5. I think that is a bit pedantic within the overall view I was taking.
  6. With all the general costs of caravanning ( storage, sites, servicing, extra fuel etc etc ) I wonder why anyone would venture out onto public roads without insurance. I see the OP ‘s van is a 2000 model, so the cost is not going to be too extortionate.
  7. You may have had years of good trading Mr Plod which must have been great, but it’s not rocket science is it?? Your total incompetence comment sums up this issue.
  8. We use ours regularly at home, not taken out in the van yet. Great piece of kit!
  9. The Tranquil Parks set up is great, we use them a lot. Most, if not all, the sites want either a decent sized deposit, or the full amount on booking, and it is up to us whether we agree with this or not - we accept it because that is a known t & c and therefore comply with it. If we want to cancel or change, we know it is the sites choice whether to allow or not and understand their need to receive income. Why should they be penalised for something way out of their control?
  10. Relatives of ours reckon site fees and other costs set them back the best part of £5K a year for their static. They got to the point where they were not enjoying ( to make the expenditure worthwhile ) travelling to it every other week. Had just become a habit and they got bored. Sold up, lost a lot on the van sale, and now don’t miss it. I appreciate this won’t be everyone’s experience, but should be considered.
  11. Had an email this from a French site we visit frequently - a few days ago they were saying, please come. Today it’s , come but you have to present a Covid passport on arrival. They say it’s the same passport you need to cross borders and show if you want to go to a restaurant etc. We won’t be bothering!
  12. 3000 Km trip, first time out with a caravan, 1 hour for responses. Got to be a wind up surely??
  13. We had a 2009 automatic for 10 years and it towed our vans excellently. Obviously I can’t comment specifically on the manual but reckon it’s a great tug.
  14. ivan leslie

    Gas Levels

    Sod’s law No.2 says that, when in Europe, your current bottle runs out and then the sites electric supply drops off for a couple of days. That’s when I am pleased I can switch to my second bottle to keep the fridge running.
  15. ivan leslie

    Gas Levels

    I was told long ago to poor hot water down the side of the metal bottle - where the bottle went cold was were the gas was up to. Worked for me for years. Now I use what used to be BP plastic bottles where I can actually see the gas remaining. Seems the easiest way of all when compared to what has been suggested in other posts.
  16. Even though France have “ opened up “, what is the point when the U.K. government does not authorise “ unnecessary “ travel which invalidates personal and travel insurance? Does anyone really believe France, Spain etc are going to be placed on the “ green “ list anytime soon ?
  17. Is it only me that thought this was a bit odd when it starts off “ friends of ours at CaravanTalk “ ?? Isn’t this forum a similar name ? 😀😱😀😱
  18. Great story and pics as ever - thanks. You said on your blog last year that you were on Braddicks site - we used to live next door to Sharon who owns it!! Must make our way down that way sometime and see how much it has changed over the years since we lived there. Are you planning Spain this winter ??
  19. I always empty all the “ stuff “ out when the van goes for service - I think it is only fair to the people who work on it and avoids any chance of disagreement as you can’t then think anything has gone missing. This time they insisted on the removal of all the furnishings, which was a bit of a bother but not a major issue. Fetched the van back yesterday and have spent a while this morning putting the “ stuff “ back in with the furnishings to follow shortly.
  20. Sorry, I should have made it clearer that my comment was a joke - thought the 4 smiley faces might have given it away. Dead impressed by your list of cars driven, what sort of job enables access to such top end models?
  21. Sorry to disagree. The best tow car is the make and model I currently have 😀😀😀😀
  22. I don’t think that is a U.K. motorhome, surely someone from France, Spain, Holland etc would not do such a thing 😀😀
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