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  1. We have a booking on a site next week for 4 nights. Since March neither of us has been in an actual shop, having had goods delivered or on a very well worked pay beforehand and collect system. We didn’t see any family for 3 months . I would describe myself as “ paranoid “ about the virus effect and have taken every step I could think of to protect us. My “ paranoia “ will be taken with us when we go to the site next week - using our own facilities, keeping well away from others on the site, taking our provisions with us and so on. Apart from supporting the site with our fees I understand that we will probably not help the local economy round and about, but this is only the start of getting back to Caravanning. We are looking forward to seeing a new view out of the window, hopefully having a walk around the country park close by and sit around in the fresh open air. Safe for us, good for our general well-being and no danger to others as far as I can see. Even with my paranoia I reckon that is ok.
  2. Ssangyong Rexton W, 2016 plate, 22700 miles - bought it end of January and used once for towing. Previously had 3 Hyundai Santa Fe - last one was 11 years old with 80,000 on the clock when we sold it.
  3. We have made the same caravan decision twice in the past 10 years or so and, guess what, we didn’t keep to it😀😀
  4. As per other threads on here - who is actually travelling in July/August? Just freight? Has the government opened up overseas travel now? Can you get insurance etc etc etc
  5. Can I ask if you have ever towed previously?
  6. Why are you getting frustrated ? Just another month of uncertainty 🤔🤔 have you asked anyone in the local BCC?
  7. Is that an almost apology for what you have been spouting ? Hope so and, if it is, apology accepted . Trust you are now reconsidering you trip.
  8. I would think BF would be concerned about the quality of the build and fittings after all the management and financial problems.
  9. Sorry Steve but I cannot, on this occasion, bow to your superior wisdom and knowledge. As a person for whom many moons have passed, I am aware of, and agree with some of your points, but would softly comment that, with regard to the Coronavirus, no-one knows what’s is going to happen. With most of the usual travel insurance issues, the risks are known and can be assessed, with the Virus they can’t. Hence I do not think they will be covered.
  10. So you do not have any proof, just your opinion. As I said earlier, no-one knows about the future with Coronavirus and, until that is established ( X months/years ) my opinion is that it will not be covered.
  11. How do you know that? Have you proof?? Insurers already either impose a surcharge or refuse to cover some ailments and events - why would they cover a known risk like Coronavirus? It is very clear that no-one knows whether/when/if the virus will come back so the insurers will factor this in.
  12. We are part of those who do not think we will be comfortable in wintering in Spain this year. Reckon we will let the virus ( hopefully ) settle down before we travel. Also remember that travel insurance companies are excluding Coronavirus problems from their cover.
  13. thought might be of interest. Just before my time 😀😀 https://youtu.be/YhWJ0tlhH6I
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