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  1. Would these work with the Collapz system? ( flexible hose but with rigid connectors ). Perhaps an extra strap or two to keep it flowing ??
  2. Trigano also make awnings and own campsite in France.
  3. The Bessacarr caravan ( not Motorhome ) brand is owned by Couplands Caravans in Louth. The vans are built for them by Swift.
  4. Does that mean you didn’t vote “ Leave “ ? 😀😀. Hope this thread doesn’t go down that road again.
  5. Although I have no personal experience of the Trigano awnings I have seen many of them used on different locations in France. Quality looks good. FWIW - Isabella have just relaunched their Forum range for permanent pitching - might be worth asking them about the cleaning properties. HTH
  6. Really bad news - as our nearest port we use it when we go to France. Going to Rotterdam would add around 100 miles on our journey so might be better for us to go to Portsmouth.
  7. As we do long term trips ( 5/6 months ) we want space in the van and have gone away from fixed beds. We prefer a lay out with the side table for eating and food preparation, leaving the front settees free to lounge on, have enough room to sit 4/6 people there and also to sleep on. Like others we use Duvalays so bed making time is minimal. Our van is a 4 berth length - have always said that a 4 berth makes an ideal 2 berth😀😀.
  8. Two weeks before my 65 th birthday I was trekking to K2 base camp in Pakistan. Now, at 80, I still manage to play golf a couple of times a week and don’t need a buggy. As you say, keep on going until forced to stop.
  9. Might be interesting if you don’t 😀😀
  10. We have friends who did this for many years, moving sites fairly regularly when prices went up or the felt they needed a move. Whether they actually registered as a resident I am not sure but doubt. Eventually they moved into a park home type unit on a permanent site and did register. What effect Brexit will have you will have to look at.
  11. We had a new rear panel on our 2014 model Bessacarr ( Swift) in July. Fortunately it was done under warranty thanks to help from Couplands who arranged it all after finding the cracks at the annual service.
  12. Are you really allowed to do that? I thought you were not supposed to leave your home area? If what you say is true it seems a great way of spreading the virus to places that haven’t got it.
  13. Well, at least you won’t be bothered by the C&CC rally people this year😳
  14. Just to put the other side - as we are retired, we generally avoid Friday and Saturday nights on site and do Sunday to Thursday. That’s when we haven’t disappeared to France or Spain for 5/6 months ( not this year though ☹️☹️)
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