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  1. You obviously do not believe that the vaccine will have any effect on the severity of anyone catching it in the future - why is that ?
  2. Here’s another one who is hitching up on the 12th. Apart from the very great fact that we will enjoy the break, it’s time to get the economy moving again. Get out and about and spend some money in the hospitality areas ( where allowed ) and let’s have people back in work. Time for positive thoughts and actions - and not before time too! Remember, all the vulnerable and at risk people have had their vaccine so we can keep safe.
  3. Did the Alde fluid need changing after 2 years? As I assume you didn’t use the van too much in the last 12/13 months it just seems a bit quick - perhaps I am missing something here?? Should say it is nice to have good neighbours and pleased nothing was found in the van that needed attention.
  4. Iain - someone should have said thank you for all your years in the rescue teams. I see you are Sheffield based so assume you will have been covering the Peak District - as I trekked there for many many years, fortunately without any need to call you out, I was grateful to just know you were there if anything serious occurred. So, a belated thank you to you and your team members.
  5. Ah !! I live in hope 😀 I was speaking of our trips in days gone by - who knows whether we will get special treatment for a longer period, perhaps with a visa application, in the future.
  6. As we go for 5/6 months I would not want that amount around !!
  7. What they didn’t say was that they only produced 11 of each of these models 😀
  8. I reckon about 3 months Alan. 😀😀😀😀
  9. Does anyone buy large amounts of currency before they go away nowadays? I get a couple of hundred Euros max and get then cash as and when I need it on my debit card. For day to day spends I use my credit card and settle monthly . Why would I want the security risk of storing Euros around the van? Also, if we are going to be restricted to 90 days now, any difference between a possible saving on bulk buying before we go will be very marginal. Anyway - the exchange rate will continue to move in our favour forever now that we have changed the system 😀😀😀
  10. I would leave “ probably “ out of your first part of the sentence and, as has been said, if they hadn’t broken the law there wouldn’t have been an accident.
  11. Fund now stands at just under £550,000 . Good to realise that many people really do appreciate the volunteers that are there to help if we get into trouble. Never had to call them out myself but it was always comforting to know they were there if I needed them.
  12. There was a definite 15 min wait when I had mine. Indeed, I was given a scrap of paper on which the lady wrote “ 10.31 “ - the time I was allowed to leave !
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