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  1. Just ordered my green card from Saga for the car - they tell me I need a separate one for the caravan, so I will arrange that tomorrow hopefully. Can't recall having to have two the many years ago when they were necessary.
  2. Try the C&CC - our quote is several hundred £'s lower than Red Pennant. We are in our 70's and take out both health and motor insurance with them. BTW - I don't think Nationwide is competitive for longer trips and you still have to arrange motor insurance. HTH
  3. I forked out for a set of Grands Aeros last week, not used them yet but they just appear to be so much better made than the competition and have a nice large mirror. Will see how they perform next week.
  4. I don't believe that will happen. You quote the agreements are " pan European " - surely that means throughout Europe, not the EU. Sorry to say it but that is just another scare story!
  5. Very nice site - only drawback is the long narrow cart track up to it from the main road.
  6. The premium has gone up by £240 - what sort of % increase is that?
  7. We appear to have gone back to square one on this thread when what we are really waiting for is the OP to tell us how he went on 😳😳😳
  8. Although perhaps I should have done, I didn't. Decided in my interest to remain but, for the life of me, I can't remember why I thought that🤔🤔Now getting close to the point where I get free membership, so I will take that until the obvious happens !!
  9. When I suggested to the CMC that advertising might influence their decisions they threatened to cancel my membership if I persisted with that train of thought. At that time I had only been a member for 45 years or so!
  10. Glad you said that Geoff - we are planning it as our first stop after we get off the ferry at Zeebrugge on the way to south west France. We don't fish though.
  11. If you do that, check with them first that they have the awnings you want to look at. On my last visit ( and it will be my last ) there they were not interested in selling me anything that they didn't have in stock - I wanted to purchase an Isabella, they hadn't got any and were not interested in obtaining one, inspite of supposedly being a dealer for them. Just kept on at me about ones in stock.
  12. Doesn't have to be a twin axle to break the £30K mark !!
  13. Hi Dom - two major items which means I cannot even look at insuring with you. A limit of £30,000 on the van/contents etc value and a miserable 60 days European cover. I would think many vans,with their awning and contents, exceed your maximum figure and 60 days is not worthwhile - my insurer has no trouble with higher values and gives me 365 days in Europe ! Perhaps worth another look.
  14. Think we are now starting to go round in circles, but no-one has thought the method of payment requested is in your interests Dave. What are you going to do ??
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