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  1. After a recent extension to the storage area ( giving larger pitches ) there seems to be a few spaces to be taken up if anyone interested. As Paul has said, good security and road surfaces plus a large place to wash your van or motorhome.
  2. We arrived on our adult only site near Beverley , Yorkshire, on Sunday. The touring pitches are only about 20% full. There are a lot touring vans being used on seasonal pitches but very few people in them. Seems very weird when it seemed we were all chomping at the bit to get away.
  3. The other side of the coin is that I don’t think most taxpayers would expect to pay for your service costs over and above the basic checks they make. Or is that unfair?
  4. The first caravan I bought in around 1970 was a Eccles Topaz - it had a very square front end, not the curved roof as your van. It also had gas mantle lights, two bunks at the rear end and, of course, no electrics. We had a great time in it😀😀
  5. Really sensible advice- same applies to the gas installation/ upgrade if required.
  6. It seems reasonable to me that they expect at least one form of decent security before being exposed to a £20K + payout.
  7. If we in the U.K. got rid of all our so called polluting issues, would it make an iota of difference to the planet overall? It might if China, India, Russia plus the USA ( who, pre Biden, were at least making strides towards reducing theirs ) made a genuine effort that might make it worthwhile. in the meantime, ban bbqs while China builds another coal fired power station!
  8. Thanks for that Alan, didn’t realise I could get it on YouTube. It was, as I thought it would be, interesting but really just an advert for everyone to trust the vaccine and have the jab. Some of the information presented seemed a bit out of date ( comparing figures of March and May/June last year ) and the explanation of the R rate confused me - 4.5% in the computation when I thought it was now around 0.8% , but perhaps I misunderstood it. Also there was no stress on what the 20 Million having had the vaccine was playing on the hospital rates - the reductions were presented as being due
  9. I do pay not for a TV licence so will not be able to watch this programme but I would be interested to hear if Horizon gave any time to those who believe the reaction to the virus has been overblown. Just asking!!
  10. Oh dear Gordon - not much optimism here is there. After the past twelve months I believe we all need a lift and more positivity. We also, as a country, to get people back into work to save the economy for our children. As for not making jokes about Covid and its effects, what else is there to do with it ( apart from taking sensible precautions of course ).
  11. You obviously do not believe that the vaccine will have any effect on the severity of anyone catching it in the future - why is that ?
  12. Here’s another one who is hitching up on the 12th. Apart from the very great fact that we will enjoy the break, it’s time to get the economy moving again. Get out and about and spend some money in the hospitality areas ( where allowed ) and let’s have people back in work. Time for positive thoughts and actions - and not before time too! Remember, all the vulnerable and at risk people have had their vaccine so we can keep safe.
  13. Did the Alde fluid need changing after 2 years? As I assume you didn’t use the van too much in the last 12/13 months it just seems a bit quick - perhaps I am missing something here?? Should say it is nice to have good neighbours and pleased nothing was found in the van that needed attention.
  14. Iain - someone should have said thank you for all your years in the rescue teams. I see you are Sheffield based so assume you will have been covering the Peak District - as I trekked there for many many years, fortunately without any need to call you out, I was grateful to just know you were there if anything serious occurred. So, a belated thank you to you and your team members.
  15. Ah !! I live in hope 😀 I was speaking of our trips in days gone by - who knows whether we will get special treatment for a longer period, perhaps with a visa application, in the future.
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