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  1. Last time I was in Couplands caravans at Louth they had a couple of large boxes of used locks for sale - no idea on price but might be worth giving them a call.
  2. La Marina site south of Valencia- not ACSI but excellent. Must book in advance though.
  3. The only real problems with the Newhaven - Dieppe route are the roads into and out of both ports, the timing of the ferries due to tides and the lack of facilities at the ports. Good value though.
  4. A six pence piece ??? Vot it’s dat ??? Please. 😀😀
  5. Of course, I could say that we duck tape the shower control so it can’t be knocked accidentally- we don’t though. Perhaps we will in the future but it’s not been a problem for many years. Famous last words ? 😳😳
  6. Isn’t the shower unit built purposely to store bedding during the day ?😀
  7. I bet the OP is very pleased to receive this very negative post, well done! The problem with giving the dealers name is that there will be people lining up to give all their alternative and negative views about all and everything, including working with the service dept. ☹️
  8. Don’t think I have ever met anyone who could say that - guess you must be a very lucky guy 😀
  9. In July this year ( on the Thursday before the big close down on Friday for the August 4 week holidays ) the rear brakes on our car started “ grinding “. Rang the C&CC insurance, car collected from our campsite later that morning and taken away on a trailer. Offered a hire car but not required. On the following Monday morning, taxi sent to take us to the garage where we paid for the repair and drove away. We were kept advised all along by the French office of the insurance company ( they were in Lyon, we in Bordeaux) no issues, worked well. Considering it was the main holiday period, pleased, and surprised, all went as easy as it did.
  10. Ah , but you might have to put a jumper on later 😀😀
  11. In 1961 I had an Austin Countryman ( a van really but had rear seats and windows ) reg no YTO 600 ( don’t know why I can’t remember the reg on my current car !! ). Was a great little thing, especially when the family came along.
  12. I would agree with AJ - the inner frame has to be dried out before putting the wall boards back. That’s how it was done on a van I had some years ago.
  13. If you read my initial post Joanie you will see that I did accommodate their “ instruction/request “ with more than a smile - it was only because of their subsequent unfriendliness that I made the comments as to what we would next year. My “ revenge “ is that we will not be returning next year, so they have all winter in Holland to work out an alternative plan for their dish, hopefully invest in some upgraded kit which will be totally unnecessary. Sad really😳😀
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