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  1. As the OP here is what I did - I talked to the guy, he explained that, as the site is in a pine forest ( as many are in this area of France ) he only had a limited area “ to aim at “ with his dish. He had tried other parts of his pitch but with no success. Said I would think about it. We decided where we would locate our van and deliberately put it right in front of his dish. Called the guys wife ( he had gone off on his bike ) out to have a look and for comments etc - was not, as one could imagine, best pleased. Then, as she stood there, I used the mover to take the van just to the edge of the dish and said I was, of course, joking with the first position. She broke out laughing, was appreciative of what we had done, and I think we might have made a friend. We are happy where the van is and, who knows, we might get invited to look at some tv soon, although I assume it will be in Dutch! When the guy came back he was happy, but then totally persisted me off by telling me that Brexit will be very bad for Britain!! Not followed that one up in detail yet, but, if I hadn’t today put the awning up, the van might have been moving again😀😀
  2. Arrived at a site ( in France ) yesterday. Our Dutch neighbour was out very quickly to suggest where we site our van so as not to affect his tv reception from his dish. One of the possible van placements we liked would totally block off his tv reception. To avoid his problem would mean leaving a distance of around 4 metres at the back of our pitch that we couldn’t put our van ( or gazebo etc ) on. His basic point was that they were on their pitch for 4 months and needed the tv, I think he believed we should just accept his view and that was that. We are also here for a similar period. What would anyone do in these circumstances??
  3. I think you are being kind to say it is only “very “ bumpy 😡😡😡 a lovely site but dreadful approach.
  4. Do you write the scripts for Mrs May? Or perhaps you are just being deliberately contentious 🤪🤪🤪
  5. I have absolutely no idea what this is about - hopefully someone will tell me - but in 2019, we have had 3 nights at Thorpe near Lincoln and, to date, 32 at assorted sites in France. There will be another 130’ish to come in France / Spain before we come home. What does that mean to whatever this thread is about ?
  6. How do you establish that 12/15% saving?? Do the run twice, once slipstreaming, once not? I like the theory but in practice???
  7. Hasn’t food ( and other products ) prices risen everywhere in the last few years? Spain used to be dirt cheap, but certainly isn’t anymore, in France meat, cheese and other items have always been expensive so that is nothing new. I don’t think you should compare prices on a “ proper “ market in France or Spain with supermarkets- the quality from the markets is ( usually ) infinitely better. We spend a lot of time in both countries, we have to eat and, overall, don’t believe there is a massive difference between them and the UK. Be selective, treat yourself occasionally and just enjoy the different experience.
  8. How does a thread about “ not many tourers on sites “ morph into a) buying and selling houses in France and b) the best routes to the south of France or Spain while avoiding tolls Guess the answer is that we are on CT !! 😀😀😀
  9. Is it necessary to post this ? What does it achieve? I have been in France for 4 weeks and intend staying until mid September - it’s not a “ holiday “, just a way of life we choose to follow in our caravan.
  10. Having looked at 5/6 Motorhome “aires” in and around the town where I am staying I am afraid I don’t agree with you. They are empty as well. I am aware of the way that the French holiday but this year it is absolutely noticeable that there are less tourers ( of any description) around than we have seen on our previous visits.
  11. Nice one Ted 🤣🤣. Can’t say that, in the many years of visiting France, we have met more than a handful of Brits doing that.
  12. I can’t see how the French housing market has too much effect on camp sites having no visitors, which was the point of the OP.
  13. We have been in France for the past 4 weeks - we took a week to travel down from Zeebrugge to our long term site, stopping at 5 sites on the way. None of them had more than a few visitors of any nationality. Our long term site has over 350 pitches available for tourers, tents etc - we have been here 3 weeks and there has never been more than 4 other pitches taken ( often by just a single guy on his bike with a small tent ). Many nights we have been totally on our own - bit weird !! Not just the Brits not travelling, the French in particular aren’t coming out, even for a weekend. Odd really.
  14. We use C&CC holiday and breakdown for our long stay trips into Europe
  15. That last sentence is totally and utterly incorrect. Search for previous threads on this.
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