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  1. I don’t really want to be rude to you but, with views like yours, I am not surprised you have been isolated for 30: years.
  2. Have you given consideration that perhaps the disabled and people who live in terraced houses might not want to get Coronavirus? The rest of your ridiculous comments are not worthy of a response.
  3. With car MOT’s being given a 6 month leeway, I do not think car manufacturers will make anything a problem. My warranty service and MOT are due in May, I had a date in April to do both and keep within the requirements. I have now cancelled this and will arrange at some time in the future when what is now “ unnecessary travel “ becomes acceptable again. My dealer is expecting info from SsangYong very shortly but I expect them to give a decent leeway as well.
  4. Does the wording matter? . I guess that you already knew they would be cancelled.
  5. Could I ask if you believe that is an “ essential journey “? Also, are you in the “ vulnerable “ group category?
  6. Had a case of wine delivered yesterday- disposable gloves on, cardboard box and liners straight into the bin followed by the gloves. New gloves on, went over all the bottles with a wipe, put them into the rack where they will stay for a few days before we consider opening them. Gloves disposed of. Ain't life getting complicated 😀😀😀
  7. The scenario as explained is, I would suggest, just another panic take on the virus story. Extremely unlikely in the real world .
  8. I don’t think I have ever, ever, agreed with anything LIF has posted but, as they say, there is a first time for everything. Excellent post👍👍
  9. Guess the Bilbao route is operating for freight traffic .
  10. And think of all the flack President Trump got for pointing this out and promoting, through taxes, businesses returning production to the USA. Its an odd world isn’t it !
  11. That might be the case but we do not have a very high unemployment level. Where are the people who would produce all these goods? As yet we do not know how AI is going to affect how we do things but, until that is settled, we will be relying on imports for many items.
  12. Well done Alde - gives me some confidence if I ever have any issues 👍👍
  13. Just been advised that, due to the virus, Swift have cancelled a factory visit in April tied up with a rally by the Bessacarr Owners Club. This is the first time the virus has had an effect on my life - hope it stays that way 😳😳.
  14. Perhaps I should have been more specific so you could understand - I was in France for over 5 months last summer and I would guess/estimate that around 10% ( at the most ) of the French cars I saw had a sticker. I appreciate I didn’t spend time in the big cities but still thought it was odd.
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