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  1. C&CC are running an escorted 39 day tour of Morocco in Sept/October - from £3400 / £3550 for Motorhome or Caravan and 2 people.
  2. We went on an organised tour some years ago, 10 Motorhome, 2 caravans ( including ours ). Absolutely enjoyed but wished we had gone under our own arrangements. Fascinating country. Not sure if the C & cc still arrange the tour.
  3. Same thing applies to the Santa Fee.
  4. I had the Wyvern version - didn’t like the column change but loved the front bench seat . Served many a purpose 😀😀
  5. My £745 for a rear view mirror was for a Hyundai, so Richard must have relations spread around the world 😀
  6. Waiting for the new one to arrive. Will ask the question - good thought, thanks.
  7. The rear view mirror for my Santa Fe came adrift a couple of days ago. I spoke to the garage today and asked them to get a new one and fit it - the guy checked and told me it would be £745 plus fitting 😱😱😱. After I picked myself up, he said it was because the mirror had an in built compass & a couple of other things ( none of which I have ever used ) !! We then looked for an alternative with the same bracket for connection - £35 fitted !! When the car was built I would have been happier for the cash for the mirror to have Ben spent on something else 😳😳
  8. Hope you enjoy your stay 😀 how busy is El Pino ?
  9. Forget everything you have read on this thread - the answer is NO!! 😊
  10. We went to Merida a few years ago - when we arrived at the site there were only 2 other vans occupied by what I can only describe as “ travellers “. We were not happy to leave our van so didn’t go out that afternoon. A few other vans arrived tea time/ early evening so we felt a bit safer overnight. As it was raining heavily next morning we picked up and continued our journey south, so didn’t get to see the Roman ruins as we had planned. Perhaps next year 😀
  11. Buy a cylinder where you can see the level - used to be BP but not sure who owns them now. Available at all good dealers 😀
  12. Good to hear you are on the road again John. Looking forward to reading about your adventures. Have you got your usual welcome party waiting for you at Torrox ? Have fun. ivan
  13. If the Conservatives win the election and put through the current WA with Brussels, there will be a transition period until the end of December 2020. If Labour win and carry out their current plans, new quick negotiation and the some months before another referendum, we will either leave and have a transition period, or stay in and everything remains as is. In either situation there will be no need for IDP’s nor Green Cards until at least the end of 2020. So no need to worry about them.
  14. Can I just remind people that on Saturday & Sunday sailings caravans go free. I usually book direct with P & O to ensure this. HTH
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