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  1. If you read my initial post Joanie you will see that I did accommodate their “ instruction/request “ with more than a smile - it was only because of their subsequent unfriendliness that I made the comments as to what we would next year. My “ revenge “ is that we will not be returning next year, so they have all winter in Holland to work out an alternative plan for their dish, hopefully invest in some upgraded kit which will be totally unnecessary. Sad really😳😀
  2. Thought I would just give an update on how we have got on after we positioned our van to accommodate next doors tv dish. The Dutch couple turned out not to be so friendly after all and kept themselves to themselves ( accept this is their right ) and didn’t even invite us to watch any of the tv😢. They have a permanent seasonal setup which they close down over the winter and return from Holland next spring. Everything has its own place ( tv dish, loungers, dining table etc ) which has been followed for some years now. Before they left to return home a few days ago I told them we would be returning to our pitch next year but would site our van differently . We would be bringing a sun canopy to fit on the back of the van together with a gazebo to sit in front of the normal awning - this would mean a complete blockage of their tv signal, so they would have to make other arrangements. This went down like a tonne of bricks and no conversation was to be had before they finally left. Felt a bit bad about this as we have no intention of returning next year🤪🤪 but I think it is unreasonable to expect your neighbour to be happy being told where they should site their van on their pitch, just for a tv signal, and then not be friendly towards someone who does as you ask. When they return next year, with their expensive new kit to find their tv signal, I hope they are not too unhappy to find we have not actually arrived next door! 😀😀😀😀
  3. Varies on the weight - we have paid between 13 & 20 € dependant on whether we have beach towels, bedding or similar in the load. Probably expensive but, hey, we are on our alternative way of life for the summer season. I mentioned the washing came back neatly folded - we have not ironed any article in the last 5 months - try doing that normally with a wife who loves ironing and hates creases in her clothes!!
  4. I have filled in your survey Hannah - good luck. The following won’t help you but, on the site I am on in France at the moment, they a full blown laundry service available. Take the bag of washing down, specify what you want ( wash only, wash and dry, temperature to be washed at ) and then collect the washing around 4 hours later - all neatly folded up in the bag you took them down in. Brilliant ! Hannah, if you arrange that on all caravan sites you would really be appreciated 😀👍😀👍.
  5. Can I be different and say that, for a short stop, I wind one steady down at the front and back of the van. Just seems sensible to stop the full load on the hitch and give a bit of stability at the back if using the loo. if stopping overnight and staying hitched up, all steadies down together with the jockey wheel.
  6. I understood exactly what you meant Alan. Convenience is one thing, a 20% uplift in price is another- totally agree with you.
  7. We are in France at the moment, by the time we return home we will have been away for just over 5 months. Our site fees have totalled around 2300 € as we took advantage of long term arrangements and stayed put for most of the time. We do not count food and drink as a “ cost “ of “ our way of life “ ( too long to be a holiday ) as we would spend on these at home, insurance, ferry and fuel are obviously extras ( although we do much less mileage when we arrive at our site than we would at home ) . I guess the overall cost is around 3500€ maximum which, for the time away, is very acceptable. I guess it’s only the same as many of us also do for the winter periods in Spain, but it is more difficult to find long stay deals in France which cover the high season period. Will we be back in France next summer, no - we are planning to be in Spain over the 2020/21 winter and don’t do both in the same year!!
  8. I think you must be a “ one-off “. With the range of bread and wine ( and cheese ) available in France I just cannot understand your comments. Still, all to our own, as the saying goes. Hope you enjoy your next trip there with your bread maker 😀
  9. Take a bread maker to France- you really have to be joking ! Suggest you ignore the supermarkets ( although they have a wider range than what you suggest ) and look at what the small local bakery has to offer. The one we are using has at least 8 varieties of loaves which will last. If they close early, that’s the French way . we find meat, salad stuff and veg excellent from the local markets. With regards to Yorkshire tea, just get to Costco before you go and buy as many of the 480 packs you will require - we had 3 with us when we left home! i still can’t believe taking a bread maker to France 😳😳😳
  10. Providing, of course, that users of the serviced pitches are prepared to pay his asking price for them.
  11. Is it not somewhat perverse to expect an all serviced pitch to be “ cheap “. The sites that install these facilities have to recover their investment and there is only one way to do that - in the pitch fee. I understand that people ( retired or not ) want the best available deal, but asking for “ cheap “ on what are the top end of pitches is a little odd. BTW - I am well retired, have to watch the cash like most folks and prefer serviced pitches where I can afford them - if I can’t, I do something else.
  12. Le Petit Bois looked good from these comments but I see it closes on 15th September- doesn’t help us as we are travelling back a couple of weeks later - any other suggestions please for one that opens until early October?
  13. Very philosophical 😀. But to be human means we are sometimes impetuous and, within reason, that’s not a bad thing.
  14. One of the reasons for that might be that many purchases are made on the spot by people who “ only popped into the dealers for a gas bottle “ or similar. I never forget the ( large ) notice in one dealers, which read “ the van you are looking at now, and will make a decision on tomorrow, was looked at by others yesterday who are making a decision today “. Always remember that.
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