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  1. ivan leslie

    Saga & others European length of cover

    Depends if that is enough for you Geoff. CMC give me 270 C &CMC 180 but that's up for discussion. These are for single trips only, not like the Saga proposal which can be used for any number of trips for any number of days - providing you don't exceed 365 in any one year 😀
  2. ivan leslie

    Saga & others European length of cover

    I started this thread and have no idea how this post relates to any information I asked about nor to anything other contributors have made in trying to assist me. Are you sure you were posting on the thread you thought you were - i. e. Did you have a senior moment when pressing the send button ?
  3. ivan leslie

    Saga & others European length of cover

    Thanks Geoff - maybe, with the offer of holding the premium for 3 years they have realised they upset many people with their previous actions (me included ). Eric - thanks, appreciate that - will make sure the fine print is read and understood.
  4. My car insurance is due for renewal shortly - we are intending to spend longish periods in Europe ( if Mr Juncker allows 😀😀 ) . I am being quoted allowed periods varying from 90 to 270 days with the exception of Saga who give the full 365 days, with no restriction on number of trips or maximum number of days on any one trip. Saga also have the same allowance on caravans so I could look at that when that policy comes up for renewal. My past experience with Saga is that their price is fine ( it is in the competitive area today ) when you first sign up with them but it rockets when it comes up for renewal - they are getting round this by offering, for a relatively small increase in Premium, to hold the price for 3 years. Has anyone recent experience of Saga and, if so, what are your thoughts on their service etc. Similar cover from any other company suggestions welcomed. thanks
  5. ivan leslie

    Looking to buy a Static?

    In your comments you mentioned both Park Homes ( which are privately owned individual homes with residential rights for 12 months p. a. ,generally for the over 55's ) and static holiday caravans ( usually, but not always, on sites allowed to open for 9/10 months and not generally made for permanent living ). Just wondered which you meant. Hope its clear now.
  6. ivan leslie

    Looking to buy a Static?

    I think you are confusing Park Homes and static holiday caravans. Or perhaps you know the difference and have personal experiences you could share.
  7. ivan leslie

    Car battery replacement?

    Yesterday I had to change the original battery in my 09 registered Hyundai. Have only 74000 miles on the clock, but reckon that it's done pretty well. Only downside was that I didn't expect to have to find £120 this week !!
  8. ivan leslie

    Camping & Caravanning Club

    What has he done to deserve that ??
  9. ivan leslie

    Well, we all knew this already - another DM gem

    Wel, I guess someone has to - but do you really believe it is " independent " and has no political agenda? If so, I reckon that sums up the Guardian readers. , but that's ok as all most people want to read is articles they agree with. BTW - with the amount of cash it is reportly losing, I doubt it will be about too long.
  10. ivan leslie

    Bliss !!

    And I bet the bed is not as comfortable as yours at home 😀😀
  11. ivan leslie

    Well, we all knew this already - another DM gem

    It has been suggested that the BBC purchase some 100,000 of that circulation figure. Guess that might be an exaggeration but probably not by much. 😳😳
  12. ivan leslie

    The Advertisement may be a scam!!!

    Why is everyone so negative - might it just be a brilliant bargain? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - I will have a think about that 😳😳😳
  13. Sorry if it's a silly question, but don't they need one now? Just as we do when we go into the EU.
  14. If it's true that a driveshaft crosses the channel four times, it means that the integrated system involves manufacturers in the EU or elsewhere, as well as Britain. Are you seriously suggesting that the businesses will not have been making arrangements to cover this? Or are you suggesting that, before 29th March, all the UK factories will be closed and the work transferred ? As I really don't think this is likely to happen, your comments are spurious.
  15. Your first paragraph is obviously and patently untrue. With regard to businesses - if they haven't been making plans for a no deal they are incompetent. As to the 3500 forces personnel being " on the alert ", if they aren't just going to direct traffic, help moving goods around, assist the aged across the road or similar, it is just another part of project fear. Do they really expect that those elderly, ignorant leavers to riot ?