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  1. As anyone fitted an ‘A’ frame mounted bike rack on a Post 2016 Swift Elegance of Sterling Continental 580 (or similar) caravan? I appreciate the A Frame cover will have need to be removed/altered (not insurmountable) to make it fit. My Sterling has a rear mounted rack. It with two bikes mounted on the rear it’s unstable. I tow with a Discovery 5 do nose weight isn’t going to be a major problem. Any views or experiences Would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Fred. Many thanks. I hadn’t realised there was a ‘spec’ difference between the UK and Continental versions. Yes - they are expensive, but having paid north of £31k for a UK Manufactured caravan four years ago , that has spent in excess of 6 months back At the factory being ‘Put back together’ , I’m happy to consider the Nova. I’ve already emailed the Manufacturer but they are in the same lockdown situation. Fortunately there’s a Lowdhams dealership reasonably close by so I’ll give them a call when things are moving again.
  3. Looking at ordering a Nova 541 SL ( I think they call it Ambience range for 2020). Obviously with the lockdown it’s impossible to get any response from the dealerships and the online material from HYMER is next to useless. My question is does the 541 come with a shower? Looking at 3/4 year old reviews on YouTube it suggests it does, but the limited material from HYMER suggests it’s Now an optional extra. any views or experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Fred many thanks for your response - very useful. You make reference to 8 m long. My Sterling is 7.5 plus the bike rack, we always take the bikes with us so in reality I’m towing an 8 m van. I’ve also fitted rear and side cameras to give the rear and ‘look down’ effect. Have you fitted a bike rack on the front A frame? If yes, does it affect or restrict the steering lock ?
  5. I currently tow a Sterling Continental 580 which is 2.26 metres wide. My wife and I regularly tour Europe so access to some sites is often a challenge. I am considering purchasing the new Hymer Eriba Nova 590 which is 2.4 metre wide. In good old ‘church of England’ I appreciate it’s only 2.5 inches wider each side, but I would welcome any observations, comments or experiences from fellow caravaners on towing a ‘wider’ caravan.
  6. I’m trying to sort out a trip down into Italy and then taking a ferry with the car and caravan across to Croatia; probably but not necessarily exclusively from Ancona to Split? Has anyone had experience of the route? The car is a Land Rover Discovery towing an 8 metre caravan allowing for the bike rack on the back of the van. I’d be interested in views, recommendations and experiences
  7. Purchased the 2016 model. I agree with the comments regarding the rear sink, although I must say the PDI from Highbridge Caravans was very good so didn't experience the start-up niggles. My main frustration has been with the lights. I tow with a Discovery 4 HSE - it did not recognise the caravan when I plugged the lead in because the LED lights in the van did not offer sufficient resistance to trigger the control systems in the car; which coincidently includes cancelling the reversing sensors and remapping the suspension and automatic gearbox. Sargent Electrics (people who install the
  8. BigGD

    Discovery 4 HSE

    All round flexibility. Very smooth ride, versatile and sufficient power for towing
  9. All round flexibility. Very smooth ride, versatile and sufficient power for towing Click here to view the towcar review
  10. Owned an X5 3. 5 M Sport (from new) for 3 years and towed my twin Buccaneer all over Europe. It is a great vehicle for towing and a very sporty car. Fuel consumption was reasonable with and without the caravan on the back. It's main problem (for me) however was the sports suspension. It is bone jerking, extremely firm and can be uncomfortable on country and remote roads. It is so firm that on several occasions it triggered the stability control on the caravan and applied the brakes! Engine is incredibly smooth, powerful & doesn't even seem the notice the van on the back. Just pur
  11. Had exactly the same problem with a 2011 schooner. Took it back under warranty - dealer played around with it and it started to work. Just had its first service and guess what back to no radio again!!! Another trip to th dealer.
  12. BigGD

    New Tow Cars

    I tow with a new BMW X5 with no spare wheel. Simply takeout the BMW tyre insurance (covers you for up to 3 years) and they will respond to any problems. Whilst in France this year had a warning light come on to suggest there was a tyre problem. Contacted BMW (details preset in the sat nav system) and they responded within 30 mins. Turned out to be a warning error but nevertheless the arrangement worked. If you are really worried, you can purchase a proper spare wheel for an X3 or X5 which fits in the preset space in the boot. For an X5 it costs something like £220 which includes ja
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