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  1. How did kimberley damage the roof? Ours dips and has not had the fix
  2. Hi Tonks, we tow an T/A Compass Casita 866 (1800mtplm) with a 65 plate Kia Sorrento Auto. No problem towing that weight van
  3. It is definitely the wooden surround with the LED lights. I have seen the fix on a couple of vans.
  4. We have a new caravan, and the car is just over two years old. With the exception of a small amount on HP to provide protection if something goes wrong with the caravan it was all paid for in cash. This is money we have put aside over many years, together with some small financial windfalls. We had never done this before, always having 5 yr old cars and our previous van was 10 years old. We have had tents and a folding camper before going to caravans. In all of the time we have been camping we have only had the odd occasion where we saw snobbery. The last time was a couple in their thirties who turned up on site with a brand new Audi Q7 and a brand new Hobby caravan. This was their first outfit and apparently it's not a Hobby, it's a "Hobie" and they had to have the Q7 as it was the only vehicle allowed to tow that particular caravan. Their whole demeanour put people off interacting with them. Personally I talk to anyone, I am always interested in the type of caravan people have, old or new and always happy to offer assistance if needed (Recently we towed someone's van onto site for them as the ground was a bit boggy and their car couldn't manage it). I do wonder if this perceived "Snobbery" is with people who have never really camped, and for various reasons have gone from apartment/villa holidays to a caravan and just don't get the social side.
  5. Where we live the drains are combined (South london)
  6. What you have to keep in mind is that Elddis don't actually manufacture these panels - I believe it's done by a company called lamplas. They make panels for lots of manufacturers. I had the opportunity to speak to the lamplas engineer as our panel developed dimples. He was telling me that the issue with the stress cracks is because caravans are hand built, they all vary slightly in size, so whilst the rear panel is manufactured using a repeatable process to exact specifications, the frame they put the panel onto on the caravan is hand made and as such can be slightly larger or smaller than the specified size. The caravan manufacturer will then in some cases force the panel onto the frame creating stress which eventually results in cracking.
  7. That's quite a humble opinion you have there - Having holiday'd in france for many years I know what my kids preference is and it is to talk in a common language. We have been on sites where they were the only english speakers and they felt completely ostracized.
  8. Hi, I actually live in london but am a Swansea boy originally.
  9. The 866 on display at Kimberley Caravans in Nottingham has the screw caps in full view
  10. The fix is screws through the surround into the frame - it's not pretty
  11. It's a common issue affecting 2018 vans with the stargazer roof. It looks like Elddis changed how they bond the surround to the frame - 2017 vans are not currently affected. The fix is to screw the surround to the wooden frame and cover the screws with matching dust caps. I am not at all a fan of the way this looks. I have a 2017 van and if this does happen to me then I will repair it myself using some small L shaped brackets.
  12. Get yourself a copy of 60 Million Frenchmen can't be wrong - https://g. co/kgs/NUEPcc . It is a fascinating book about french culture and people and how being part of the European Union has changed France at a National, and more importantly, local level. I learnt a huge amount from this book particularly about how what we brits can sometimes perceive as arrogance is often a direct result of how we engage in the first place.
  13. I can't say I would buy new again, and yes for you the layout wouldn't work as you get 2 bunks, and two double beds when seats are arranged.
  14. So I cannot comment on the european 8ft wide vans but we have a compass kensington 866 which is 8ft wide and 8. 05m long to the back to the hitch. I believe it is the biggest caravan you can tow with a conventional car. My wife tows this with a Kia Sorrento, it is stable and she has no issues towing - we did invest in extra long mirror arms to ensure we had good visibility.
  15. The warden put a voltage tester on the bollard, around half the site was having the issue Modern caravan fridges certainly don't! They do sound an alarm though!
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