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  1. Aye, was it "Knott" or something similar? I always just used to wind them as high as I could up on the jockey wheel.
  2. I stayed near Selkirk early in July and the midges were a sight to behold. I opened my caravan door one morning and thought it was misty, it wasn't, it was dense clouds of midges! You couldn't venture outside without serious protection or you'd be eaten alive. You couldn't open a window or a roof vent as they scoff at flyscreens and fly straight through them! I've never seen them that bad here before.
  3. Only if you drill a hole first. Get a decent drill bit then use any cheap rock pegs.
  4. Take a matching, fixed point, on both sides of the caravan and measure along to the centre of each wheel. Compare the measurements.
  5. SBD? Silent but deadly as in Carbon monoxide C0. A disturbing name for a gas heater! Get it checked out whatever you do.
  6. Some here on Amazon. ... £2. 32 for 49. https://www. amazon. co. uk/dp/B00P11D4VK/ref=pe_385721_37986871_TE_item
  7. Good luck and all the best with whatever direction you make take.
  8. Slow and steady! Remember, the only directions you need, from someone outside, is to shout STOP!
  9. Can't help you with the site choice as I'm miles away! However, a good tip. Find a massive car park that's closed on a weekend. A big company on an industrial estate or something. Then practice reversing into empty parking bays. You'll soon be good enough to pass muster on site! Good luck and have fun.
  10. In such a situation, I put two short hoses out of the outlets into a 2-1 connector. Then a longer length into that. It goes under the 'van to exit near the offside wheel, where I slide my wastehog in and out. Sorted.
  11. You can be a skilled and as careful as you two experts, but what if you meet an idiot coming the other way?
  12. Of course they can! When did the truth ever interfere with a good court case?
  13. texterted

    Dream Tow Car

    Good choice! I was hitching up to go home, on a little CL I use, last week. I reversed the car up to the hitch using the camera. Stopping mm perfect under the hitch. However, because the ground sloped away from the 'van, when I wound the jockey wheel down fully there was still a three inch gap above the tow ball. "What are you going to do now?" said a smug looking fellow, who'd sidled over to watch and tick off his mental checklist. I didn't reply but went to the car, started the engine and rotated the suspension dial to "off road" position no. 2. I went back to the rear of the car to see it lift itself perfectly into the hitch with a positive click! Almost as loud a click as his chin hitting his chest! Such little amusements make my car tax bill (almost) worthwhile!
  14. I have an AK300 and it's rated at 3,000kg on an Alko over-run chassis. There are several different versions.
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