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  1. Hi I think from a personal and a selling point of view you pretty much get what you pay for ,Vango are generally very good all round ,they offer a reasonable warranty and as long as the fault with the product is a warrantable fault then they will cover it ,they wont cover obvious issues such as storm damage or exposure to poor weather long term resulting in degradation for permanent siting if the awning isn't designed for it ,the people at Vango I find are fair minded but most of all experienced and if its warranty they will say so and if it isn't warranty however unpalatable they will also say so ,the Sonoma looks as though the porch may be a weak point if you have the open canopy ,however you have front storm straps to negate this , Steve
  2. Hi I see Bradcot for the 2020 season are doing an easy air frame option for there conventional awnings ,the option will not be retro so will only be able to be used on canvas produced for March 2020 production onwards Don't know what these options are going to look like as not seen one yet Steve
  3. I think all this is a very sensible way of looking at the differences between the two type of awning discussed ,we have taken the odd part exchange Vango/Kampa in as a part exchange awning against another awning ,some of them have had little use over a 2-3 year period and condition has been OK other than degradation in colour ,however we have had people who have used them seasonally and as mentioned the condition hasn't been great and we have politely declined them ,certainly if you are using awnings on a season long basis then a traditional awning with acrylic material and steel/carbon frame would be a better bet and would certainly last a lot longer ,again there are better qualities of awning even amongst traditional variations and the more you pay seems to be an indication of Longevity You buy your awning and take your chance's ,this week against our advice customer purchased an air awning for permanent pitch purely based on the idea that if it collapses or gets caught in a gale there will be less chance of damage to his caravan ,as regards degradation in the material he says he will take that responsibility . Steve
  4. Hi I tend to agree that if the A measure is 971 then the size you have should be a very good fit on a flat site ,it may be a little tight if you were on a slight slope and be even tighter to point of struggling to peg down if on a very steep slope ,maybe if you are going to have it altered then just increase it by 10cm as going to next size up would make it very slack in the roof on a flat site Steve
  5. A well known caravan retailer did this whilst under the van and so very nearly lost his life and it affected his eyesight ,he was very lucky thank goodness
  6. Hi Peter What year would your caravan be ?? Steve
  7. Hi Is it used seasonally or just for touring ? Steve
  8. Just wondered if there was anything of interest at the NEC this time round ,normally have worked for Isabella at the show but haven't this time or even had the time to visit .
  9. Hi probably of the 2 wires leading from the doorbell switch one will be going to the battery + or connector block ,the other wire would then go to the pump if you can trace it back ,maybe it would have been a Whale GP74 going back that far ,from the water pump another wire would go to the other terminal -negative on the battery ,by pressing the doorbell switch it would create a loop and allow the pump to pull in the water ,as mentioned earlier just a basic system that would pull cold water in ,follow the wires from the switch ,would be nice to find a pump Steve
  10. Hi What year of caravan is your Compass ?? would imagine it is quite small but probably too big for a porch awning Steve
  11. Hi Its also important the year of the caravan to gauge the size needed ,from memory it will be around 875 or 900 as stated above ,as regards a porch awning something along the lines of a Minor or Cadet in traditional awnings or a 260 size in the lightweight variety Steve
  12. Hi You can never guarantee anything with regards pads up against windows and damage occurring however I have sold absolutely loads of porches and in particular Isabella and never had feedback about it damaging a window ,of course if you get grit on the pads when on floor prior to erecting the awning then that could cause damage but of course nobody does that kind of thing ,so yes I suppose its possible but not probable ,did one time get colour transference from the padded area to the van but it wiped off Steve
  13. Hi Just to agree the Magnum you have would need the 220 annex ,they were made in greyish colour with a steel frame ,expect brand new to pay around £360 as a sharp price Steve
  14. Hi Normal ladder rubbers will not easily go onto any Isabella / Ventura awning ,better to purchase the Isa flex ,they last a good length of time too
  15. Hi A lot of the issues with deflating bladders seem to be where the bladder is cut and then heat sealed at the ends ,as mentioned a little hole in the bladder is reasonably easy to remedy short term however when the leak is at the end where the item has been heat sealed it is nigh on impossible to stop the leak of air ,when they solve the leaking at this point there will be a lot less problems Steve
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