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  1. Hi Its also important the year of the caravan to gauge the size needed ,from memory it will be around 875 or 900 as stated above ,as regards a porch awning something along the lines of a Minor or Cadet in traditional awnings or a 260 size in the lightweight variety Steve
  2. Hi You can never guarantee anything with regards pads up against windows and damage occurring however I have sold absolutely loads of porches and in particular Isabella and never had feedback about it damaging a window ,of course if you get grit on the pads when on floor prior to erecting the awning then that could cause damage but of course nobody does that kind of thing ,so yes I suppose its possible but not probable ,did one time get colour transference from the padded area to the van but it wiped off Steve
  3. Hi Just to agree the Magnum you have would need the 220 annex ,they were made in greyish colour with a steel frame ,expect brand new to pay around £360 as a sharp price Steve
  4. Hi Normal ladder rubbers will not easily go onto any Isabella / Ventura awning ,better to purchase the Isa flex ,they last a good length of time too
  5. Hi A lot of the issues with deflating bladders seem to be where the bladder is cut and then heat sealed at the ends ,as mentioned a little hole in the bladder is reasonably easy to remedy short term however when the leak is at the end where the item has been heat sealed it is nigh on impossible to stop the leak of air ,when they solve the leaking at this point there will be a lot less problems Steve
  6. Hi Annette The info I have in my old size charts is that you need a 900cm size and if I sold one I would be happy with that size ,the recommendation is probably correct at 894cm therefore recommending a 900cm size ,also again a personal view but you would need a code 10 which I am assuming you are looking at a Dorema awning ,the Dorema sizing is (875-900) being a size 10 ,the size 9 is (850-875) .best of all try and get an Isabella/Ventura/Trio 900 size Hope it helps Annette but double check anything and everything if buying private ,as all I have given is experienced advice Thanks Steve
  7. Hi I think answers have been sensible ,if the winds are taking down trees and damaging property then awnings shouldn't stand a chance ,one or two manufacturers do make claims in MPH of tests in wind tunnels but they are not good tests due to the falseness of the situation ,as mentioned a lot of the issues arise due to awnings not being correctly erected and not enough care taken when pegging ,is difficult though in the middle of the night to disassemble an awning . Steve
  8. The awning size is 975cm so see no reason as to why it wouldn't fit ,best bet is to measure your straight track as you need 4metre ,if it slopes slightly no worry as it is simply a roof so does not mis shape and as no rear legs as a porch awning might, Bear in mind we/you can also get the 3 metre sunshine air pro sun canopy also Steve
  9. Hi The company we use are TRIOPAIR in Pontefract West Yorks ,by use of carriage companies it is irrelevant as to location as they can collect and deliver back your product within the UK ,at a cost of course Their telephone number is 01977 708688 and ask for Cheryl or Caroline Not linked to this company in any way but can recommend Hope this helps Steve
  10. Hi The annex is great and does not come with an inner tent (brand new that is) not sure if bought privately whether one would ,inner tents suit perfectly well inside an awning ,generally only negative is taking down each morning though I suppose you could put at one end of awning with it being the 1100 size and leave it up all the time . Standard inner tents would fit into an awning ,prices vary and the cheaper the inner tent the lighter weight it is ,pay a bit more for better quality Steve
  11. Hi If you have chance of a Magnum 250 coal annex then yes it is the correct one to go with the Capri coal as they are both 250 deep and annex was designed to go with both product Steve
  12. Hi As there are numerous annexes on the market it would be good to know the make and model of awning ,it would narrow down the model of annex that would fit onto it ,narrowing down the necessary frame needed Hope you have got sorted anyway Steve
  13. Hi On my size charts you would need a 900cm ,a 960 size would be far too big ,I have based this on a 1993 Grampian Steve
  14. Hi What is the make of the awning ??
  15. Are we sure the battery was bought from a caravan retailer ,lots of batteries on line pretending to be leisure batteries or rather suitable for leisure use ,stick with Varta or Numax or Banner and you don't go far wrong . Most batteries will power a small water pump but not all batteries are designed to be discharged on a regular basis ,wonder if in this case the fridge has been switched to 12volt ,really does drain a battery Steve
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