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  1. You need a 250 Isabella or Ventura annex to fit ,the annexes vary from Steel framed to carbon framed as do the prices ,be careful if buying private as 250 annexes prior to 2000 can vary on the zips be it a Capri or an ambassador annex Steve
  2. Hi You should have 3 roof bars with hooks on one end and bayonet fittings on the other 3 legs ,one left hand ,one centre ,one right hand (foot with spike one end ,plastic fitting on other end) 2 cross members (both same to go from top of centre leg to left and to right ) 2 cross members with half moon shape (Both same to go into canopy sleeves) 3 short canopy poles with hooks on the end of (for canopy left hand, centre and right hand) As people have suggested go on Isabella web page and watch video on erecting a Capri or ambassador awning ,apart from these awnings being bigger than yours the emphasis is the same If the poles have suckers on they may have been put on as an after thought as Harrington awnings were set up to use the fix on brackets again similar to the Isabella models Steve
  3. Hi Just look at instructions for an Isabella awning ,the frames were cheaper copies of an Isabella ,the Harrington was an awning made for the Discover leisure group who packed in a few years ago ,the frames were called carbonlite and were a black fibre frame ,as I say from memory they were copies of an Isabella frame Thanks Steve
  4. Hi If you look at most years Isabella brochure's nearly all the porches are shown going down a window ,seems not a problem in Scandinavia, when working the shows for Isabella the Danes express surprise that we even mentioned that a porch may go down a window ,apart from cosmetically looking odd from inside the van and it not being as tight to the van as it could it is normally not a problem going down a window with the padding Steve
  5. Hi Thanks for the reply , Steve
  6. Gary your best bet is an 825 awning ,these are generally Trio,Isabella,Ventura ,this will cover a fit 812-837 and 825 is smack in the middle ,the make you are quoting sizes is Dorema who you rightly say do an 800-825 or an 825-850 ,on a flat site the 800-825 maybe a perfect fit but on an uneven site prob too small As I say an 825 will be the best bet if your A measure is 825 Steve
  7. Hi Prob a bit late but have a couple of porch awnings (Dorema Hilton) which are designed to fit heights 210-230cm , Steve
  8. Hi The teeth look bigger on the black zip ,spray some silicone on the zip runner and the zip and give it a SMALL try as in don't try to pull it round if you get resistance ,I am assuming both pictures are showing opposite ends of the awning ,if so then a new zip has been put on at some point and would prob explain why the annex wont go on Thanks Steve
  9. Hi Yes you are right in saying that you cannot get an annex for the Ventura Ocean ,the awning was sold at the time as a price point and part of that was that annexes were not an option Somebody like trio pair would be worth contacting as they may have ideas on making one fit Hope this helps Steve
  10. Hi Janet Yes bit of a mystery ,the cardinal did have ground to ground zips so originally making them the same on either side ,have attached a flyer I had at the time when selling and it does say will fit either side ,would some silicone on the zips help or are they simply different Steve CARDINAL FLYER.pdf
  11. Hi Generally I think the above comment may be correct ,the cardinal took an annex on both sides of the awning ie one annex would fit either side ,if you think you have a different zip on one side it may be difficult to get an annex to fit , Hope this helps Steve
  12. Hi Are you saying you want an annex for both sides and that you already have one on the left hand side as the annex is designed to fit on either end as the cardinal had same zip on both ends Steve
  13. Hi it has always been a point with in particular swift brand caravans ,the 875 is too tight and the 900 a little big ,prob best bet is spend approx. £100 at Triopair and have it made to fit Steve
  14. Hi from the picture it looks as though you could still slide an air awning into the track ,would need to be wide enough to clear the Omnistor though Steve
  15. Hi be careful when getting the proper annex for the capri ,the annexes changed in year 2000 on a capri ,prior to that there were a couple of options both of which are difficult to get hold of The universal annex works to a fashion but does not seal very well hence it being universal but not perfect to anything Steve
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