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  1. I've got an Eternity brochure In new condition I was about to throw out but if someone would like it to go with their van please just pm me and I'll post it to you.
  2. The only China built Volvo imported into the UK is the S90, all the other models are either built in Belgium or Sweden. The "old" XC60 was built in Gent but the new one is built in Torslander.
  3. Looks great, I've just ordered an ordinary 866, I only popped down to get some toilet fluid !!! The Dealer specials have some great options but they were all sold out. Happy holidays 😀
  4. I wouldn't put mesh in front of the condenser, although it might protect from damage it will restrict the air flow and reduce the air speed which it needs to work. More important than the air con your also be affecting airflow to the radiator, not a great idea when your towing and stressing the engine so it's running hot already.
  5. We took our first venture to France last year staying at domain des ormes and had such a great time we decided to go back to France again this year. Our first choice was the vendee but as we booked in December all the sites were full. After a couple of days of research checking ferries and trying to fit meeting up with friends at the end in Brevedent we booked camping du Letty after reading all the great reviews. Now I've booked I think this should have been our first choice all along. The only problem for us we were going to use a friends 10% discount code on brittany ferries but as he is a French member it wouldn't work for a UK booking. Hoping 100's of reviewers can't be wrong !
  6. I think most has been said already, in my opinion the fixtures and fittings are better quality than Bailey or Swift but the assembly process is on par with other manufacturers. My Amara was more than the equivalent Swift when I bought it in 2011 which to me was worth the money. Only issue was the van had lots of problems which the Dealer didn't handle so Coachman stepped in and shipped back to Hull. Problem is they seem not to be set-up for direct customer contact so ended in a long drawn out nightmare. If I had a good Dealer near to me I would go for a Coachman again, but unfortunately I haven't so come time to change I'll be off to Swift or Bailey.
  7. A lot as pecksniff says comes down to price and weight. For us we got a coachman amara 570/6, kids have their own area especially great at bed time. A big plus was my when my kids were also very young and the bottom bunk folds up so a travel cot could go in there until by youngest was old enough for the bunk. There bikes now go into that area when travelling along with anything bulky but light which is a lot easier than using racks or filling the boot. Only problem with coachman is choose your dealer well, I didn't and paid for that mistake for a long time. My friend who bought a van within two months of us bought the swift version from Michael Jordan, there's small differences between the two when you start actually using them but overall his is great as well. After three years of using and even looking at possibly changing I couldn't find a better layout for two adults and two young children so we're sticking with what we've got.
  8. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to reply being over 40, but I was under 40 when we bought our van three years ago when my boys were 2 & 4 years old. A lot of "younger" people I talk too with kids had caravan holidays when they were children. They have great holiday memories hence they know what a great time you can have without spending £3000. One of the other reasons for us was that we could have at least five holidays instead of one, 11 months and two weeks was far to long to wait for the next holiday.
  9. If the tyre fitters have checked the tyres and the valves are ok then it could be porous casting on the wheels if they are alloys. It's not common problem but I've seen a few times.
  10. There was a tow car test in practical caravan a few months ago which might help although I think that was a D2
  11. I love the idea of hydrogen cars but as said previously the cost Is prohibitive so at the moment they are a long way off. Ev cars are ok, but for 95% of people the range is an issue because some times we like to travel outside our own counties, these only really make sence as second cars. Hybrid and plug in hybrids are our only alternatives at the moment. I've tried a plug in hybrid and was very impressed and if you get the chance have a try, with a great torque curve and no gears it felt very different. It even towed my six birth van on electric alone. Costs are very high though and beyond my reach so mostly for people who are into new alternatives and company cars due to the low tax. In 10 years time we're know more so can update this thread then !!!
  12. Lurker as only been using the van for just over a year so haven't got many pearls of wisdom to share, maybe give it five more years. Until then my only posts are normally Help!!!!
  13. As most will agree layouts are a personnel thing which is why there's so much choice. I looked at vans for 2 years dreaming of when I could afford one and finally got the money together for an amara 570/6. My children are 4 & 6 so love the rear bedroom with their own bunk beds. The bathroom is small but has a separate shower so it's a compromise I can live with. In a few years time when the kids are older we might change to a twin dinette but we're happy for a while yet.
  14. I've got a 2011 amara and normally get great reception without extending. I didn't extend it till it was a year old then it just came away in my hand. My service centre replaced it under warranty no problem a month ago.
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