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  1. We are doing exactly the same thing, just brought a T5 and we are converting ourselves. We will use the van for weekends and the van and caravan for longer, this also gives our son his own sleeping quarters.
  2. Hi, We just come back from Brienz, lovely area. Realistically your looking at 11 hrs driving with a caravan so dependant on your driving capabilities two days is doable.
  3. We are restricted to the school holidays due to my missus working in a school and my youngest just doing his exams, it has always been like this but to offset some of the costs I book early, use Eurotunnel frequent traveller and it costs me £176. 00 return for car and caravan. Also get a 20% off the sites but all has be booked in October for the following year. Every little helps🙂
  4. This just shows some people shouldn't have them, we have just got our dog and we are fully aware our holiday has had to change to accommodate them. Were we go she goes, if she can't we can't etc. Plus side I don't have to do the food shopping
  5. It's a forum, take it with a pinch of salt! I actually carry a shoot gun for my noisy neighbours!
  6. We have been camping and caravanning for over 28 years, I can honestly say I have had only one reason to complain. Usually quiet times on sites are between 11pm & 7am, someone sitting outside having a drink and a laugh between these times isn't an issue for me. Someone having to get up at 6 am to use the toilet isn't an issue for me, starting life in a tent must have given me the gift of tolerance for other people enjoying their holiday!
  7. We are taking our dog to France for the first time in two weeks, we know we have to get the treatment but do you guy's book a vet for the treatment or can you usually just turn up?
  8. We apply the hitch lock on our caravan if we stop at a services but never travel with it, it takes me 30 seconds to fit then 30 seconds to take off when I come back. When I pull up and there is a dodgy character where I park I usually leave the missus as a deterrent!!!
  9. We are booking our son into a chalet at the same place we are going for one week and it costs the same as our 18 night holiday!
  10. We have done both and now always use our caravan, we find that the cost of a static and the cost of getting by car vs our own caravan and towing is a lot more plus we know who's been sleeping in there and it is clean. We use peak times due to missus working in a school and our youngest being 15 on sites with pools & entertainment. Probably worth looking at the prices of both in the area you want to go then make an informed decision but I would find it hard to believe the static would come out cheaper.
  11. From experience I would always opt for a full size wheel if possible, having a blowout after hitting a pothole in the middle of the night travelling I only had a space saver, Luckily the breakdown took me to a garage which did emergency callouts. Cost me a bit but was able to get back on the road within a few hours, full size not essential but recommended.
  12. Very nice, we are looking to do the same once I buy my work van VW T5. 1. As above caravan finder will give you all the layouts.
  13. We used DFDS for many years but now there prices have risen in line with everyone else, this year we have used Eurotunnel frequent traveller. Downside we now have to go on holiday more often
  14. We have tried long crossings but didn't really get any benefit as my wife doesn't travel well on a ferry and I couldn't sleep in the cabin, we now use tunnel or Dover-Calais crossings. Never worry about not getting there as we will always get another one, used the frequent traveller this year so only costing £176 return. We like to travel down on the evening so no issues with traffic around the M25, I like driving and the missus likes sleeping so a win win situation.
  15. I drive both manual & auto but prefer auto by miles, once your used to the auto it's using the clutch that you forget. Put it into D and enjoy!
  16. Personally I am cautious with my car but usually park in the best place possible and hope that I don't get a dink, wouldn't take up 2 spaces as I have been in the position where this has been done and I haven't been able to park. On one occasion someone parked in two spaces and I had to park next to him and have the other wheels on the kerbing, for some reason he wasn't very happy that he couldn't open his drivers door to get in!
  17. Done, also joined the T4 Forum. Just waiting for my van to convert.
  18. The government have to give them compensation and find them a £250000 house as they now have nowhere to live!
  19. We've had both Merc Vito's and Transporters, Mercs feel slightly more refined but transporters bigger in the back & the driving position on the transporters better. Reliability wise I would have both.
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