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  1. Stayed in August, normal cc&MH standards but dodgy entrance of main road. Whilst we were there 3 Vans had accidents turning in
  2. Had to use ADAC for exactly this problem and they were brilliant..got caravan back quickly, sorted car and provided hotel accommodation..never any quibble..highly recommended
  3. We had it, dealer carried out a software update and problem sorted
  4. We are at Cofton Holiday Park at present. Really good out of season site and a 15 -20 minute walk to the Smugglers Arms at Cockwood Harbour, nice pub good beers. Plenty of other watering holes and eateries close by.
  5. The only problem I foresee, due to the fact that the caravan club cannot load euro payment to cards, is the loss of cheaper ferries via caravab club bookings. If the club do not offer this saving then why bother, just go direct to the ferry companies
  6. Sorry you feel that way, my comments were not aimed at antagonising you. Were you bullied at school or were you the bully. End (maybe)
  7. Thank you for clarifying something so obvious to most people. I have followed you link and purchased that product, so thank you so much for you help. I am amazed that an initial straightforward request has caused so much controversy. To those who posted topics of interest, including the idea of an old annorak.( which I completely understand how it would work), thank you very much. Having purchased the item, this topic I presume will now close, I suppose that leaves the sad posters to go elsewhere and make their sarcastic remarks
  8. Not at all, I do not need to "brag" at all and it is of no interest to others what I pay for my vans. It was purely to put a perspective on the matter that my own personal preference is not to "sling an old coat' over the Aquarolls, but find a solution that is more acceptable to myself. It amazing how one small remark about the price of a van brings all the nerds onto the forum with picky rubbish, instead of making more constructive replies. ...... And I do think that is sad
  9. Just proves my point. .... Sad Sad Sad.
  10. Many thanks to all those who replied with answers that were constructive. They have solved my problem. To others that want to make sarcastic or irrelevant comments . .. you must have something more interesting to do with your time surely ??
  11. Another tottaly pointless entry, how sad are some people
  12. But I don't want an old an oral slung over it. Van cost £23+ so why have and old coat outside.
  13. But I can't find one with a side entry flap
  14. Anyone got an idea about how to get round the problem of side entry in to these when using serviced pitches. Do they exist or any ideas please
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