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  1. Apart from the rear panels cracking at the top, my Compass Omega had water ingress around the large Heki rooflight. All this was found at its first service, new panels fitted, new Heki and roof boards replaced all under warranty by the dealer. Never had any more problems
  2. Just to give an example. What is the mtplm of the caravan? I have a Skoda Octavia Estate 4x4 2.0TDi (manual) pulls my caravan with no problem at all. Mass in service is 1,495kg, caravan mtplm 1,318kg which give a tow ratio of 88%, the engine does have a good torque band and I get 35-37mpg depending on road type. Noseweight is 75kg and I get a very stable tow. Weights given in the car handbook spec. pages can be a bit confusing, mine states 'unloaded weight ready for work' !1,495kg, so I go by the V5C MIS which is1,495kg. Plated weights GVW 2,095kg, GTW 3,695kg.
  3. Had 8 nights off grid, on a THS (£8 a night), hot water for washing up and showers, cooking, fridge, BBQ and my gas cost was £6.70 when I topped up my Safefill refillable cylinder. Also had plenty of free power from the sun to keep the battery charged, using a solar panel.
  4. Have a look around for a 2012 Skoda Octavia Estate 2.0Tdi 4x4, plated GVW 2,095kg, my caravan has a mtplm of 1,318kg so no problem, kerbweight 1,495kg. I do have a B+E.
  5. I use storm straps which clip onto the awning corners and also extra guy ropes on the poles, on the inside corner pole I also put on a storm prop. The lower awning sides also have attachments for guy ropes, which stood up well in 60mph winds coming off the river severn estuary
  6. Should have said. Check in the caravan battery box, if like my Omega (based on the Affinity) there is a 12v / 10amp solar socket wired direct to the battery wires to plug the panel in using a 12v plug. However I found the side springs on the plug became weak not giving a good connection, so just wired up behind the socket using an Anderson plug for the panel.
  7. Have a look at these: https://www.photonicuniverse.com/en/applications/caravans-and-motorhomes/ I have a 150w folding panel, gives out 8amps in full sun, connects direct to battery and just plug it in.
  8. Cycling on the Tissington trail, even the dog likes it!
  9. No charge for pedestrians, just pay for cars or NT members go free. It is a nice walk from site to the visitor centre, plenty of forest paths and you can let the dog have a good run off lead, dog friendly café.
  10. If you go for the Octavia get the estate and better still the 4x4 variant (Haldex). My Octavia's kerbweight is 1,495kg, it is diesel euro 5 and has had it's emissions fix! so good clean air coming out of the exhaust! Plenty of load space in the back and good torque, my van has a mtplm of 1,318kg and get around 33-37mpg depending on road.
  11. Check your caravan insurance policy, mine covers me for caravan accident recovery UK/EU (not breakdown) and will recover the caravan, there is a dedicated phone number, I would have to pay then claim it back on the insurance policy.
  12. If the towbar is factory fit, it may not be wired up for caravan battery charging and fridge, the towing socket will just be wired up for road lighting, check it out. My Octavia Estate 2.0TDi 4x4 (manual) has a kerbweight of 1,495kg same weight what is on the V5C, caravan mtplm 1,318kg 88% ratio, no problem towing and with 75kg noseweight, just have to adjust the load in the caravan, with some weight just behind the caravan axle on the floor.
  13. Give this site a ring in Harrogate: https://www.biltonpark.co.uk/index.php
  14. It is on the website in some corner, if you can find it! The steward on a THS told me what to do, then I found some information in the BCC news booklet they send out. Discussion here on the C&CC forum. https://forum.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/chat/veterans-membership Interesting, I have 50 years membership this year on my card.
  15. Yes, got my veteran membership 3 years ago with 47 years membership.
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