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  1. Not one of those clips showed the context of what had happened - just the repercussions, without the whole story a credible judgement can't be made.
  2. We have the 2015 Titanium X TDI 150 - the ride can be hard and that is on the 18' wheels but, when it comes to towing it has no problems with our van. Fuel economy is reasonable, stability is good and power is more than adequate. It also has the appearance pack, "moon roof", metallic paint and full leather. I would say if the price is right do it.
  3. I believe that smart motorways have to have cameras every 100 to 200 meters so that there are no areas that are hidden from view in the control rooms.
  4. In most cases the hard shoulder is still in place - it is usually only used as a live lane when needed and the refuges are there for when the hard shoulder is live.
  5. If the insurers won't go after the family for the damage i think i would be going after them myself in the small claims court - they obviously must have bought the scooter for the hooligan so they must accept resposiblity. Make them pay and maybe they will be more diligent in controlling their offspring.
  6. As somjeone who organises re-enactment events with between 100 to 1500 people camping in tents, caravans or motorhomes we have to ensure (as best we can) that they camp a safe distance apart. This distance is set by the insuance company we use for events. It is 3meters between tents and 6 meters between caravans/motorhomes. On may of our sites we also have seperate parking for cars. Having been involved in a fatal caravan fire at an event I have seen first hand the benfit of these spacings.
  7. Since we posted the origonal review we have been back for 2 weeks stays every year. The last twice we were pitched next to the football club which, as mentioned, can be noisy. The country and western band they had on were terrible!. We still recomend the site though as the club is only bad a coupleof nights a week if that.
  8. I just make the tea and serve it to herself - I'm not allowed to have mine in bed
  9. Could be they are creatures of habit and this is their normal routine.
  10. My late aunt used to have a static on a large site in Flamborough where it was quite a low trip limit, they also used to charge £25 to come out to reset it for you. The reset switch was in a locked box so you couldn't reset it yourself. Luckily for my aunt it was a standard supply box that used a standard key and she had 2 sons who are electricians who use this type of box. On the odd time she tripped it she never needed to pay the charge
  11. To be fair the caravan driver probably saw the motor home and just pulled in behind him without noticing the very dirty white lines.
  12. Being the made the same way myself I know just what you mean.
  13. The mother in law had a caravan written by a loose wheel on the motorway, it came across from the other carriageway, just missed her car, entered the front of the van and proceeded to ricochet around inside the van destroying the interior. When it was investigated the police were able to identify what sort of vehicle it had come from but were never able to identify the vehicle that had lost it.
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