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  1. Interesting thread. We have a 2010 Bailey Pegasus 646 which we've had for almost 4 years now. Kids are now 8 and 10 so the older one feeling slightly confined with the shallow triple bunk head height. Kids also lie in a little more now too, so considering a change for this year. I like the layout of the new Buccaneer Galera 2017 (8 ft wide) with twin fixed bunks at the back, side dinette with wraparound seating and front double bed (as has been said, we don't like to assemble the double bed every night. Are there any similar layouts to the Buccaneer which are not mega bucks? Str
  2. Thanks guys, I've pinged them a mail. will update as i get a response.
  3. No idea how this happened! On our last trip away, I discovered a crack in the shower tray- not very long or wide. Is there an effective repair for this or should I just bite the bullet and get a new tray installed?
  4. Had an interesting conversation with an english couple when we were away in the summer. They had a brand new Bailey Pegasus Palermo. Was very impressed with it - compared to our 2010 Pegasus 646 which we've had for just over 3 years now. This couple had bought it from a trade show at the beginning of the year and they always sell at the end of the season because they buy at a discount from trade shows (sometimes ex-demonstrators) and then sell at a profit at the end of the season. Sounds a great idea, I thought! Not sure I could be bothered with the hassle to be honest and actual
  5. I can get it back in both rails, but it seems that the cords which tension it (and which close it evenly top and bottom) are either snapped somewhere inside the frame or snagged?
  6. Currently away on holiday and the fly screen to the door seemed to get snagged so it's been forced and now hanging loose in the slider. Is this an easy fix or a dealer repair job? If the former, I'll give it a go. ..!
  7. The most stupid of accidents last week - parked up on a main road next to a metal fence whilst the wife jumped out to get some cash from the other side of the road. Thought to myself, I best watch out for that fence (perhaps even reverse when I'm ready to go) and totally forgot to a few minutes later (was rather pre-occupied with a few things on my mind at the time). Pulled out, back left corner swpied the metal fence! ARRGGHH! Grr. Attached, photo of damage - not a lot to look at. There is another mark up about 2 feet higher, which I'm not massively bothered about. Question is, can I
  8. I'm not keen on the GT looks but yes, it certainly appears to fit the criteria for towing our van very well. I'm edging more towards the F11 535 all the time. I also had an E60 535d, M sport which was awesome until it died in a flood a few years ago. Replaced it with the F10 535d M Sport - was a real step up from the E60 in almost every aspect.
  9. Unfortunately, BMW don't make the 535d X drive in right hand drive, so it would be back to 2 wheel drive. You are right though, they are awesome engines. Would go well over 130mph (tried on Autobahn once) and be whisper quiet and yet still return 38 mpg at "normal" motorway speeds (85mph ish) I shed a slight tear when the F10 535d went last time.
  10. And the caravans MTPLM is 1751kg?
  11. Are you sure about that Black Grouse? http://www. automobile-catalog. com/car/2015/1901015/bmw_535d_touring. html Kerbweight is 1850kg ? Where did you get your data?
  12. I was also on a lease (contract hire) with the T3 245 from October 2014. Problems with it from the start (don't start me off about VW again) ie wouldn't steer in a straight line. They replaced it finally in December 2015 with the T4 262. I came from an F10 535d m sport which was just wonderful (had BMW's for years), just thought I'd try something a little different and didn't fancy an X5. Am still on contract hire with VW but as I said, there are problems, primarily with the increased fuel consumption which I estimate is costing me around £80ish pcm more. If they replace it with a T3
  13. What Black Grouse said ^^^ My firm advice - keep your 245 model Treg!
  14. Considering another change of car from the VW Touareg (i won't get into the multitude of reasons why I'm getting away from VW but there are many) to tow our Bailey Pegasus 646 (MTPLM 1751kg). I had an F10 535d M sport a couple of years which was a truly lovely car but I changed for the VW and planning to go back to BMW again for something similar - but likely to be an F11 530 pr 535d m sport. Just wondering if anyone else is towing a large-ish van with F11 BMW and how they fair?
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