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  1. A bit late to the party on this but I have what I hope will be a simple query:- I have treated myself to an Isabella Cirrus North air awning (I know, more money than sense!!) and, having watched the Isabella video on YouTube, I note that the awning g is fully inflated before any pegging out is done. However, most comments I ave seen suggest that pegging out the part of the awning by the van is good practice. Comments/experiences??
  2. This does seem like handbags at dawn! Are there not more important things to get excited about? For God's sake, we're facingBrexit/terrorism/Labour/etc
  3. Absolutely true! We called Brittany Ferries in May and, having paid a £35 deposit, they contacted us when the sailings were released to book the cabin. Oooops!! Shouldn't have told you - you'll probably get the last cabin before me Enjoy Spain (and Portugal), they're great touring countries
  4. On our 2017 Clubman, I have had to add several more screws to the slider to give any kind of capacity - the original fit was pitiful! As one of the earlier correspondents said, we have enough storage to to need to do much with these shelves but they are pretty feeble
  5. Why didn't I know this when I splashed out big bucks on my 2017 Clubman SB????? What is it about the caravan industry that makes it acceptable, if not expected, that quality issues will not be permanently resolved ( I speak as a retired manufacturing professional who would have been sacked if I had delivered products with the normal quality of caravans) Just realised. ......I bought one anyway🤪🙁
  6. I was under the impression that most storage sites (and campsites) frowned very heavily about washing your 'van there. Perhaps I'll try a few of these ideas when I'm away again Thanks once again CaravanTalk!
  7. djwake

    Caravan keys

    When we get to site, the man (Me) fits the Al-Ko lock and the hitch lock; then the keys go in the handy little openings either side of the control panel over the door
  8. As my 14 year old granddaughter would say 'Eeuughhh'!
  9. My first time to Spain, I arrived in Salamanca after a reasonably long drive. Did all that setting up stuff when it became necessary to check that the toilet worked. It didn't! The flush wouldn't work (is there anything else that can fail?) This was the start of a 4 week holiday! Were we downhearted? NO!! We used a cup of water as a manual flush - simples! (Definitely no No 2s though - even now!)
  10. Sorry for the delay in replying. ...............I'm sure you all understand the demands whilst trying to move! All of the ideas above were tried - thank you for them - no joy, sadly. Eventually a caravaning neighbour told us of a new site at Rye Harbour - JC Leisure - not ideal location but they had availability! Subsequently applied for C&CC site at Canterbury and we're there from November to April with, hopefully, the chance to be on there all year from now on. Thanks again for all the suggestions
  11. Interesting - nobody is talking about any environmental impact as part of the decision! That's why we switched to the PHEV - it seems, most of the time, to be working for us (but we do have solar panels )
  12. The good news is we've sold our house and found one we like in Deal, on the Kent coast Now the less good news. ...every storage site we have approached so far has waiting lists of 18 - 24 months Any suggestions from this great community? The outfit is a 2017 Lunar Clubman SB Thanks in anticipation
  13. After the 4 to 5 weeks in Spain (and Portugal), pleased to report that the Whale pump did everything everybody told me it would do - a definite "top buy" - thanks all!
  14. Just following up on this, I recently stayed at one of our favourite CLs in Cambridgeshire and, simply, asked the owner how much extra I would need to pay to charge my PHEV. He asked how much a charge cost; I told him and he said "put a couple of quid in the wifi box" I think if we are upfront and honest, there is no reason why we shouldn't be able to take advantage of the higher limits on UK campsite electricity supplies. I guess it will be the ones who simply plug in and don't ask that will give the rest of us a bad name - a bit like some dog owners
  15. Can now agree with Old Nick - it was simplicity itself! Check in, proceed to your lane then put down the steadies and. ....sleep (or party/drink/chat/all the above) There is a bar that, initially, we thought was closed but a young lady appeared and started selling wine so all good! Breakfast in the morning from quite early Great option
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