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  1. i done this with an old fleetwood 2 birth i had which had no alko hitch. it was a 2 person job and not easy. i wouldnt want to do it with my alko hitch on a big caravan. if its just for the waste pipes i would drop the nose of the van down as low as poss and go under from the back
  2. hi peeps i dont have a water filter on my caravan and was just wanting some advice on the best way and which inline filter i should fit thanks chris
  3. hi guys anyone seen the weather for the easter weekend, please tell me its good as its the first weekend away this year
  4. Now i see what its for, you can take the ball out and fit a can of beer in there lol
  5. hi and welcome to the forum. i had a similar conway unit before the caravan and it was very pleasent to use. it was nice to tow and very easy to use. i paid similar money for the conway about the same age. things i was told to look out for were that where the guide ropes are attacted to the canvas make sure the stitching is good and not to strected. and just that its been looked after. i stored mine in the garden in the summer and in a garage in the winter,but it did get caught outside in a few heavy down pours and as long as the cover it a good fit and in good condition it should be fine just dont leave any standing water puddles on the cover. and just put it away clean would be my advice. hope that helps chris
  6. i went to my local caravan shop today to pick up all the neccesary's for the weekend away next week and asked the guy behind the counter what water filter my 1995 swift classic had,he said that that van has no water filter and that i would have to fit a inline filter. i was just wondering if he was correct as ive not had the van long and im not picking it up out of storage until next wednesday ready for the off thursday. i dont want to waste £30 on a inline filter only to find he was wrong any info would be a great help thanks chris
  7. for reliability i own 3 and would highly recomend maglite led,not the cheapest but they will last you years. 3aa led ideal for the pocket 3d led ideal for chasing the dog through the field next door when he see's a rabbit
  8. i agree happy customer=repeat customer, its not so much the having to pay for it as a lot of comments have said its the case of if i had not rang them and just turned up and found out my weekend away was going to cost me an extra £20 i would of not been happy. i agree with the meters cos same people do take the ***** .
  9. another question does the 530 sit in the same place as the spaceship and cover the hole or do you need a blanking plate cheers chris
  10. i agree satnav to within the sites suggested route then turn it of and i always double check my route on google maps just so i can see what kinda roads i will be using.
  11. hi fellow campers,just a quick moan. whilst on our last weekend away last year we booked 3 nights at the same site for this easter. its a nice site,nice people and very helpful warden. at £15 a night its good. rang them today to confirm our booking was still avaliable,was told yes but there was a £2 a night increase,fair enough everythings gone up so accepted the extra. then just about to put the phone down a was told there was now electric meters on each pitch and we also had to buy electris cards at either £3 or £10 . just thought it a bit naughty that booked it for 3 nights with electric at £45 and now its gonna be around £60 with ehu. any1 else had this moan done happy camping
  12. im the same whenever weve been out in the van it gets emptied and cleaned and then i sit and just admire my holiday home
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