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  1. zen


    I suspect your battery needs replacing. take it to somewhere like Halfords and they will check it for you.
  2. Have you checked the runners, because if there is a drawer directly below it, you may have inadvertently got something jammed that was in the drawer.
  3. Are you sure you've got that right? I scratched my car paid to have it repaired and not an insurance man in sight, I certainly don't think op is duty bound to tell insurers.
  4. you will probably find that wiring direct to the battery may be easiest, remembering to put an in-line fuse for protection. Only drawback would be when switching the 12v off the new 12v socket would still be live.
  5. In these days of digital tv with Freeview, we all have radio stations automatically tuned in on the tv. I just use my tv if I want to listen to the radio, and the tv we have in the caravan has a dvd player, so use this for CD's
  6. Kampa do a 12v strip light which is meant to hang in the awning.
  7. Build a folding one, it would remove worry of stability and strength needed when towing. You would also not have to worry too much about streamlining.
  8. Are you any good with a multimeter? You need first to put a resistance check across the heater to see if it is open circuit, if so then new heater required. If it looks good then check the terminals with the voltage setting on your meter with power on and fridge set to 230v be careful you do not touch live wires with your fingers. if no 230v then get someone to adjust the thermostat while you are testing. If no joy then access the thermostat connections and test across them to see if it is switching. If you are not confident enough to do this get professional help. When you were sold the new heater are you sure they gave you 230v element.
  9. I had a similar problem with a Bailey and did the same as others, lowered the front to let water run off.
  10. zen

    Water Pump Issue

    you need to send the fuse box off as well, because there are relays and electronics in there which need to be checked along with your control panel. My dealer removed both and sent them off to Apuljack, who know all there is to know about these units, but was told parts were needed and unavailable. After discussion with my dealer we took the option of removing the control panel and fitting other controls instead. My van is Lunar 2007 model.
  11. zen

    Water Pump Issue

    My van has similar controls made by Nordelectronica, the control unit went haywire and after being sent to a company who are well versed in repairs to these units, I was told there was no spares (mine is slightly older than your unit). The dealer where I bought the van offered to install different controls to overcome the problem. Apparently Nordelectronica do not have a good name in their control and electronics. The bottom line is take it to someone who can remove the parts and send them off and see what is said. post 2# beat me to it.
  12. There are two elements one for 12v and one for 230v.
  13. zen

    Drain Plug?

    Don't forget to open all taps whilst draining. Sorry if teaching granny to suck eggs. lol
  14. My point was if kids see what looks like a harmless piece of white metal in front of them they may put their hands on it, and yes a guard may be necessary.
  15. The only trouble with oil filled radiators is, if you have small children the radiator itself gets very hot and could give a child a nasty burn, not enough to hospitalise them but enough to cause a bit concern. they are thermostatically controlled but the thermostat senses room temp and switches the heater off when room is up to temp. ,but in the mean time it gets red hot.
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