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  1. Hi Steve I did have a 2016 Sorento until last year and i would assume the electics will be similar i had no issues with my new Elegance. Best of luck Brian T
  2. Hi Bussy Cant see why its not covered by warranty if you read the warranty it quite clearly states the the superstructure is covered by 5 year warranty. There is no argument that the door is part of the superstructure so do not take no for an answer. Sorry cant remember who was in the service manager at the time but he was very helpful I had expected all sorts of problems with this but the whole door and inner fly screen was replaced without issue. I would suggest you stand your ground as this is a known issue. Arra best Brian T
  3. I found difficulty with this a few years back but found a great company who seem to stock everything for caravans including Remis roof lights so give them a go be warned these are not cheap. Try Leisureshop Direct
  4. Hi DBH I tried one of the cheaper covers cant remember the make although Specialised springs to mind. However i digress fitted it towed about 4 miles took it and threw it over a hedge it flapped like a flappy thing and badly marked the windows. I now have a tow pro elite which i use my Elegance and so far it has been fine. I am not sure that it was because the cheap cover was not a made to measure for the van or the van shape so cant really recommend this to you. Brian T
  5. Before i washed ours i spoke to Ozio and was told it was washable SWMBO washed it at 40 no problem only thing wash it traded the van in for a Swift Regards Beetee
  6. Dave&CD Thanks for your replies i did go down the route firstly of the dealer and they were as much use as a chocolate fireguard there response was we only follow the plate Ah but which one!!! Called swift spoke to someone there who was absoultely clueless and suggesting speaking with the dealer. I have since spoken to a VOSA enforcement officer and his response was because there are two plates it would have to be tested in court. Well think i will take my chances and run at about 1900Kg thats the weight when on the weighbridge. Wonder now the company would react to their fleet manager in court for overloading!!! Beetee
  7. Hi Folks Just to wade in on this one i have been a caravaner for 30+years and never had an issue with weights. I have now bought a new Swift Elegance 645 twin axle and am now really confussed and heres the reason. 1) Plate on side of the van MTPLM 1863Kgs 2) Inside front locker plate, Axle 1 1150Kg Axle 2 1150Kgs MGVW 2000Kgs 3) Tyre rating 560Kg So can i legally load this van to 2000Kgs I believe that it can be loaded to 2000kgs as the plate in the locker says and the tyre load rating is more than capable of the load. I have asked the question of several colleagues and they confirm i am correct what are your thoughts . Regards Beetee PS licence category is not an issue
  8. As the title has anyone used this stuff (no not the hard work) on their van a freind of mine appeared today with a bottle singing its praises he had just cleaned the van using this. Said it removed all the grime round the awning mastic and clean all the bad language removed from the roof with no effort. I am a wee bit apprehensive however there is nothing on the bottle that would give cause for concern saying non caustic non acidic it does however say not to use on perspex or polyplastc. Regards Brian T
  9. Have to agree with Coriolis statements whole heartdly I have had Coachman Caravans for 20+ years and will never have another matter even if they were the last manufacturer on earth.
  10. It took me five minutes to remove and refit the roll pim Wispman thankfully I'am not on piecework then!!!! just a bloody good engineer NOT FITTER. Sea & Sand i would have a wee think about replacing the bolts with roll pins they are there to break in case of a fault bit like a shear pin this came from Enduro. regards Brian T
  11. Hi Sea & Sand I can confirm it is a 6mm roll pin just replaced one no need to dismantle anything just line the old pin section up 6mm parallel punch and knock it out. Should take you no longer than 5 minutes to do it.
  12. Hi Super Red I too have these horriblr black and pink marks in the sealant and yes they annoy me, However i am with R&B on this one i suspect that if the sealant is dug out and replaced these marks will probably return. Too this end i too am going to just live with them. On another topic you have had the door replaced under warranty i assume if the graphic colours are that far out ask them to supply a full set of newer graphics and put them on top of the orginals beleive you will not see this if done correctly. Good luck which ever way you go Oh and by the way dont fancy your chances of getting anywhere with the arrogant team at Coachman Caravans Ltd Regards Beetee
  13. The Mudges as Neil Munro calls them in Para Handy Tales evil little *****. I have tried everything to keep them off but nothing seems to beat them. Many years ago a guy I worked with in the lab procured 100% Det ( the active ingredient in most replants) as we were going to Loch Maree in July on a fishing trip. On arrival before getting out of the car we doused ourselfs in the stuff well i lasted 30seconds Bill lasted 1 minute before retreating back to the car. Just for laugh have a wee listen to this on You Tube the Scots amongs will agree with every word of the lyrics i am sure!! https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=zHv7ixhN46A
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    Borrowdale Thanks wood and trees spring to mind!!!! Thanks again Beetee
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