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  1. Thank you Fidget - im not very techy minded but just wanted to know if those freesat dishes really worked. Cheers
  2. Thanks for all your replies - I just tried the "flying saucer" shaped aerial and a normal aerial and i couldn't pick up any channels whatsoever.
  3. Sorry im new to all this, I have a freeview enabled TV and I tried with a new aerial but I couldn't pick anything up - no channels at all. Maybe Im doing something wrong - will have another go. Thanks
  4. Hiya, I have a freeview enabled television ready to go into my caravan but for some reason it won't pick up the TV channels. I was looking at a dish that costs £80 and they guarantee it to work in 99. 99% of Britain. Do any of you own one and do they really work? This is it: http://www. sky4caravans. co. uk/satellite-touring-kit-p-50. html Thank you Kayleigh
  5. Thank you very much for your help. Im all sorted now thanks to you
  6. Thanks but this is mine: http://twitpic. com/6apav1 Similar to the picture you posted
  7. Thanks for your reply, the key thing is sorted - managed to get it to work eventually - i have taken a photo of the water socket and can't fathom how to upload it. I will try to explain it. It has 2 small holes one above the other and next to these (to the right) is a bigger hole. Right think I have uploaded one now: http://twitpic. com/6apav1
  8. Hiya all, Im new to this forum and new to caravaning - bought my first caravan today and I can't wait to go away in her. I have a little problem, the water pump was not with the caravan and I was wondering where would I get one and does it have to be a specific type for my caravan? Another query I have is that the little compartment on the outside where you open to get rid of waste will not open. I have 3 keys and one fits but it wont turn (even after a good dose of WD40! Where would I get one from? Any ideas. Thanks for reading and I hope you can help me. Regards newbie
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