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  1. Hiya daisy, nice to see you back posting again ive missed ya colourful posts

  2. Can I come out on to your snowy roads Smarty, I got a 4X4 but with normal road tyres (seemed to cope alright last year) will that be ok
  3. We must be lucky as weve never been disturbed by dogs or kids, motorhomes yes but thats a different story, we always choose are sites carefully so to avoid these things ie not going to big sites with bars and playgrounds but stay on small out the way sites like CL's, that suits us so thats what we do.
  4. oscar

    Not Offended

    Good post well said Mellyboy Im sure if we were in a clubhouse somewhere we would be enjoying a beer and a laugh over this and it wouldnt of got so heated
  5. Hes not interested unless i want the fastest, shortest route, avoiding motorways or im walking or cycling, no option im affraid of lugging a heavey load
  6. Satnavs are for girls and people who CANT read maps My TomTom tried sending me up Porlock hill once with the caravan on the back, good job I knew the area but one look at a map would tell you thats a no no
  7. oscar

    Going Solo

    A couple of years ago the wife went off to look after her mum for a week which left me at home alone so I decided to shoot off in the van for a couple of days, I booked 3 nights at Lydford cc site near Dartmoor for just me and the dog and thought we would do some walking, anyway to cut along story short we stayed 7 nights in the end and completly loved it, start off with a big breakfast then out on the moors till late afternoon then back to the van for a afternoon kip aaah bliss
  8. oscar

    Over Crowding

    I could not agree more, we tried the big all singing all dancing sites and we hated them so we only use CL's now, and if it wasnt for them we would of packed up caravanning years ago.
  9. Cheers Bill, sounds good ill have to look into them i like cheap, our favourite CL site only charges fiver a night. Oscar
  10. Thanks Rita, thats the ones run by the C&CC isnt it ?.
  11. Hi Bill, excuse my ignorance but what is a T. H. S. site Cheers Oscar
  12. 2 meters diameter and 78kg now that is a serious bit of kit. ..
  13. Nice bit of kit but a tad too expensive, now if they done a 100w-200w version for half the price. ..
  14. Your right I have just sat down and read the reviews in full and its not good reading, pity as it looks like a good alternative to solar in the winter months,
  15. Not sure if this has been bought up before but I went into maplins today and seen this http://www. maplin. co. uk/50w-telescopic-vertical-axis-wind-turbine-396269 anyone got one or got any views on it Cheers oscar
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