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  1. Hi can anyone tell me where I can get a cover for the above caravan for the winter. Thanks
  2. Hi can anyone recommend a motor mover for a twin axle caravan? I have a single one which doesn't work well on the front wheels so I probably need an all wheel mover. Any idea on price and where to get one? I live in N. Ireland.
  3. Can anyone help. ..u have a 2014 swift challenger sport 640 and in the bathroom above the sink is a led(I think) light which has stopped working and probably needs replacing. There are 3 small screws which come out to remove the glass cover but I don't know how to replace the bulb (twist or just pull out). I don't want to damage anything so if someone could advise that would be great. I leave the bathroom light on all night for the kids.
  4. Well i took out breakdown cover with the Camping & Caravanning Club and they said it makes no difference only if you take out medical insurance with them. So that's the question answered lol. Thanks for all the replies.
  5. I would be thinking that anyone taking insulin would be at risk from having a hypo (low blood sugar episode) while driving. Diabetics on insulin have to renew their licence every 2 years.
  6. Does anyone have Type 2 diabetes and for breakdown cover in France do they charge an extra premium for the condition? Thanks
  7. I'm going to France for the first time soon. Question is, on motorways and dual carriageways, is the fast lane still to the right same as in UK or are they to the left?
  8. Thanks TedNewman but if you go close to the second exit in street view and zoom in there are overhead signs for ferry companies - one of which is Irish Ferries (the one Im taking), have you been through this port before?
  9. Hi there, can anyone tell me which right turn do I take to enter Cherbourg ferry port from the pic - first or second? Thanks
  10. Back again. Does anyone have experience with CoPilot in RV mode? It seems that dedicated Caravan Sat Navs have negative reviews as well as positive.
  11. I have a Royal Wessex 390 porch awning and would like to attach it to my garden wall and erect 1) So we can use it on summer nights, 2) to dry out the awning if taken down wet after caravan trip. Is there such a thing as an awning rail I can attach to an outside wall which i can attach my awning to? I only need it to go into a horizontal piece as its a porch awning? Any advice appreciated.
  12. We are planning our first touring trip to France next year and have the ferry booked (Rosslare to Cherbourg). We have not yet booked any sites so I would like to ask for site recommendations. I've never driven on the continent before (which will be challenging enough) and have to find the right Sat Nav (I started another thread on this topic). I don't mind driving 3-4 hours from the ferry port and it will probably be the Brittany region as we are only going for 2 weeks. I have it in my head to go to Les Castels sites which can be quite costly (60-100 euros per night). When I look at other sites with 1 rectangular swimming pool they just don't look too appealing. My kids are 6 and 8 so I want a site thats not too expensive and has plenty of entertainment. Also are there any "do's and dont's"? I have been told about the illegal emmigrants near the ferry ports and it would be my worst nightmare to take a wrong turn going back to the Ferry port and be mobbed by them. Any info appreciated.
  13. Hi, what in your opinion is the best and most reliable Sat Nav for towing a caravan? I know of 3 - Snooper, Garmin, and TomTom Live Camper and Caravan. Reading the reviews online it looks like TomTom is getting the best reviews although there are still some negative ones too. I am planning my first trip to France next year and as my sense of direction is terrible, I need a sat nav I can rely on to get me where I want to go on main and not narrow roads. It would be good to have a sat nav you can plug into your computer and plan your own route as well as preview your route so you know what you're going into. I also have to contend with driving on the wrong side of the road too. I would also like to know is what happens if a campsite you want is not on the sat nav, can I enter it manually. It would be good to hear from users who have actually used one of these devices in France.
  14. Hi all. I purchased a 2014 Swift Challenger Sport 640 in August just before our main fortnight holidays. After a few days I got the E255H error code that others have reported and a reset rectifies it. I continued to get the code several times during the fortnight holiday period. I contacted my dealer who said he would make enquiries. I have heard nothing since apart from 'We need to get diagnostic equipment. ...'. I too got the electrical burning smell when the water heater was on. After being away this weekend (10-12th Oct) something strange happened. Apart from the fact the site I was on must have had a low power allowanc, my power kept tripping when using heater and kettle together or water heater and microwave. I did get en error triangle symbol but just reset the trip. I turned on the water heater to boost and had heating on. The heating stopped and boost symbol just kept flashing. I must have had this on for at least 3 hours and still no hot water and got cold water coming from hot tap. I turned water heater to 60o and same thing - no hot water. I had to change the water barrel as it was nearly empty. when I filled it again there was a slight whirring noise from the pump (not the noise of the pump going to fill the tank) so I thought nothing of it so went out for a walk. When I returned 30 mins later the noise was still going and there was a strong electrical burning smell so I turned off the pump. I turned the water heater to gas only for a while. I opened the hot tap then cold and both taps spluttered air and water. When this settles there was still no hot water only cold water from the hot tap so I turned off the water heater. 2 hours later I opened the hot tap and out came hot water. My question is why did the water heater not work? Later that night I got the E255H error code.
  15. Stevie G, I have not heard from dealer yet on the restrictor vents but in the meantime have you got a full size awning for your 640 and if so what size is it? My dealer gave me a 1050 which was too short and was adamant it the size he supplies to all 640 customers. After a discussion with a man last week who had a 690 (same length as 640) he told me he has a 1075.
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