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  1. Thanks everyone, I'm starting to understand caravan electrics, that's why I like this group. Our caravan is along side our house and always plugged in, so I assume when we tow the fridge is getting sufficient power as the battery is charged, fridge now works well. A while ago I checked the plug on the car and when I pushed the probe in the connection went back. I re-bent the barbs so it stays put. Because all the sites are booked we will do more CL's with no hook-up/toilets. Also they only cost £6. If I bought a Lithium battery would I have to change the caravan charger and is a car battery to battery charger really necessary. Now wife says it will be nice to use the coffee machine while off grid???
  2. My car is an old E class Mercedes, it does not have a smart alternator , I get more than 14.2 at the battery whilst at idle. The vsr (basic)cuts in ok and I have live feed at the plug. Can the socket connections (13 pin) take the current? What is the max current for these sockets?
  3. I have the standard 13-pin socket but realise that current is limited for battery charging and fridge operation (when towing). The fridge struggles to stay cool whilst towing. I have the basis voltage sensing relay with a 10 amp fuse from my battery, all this was installed by the tow bar fitters. After watching videos I thought there must be something I can do?? How many amps can a 13-pin socket take??
  4. I clicked battery preset. This drops down. Then I clicked "Select preset" No other AGM batteries listed.
  5. Ah, you're right, I posted the wrong picture. This is what's in the caravan. Drop down for battery gives 12v/24v choice only. Thanks, I wondered what that setting was for but it is disabled by default. I was going to Google it tonight but now I know.
  6. I've fitted one of these to my caravan and I have a AGM leisure 95Ah battery. I contacted Yuasa and asked for voltage/charge settings, below is the reply. Are these OK? "General charging recommendations for AGM leisure batteries are 14.8V ± 0.2V on bulk/fast charge, and 13.6V ± 0.2V on float/standby charge, both quoted at 25°C. Current input should be limited to 1/10th label capacity for general recharging" My solar panel is 100w so current shouldn't be a problem??? This is my settings, would an expert please check, thanks.
  7. Yes, I wondered if the 18v foldable panels are 12v which can produce 18v.
  8. Some people suggested this but after lots of research and reading you (best practice) can only wire two panels to one controller if the panels are of the same voltage, most caravans have a single 12v panel, folding panels with controllers I've looked at appear to be 18v, I think because of the multiple panels. This is why I came to the conclusion to use each panels controller and wire both to the battery. If this isn't correct please advise because that's what I'm going to do.
  9. I've been watching videos on mismatched panels, the conclusion they came to was to run each panel with its own controller Two controllers Also this one on mismatched panels. mismatched panels. If I buy a fold out panel and controller kit I could use on my caravan and camper?? If I've understood corectly.
  10. Does anyone know what voltage the Truma panels are. As fitted to Baileys.
  11. My truma is set to AGM, if I go for the extra fold out panel and wire it into my truma does it have to be the same voltage. eg, can you wire two unmatched panels in parallel.
  12. Thanks for all the advice, I just about understand what you are telling me. So I can add a second portable solar panel and point it at the sun and then connect it straight into my Truma PWM inputs using quick connectors like below? How many watts for the Truma max input? I also have a spare Victron MPPT intended for the camper build but could get another. As pictured. My Battery is Leisure & Marine AGM Battery 12V 95Ah 850A, it was bought last year. I would like to be able to boost the solar on my camper build in the future using the portable panel. I've fitted a Victron Energy Solar Panel 215W-24V Mono series 4a – SPM042152400, This was the only one to fit my roof so hope that's OK??? My panel
  13. This is my current setup.
  14. Yes I think it's the Bailey standard for (2016). I don't want to add extra solar to the van in case we sell. I wanted extra portable which I could aldo use in my camper build.
  15. My van (Madrid) has solar. I'm going to a non hookup cl for longer than usual and wondered about the folding suitcase type panels. Do I point it towards the sun and connect it to my battery with crocodile clips or is it more complicated. Will both panels charge or will one of the controllers get confused. Thanks in advance.
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