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  1. I've checked CC site and this one for updates. We were booked in to Dulverton CC site for the coming weekend. We've also booked local restaurants and pubs. No one seems to have mentioned this lock-down news and posted??
  2. We had caravans for years and know all about the oven flame lifting and oven cutting out, I'm also aware of the modification to the rubber seals at the top. I have another problem, I noticed the paint between the seal gap at the top center looked greasy and wiped it off, (when the oven was hot. It was not grease but melting paint. The flame does go down small once the oven gets hot and I can adjust it to go big again by increasing the gas mark setting. I've added a picture. Van is 2016 Unicorn which has just been serviced.
  3. When restrictions are lifted and we can go away in our caravans and Motor homes, I wondered if we will be welcomed to places like Devon and Cornwall. A friend in Devon tells me he doesn't want people coming to his village, "we don't have many cases down here, we don't want people bringing it to our villages".
  4. Just to clarify and help others, because Bailey Unicorn III do not have ceiling lights, all lighting is perimeter LED's. As such there in no roof trunking/conduit. On the fuse box No7 (marked fan) from the PCB does not have a wire in the plug/loom, so there is no pre-wiring for a roof fan. I ran a wire from that block connector/connection to the roof area where I then drilled through the composite skylight frame and used a piece of 8mm copper pipe which had been heated. This pushed through the insulation to a point where I could make a hole in the fiberglass roof to insert the
  5. Thanks, I've removed the microwave plus all the roof coving along the right side of my 2016 Madrid. There are no wires anywhere, I also removed trims in cupboards and wardrobes. I've also removed the fuse box but it's impossible to tell which wires are from the fan fuse (10amp). I think drilling through the roof vents wooden frame and then towards the microwave would be the shortest route. I don't want trunking across the roof/ceiling. Ah thanks, so you've actually done this. once I'm through the wooden frame how easy is it to keep level and where should I
  6. What van do you have and are any wires or trunking visible.
  7. I asked my dealer for a price to fit the roof extractor and remove the Heki from above the cooker. roof fan They quoted £386 plus £75 fitting, I've sourced and bought one (£160) from online. I would like fit myself, (not worried about warranty). I notice my fuse box has a fuse marked roof fan?? Fitting of the vent looks to be quite easy, the only problem I envisage is getting the wires to the fan. I've removed my old Heki trim and can't see any wires or conduit. Would it be OK/feasible to drill horizontally through the roof to get the wires to the side wall and then
  8. I've been towing for years with E class estates, current one is 2004, pretty well faultless but obviously it's getting old. I'm thinking of getting a XC60 2012 or newer. Does anyone tow with one of these, do they all have self leveling suspension, do they have a good automatic version and what's it like for towing. Whats the best engine version. Thanks in advance
  9. What about this one, I like that it has a display and is MPPT. https://www.photonicuniverse.com/en/catalog/full/296-High-efficiency-10A-MPPT-solar-charge-controller-for-solar-panels-up-to-130W-12V--260W-24V-up-to-100V.html
  10. Just to let everyone know that our four nights away went well. Batteries were charges fully by lunch time, I think the Alde heating uses more power than the tv, it was cold, I think there was a bit of snow around (Abergavenny). The heating seems to go on and off a lot at night despite being set to 13c. (night mode). Used the tv during the morning and at night. We didn't notice low volts, only low volts (12.6) in the morning due to heating on (Ithink). I noticed maximum amps was 4.1 and maximum volts 15 which then drop to 13.7.
  11. Yes tv is important, I just bought this.https://fergusontv.com/shop/televisions/smart-tvs/ferguson-24-superfast-smart-12-volt-tv-with-wi-fi-and-freeview-t2-hd/ I'm not sure how much power it uses. What's the lowest voltage I should allow this wet battery to go to? Thanks for helping us.
  12. Thanks everyone. So if we are going to camp (may day x four days) for the first time with no hook up would I be better off getting a leisure battery. Will a 130ah fit in the hole in the floor locker (Madrid 2016).
  13. I have re-set the unit to "wet" 3. I double checked reading with meter, Bailey display and panel and they all read, very accurately the same. Thanks for all the help.
  14. I think Varta do a Silver Dynamic AGM and a Silver Dynamic wet??
  15. I don't think my battery is AGM, I think it's called "wet", I set the controller to AGM and the voltage does drop further down from Gel setting. I am confused what my battery type is. Varta battery types
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