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  1. What about this one, I like that it has a display and is MPPT. https://www.photonicuniverse.com/en/catalog/full/296-High-efficiency-10A-MPPT-solar-charge-controller-for-solar-panels-up-to-130W-12V--260W-24V-up-to-100V.html
  2. Just to let everyone know that our four nights away went well. Batteries were charges fully by lunch time, I think the Alde heating uses more power than the tv, it was cold, I think there was a bit of snow around (Abergavenny). The heating seems to go on and off a lot at night despite being set to 13c. (night mode). Used the tv during the morning and at night. We didn't notice low volts, only low volts (12.6) in the morning due to heating on (Ithink). I noticed maximum amps was 4.1 and maximum volts 15 which then drop to 13.7.
  3. Yes tv is important, I just bought this.https://fergusontv.com/shop/televisions/smart-tvs/ferguson-24-superfast-smart-12-volt-tv-with-wi-fi-and-freeview-t2-hd/ I'm not sure how much power it uses. What's the lowest voltage I should allow this wet battery to go to? Thanks for helping us.
  4. Thanks everyone. So if we are going to camp (may day x four days) for the first time with no hook up would I be better off getting a leisure battery. Will a 130ah fit in the hole in the floor locker (Madrid 2016).
  5. I have re-set the unit to "wet" 3. I double checked reading with meter, Bailey display and panel and they all read, very accurately the same. Thanks for all the help.
  6. I think Varta do a Silver Dynamic AGM and a Silver Dynamic wet??
  7. I don't think my battery is AGM, I think it's called "wet", I set the controller to AGM and the voltage does drop further down from Gel setting. I am confused what my battery type is. Varta battery types
  8. Update, caravan charges at 13.7v which I think is correct, as I understand this only charges the battery to 90% to prolong it's life. With the Truma controller set to (3, liquid electrolyte) it charges at 15v. I then set the controller to (1, gel) and immediately voltage drops to 14.5v. My battery, Varta Silver Dynamic 100ah is sealed so I'm unsure if it's liquid or gel. it does have a vent pipe which goes out through the floor.
  9. So I disconnected the solar panel positive and hook up lead, I flattened the battery to 12.6 using the motor mover. I reconnected the mains lead, voltage went straight to 13.5/7 which I assume is correct.
  10. I checked the voltage today, this (overcast morning) I will disconnect the solar panel first and recheck. I will also recheck the setting of the controller. I will also check the caravan charger rate which I think is about 13.7???? I will work on it this morning so advice please.
  11. I'm unsure if to post here but need advice quickly, I think my solar controller is faulty, It shows the battery charge at 15v, I have it set to lead acid (liquid electrolyte) as I have a car battery (varta Silver Dynamic 110ah). Will this damage my battery? Should I change it. I've added a picture.
  12. I'm just wondering if there has been an update on this little white piece of plastic that keeps the door ajar for airing. It was very expensive and there was Talk of it being made available separately. I've done a quick search but can't find it. Anyone have any ideas??
  13. Yes they do save water just Google it. I waste a lot of time pumping water through to get it hot and then try getting the temperature just right, as the cold water enters the boiler it cools down the store of water and you end up having to adjust the temperature throughout your shower time. Surely a valve would do that for me just like at home? I don't think the Alde system stores as much hot water compared to our old Pegasus (Truma system) which was also hotter than the Alde system unless you remember to turn it up which can only be done for thirty minutes. Anyway, has anyone fitted a thermostatic valve?
  14. Has anyone fitted or had fitted a thermostatic shower tap, . I've googled it and they are available and not too expensive. I think it would save water?
  15. I went to the Bailey store in Bradley Stoke Bristol and paid for it, (£100 ish, I don't remember). Collected it a few days later, it came tightly rolled and was a touch too long, fitting was super easy. PM me if you need advise and I'll send my number.
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