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  1. Silversurf , I was a long time retired when I read this story so as in most case's not been actually present I can only repeat the information. Obviously we come from a different era of training, I started in 1974, a long time ago.
  2. Some good answer's here, but it doesn't matter what amount of equipment you have and type, if you dont know how to use it correctly you could do more harm than good. We all know about applying pressure to a wound, its just what a person did when somebody collapse in the street with blood coming from a stomach wound, they applied pressure until the pros arrived, what the person didn't know that it was a knife wound and the knife blade had snapped off inside the casualty, they were pushing it further in. The person died and at the autopsy the original injury was un- survival. I spent over 23
  3. Is the zoo no longer there? Nice shops, but agree Switzerland was expensive and probably still is, Austria is very nice and was cheaper.
  4. When in this area we stay at the "Manor Farm" site its big but at the end of the season its quiet enough, and a pitch on the lakeside is nice. As said lots to see, some superb drives, put the car on the train at "Grindelwald" and go through the mountain while sat in your own car, stunning views at the other end.
  5. Having had a van stolen and worked in the "industry" for a few years nearly all the stolen vans I have had deal with the main tools for removing all mechanical security devices are a battery powered angle grinder fitted with a 1mm thick stainless steel disk, cut through any ferrous metal very quickly and the Porta pac oxyacetylene torch, bit heavier but again very effective. For our van "Buccaneer Schooner" I had good insurance and what the caravan insurance didn't cover , my house contents did, but mine was stolen from the back of our house and was plugged in so that may have had some bea
  6. Sunroofs in cars are put there for people, that were born via a cesarean section.
  7. Sorry "getpete" thought it was taken by you.
  8. These things happen, what speed was you doing? I assume you stopped to help so you would know if anybody was hurt, by the look of the impact on the barrier, they would be very lucky not to have sustained serious injuries. Sorry Reggie crossed post
  9. Slightly off topic but, some friends of ours exported two old Jags to Australia, the friends flew out , the cars in container's by sea, it took six months at that time for the cars to arrive, but our friends after a few months had decided they didn't like living there, so came back to the uk! so when the cars eventually arrived down under, they were unloaded from one ship and put on another, for the return, no idea what it cost them.
  10. If its anything like France, the speed limits were reduced on non dual carriageways to 80Kph, after all the riots and complaints, some have been put back up to 90Kph, but at the moment, its up to each Department to to set its own limit, Talk about confusing!!.
  11. This was back in the 80s when you only had a morning forecast and an evening one, and if you like to be out in the wilds of Scotland as we do, there is no TV, or Radio Reception in those days at least, so we did not know the forecast, as said we had no choice but to get home, as for your barbed comment regarding common sense, safety and common sense was instilled in me form 18yrs old, when I joined one of the emergency service's.
  12. Sometimes you have no choice than to tow in windy weather, I have had to be escorted across bridges in Scotland ie wait at the tool booth until two loaded quarry wagons turned up, the road was closed and with me on the leeward side of the wagons we went slowly across, no problems, another time coming home from Scotland had to get back to work etc, we hit a bad storm at Shap summit, we slowed down but an artic came passed us, and fortunately or un-fortunately depending on your point of view, had just got far enough in front of us when it turned over onto the crash barrier on the left, the stran
  13. Iam a little confused, they did sail from Plymouth to Santander the last time we did it, and its in northern Spain, Caen is in northern France, unless things have changed I would have thought you would have got a cheque back for many hundreds or were you foot passengers?
  14. Having just bought a new Hybrid as a runabout, Iam very pleased with it at over 60mpg its helpful on the pocket. Iam surprised that no one has mentioned tidal power, it never stops, we ie, Britain is surrounded by it, its very powerful, but I dont know the costs or the marine life's implication's of it. Just a thought.
  15. The Buccaneer head office was the old control tower! very narrow, but about four stories tall, just room for one office on each floor, there used to be some WW2 photos around the walls, showing it as a working base, obviously as it was flat there was a few of them around that area.
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