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  1. If its anything like France, the speed limits were reduced on non dual carriageways to 80Kph, after all the riots and complaints, some have been put back up to 90Kph, but at the moment, its up to each Department to to set its own limit, Talk about confusing!!.
  2. This was back in the 80s when you only had a morning forecast and an evening one, and if you like to be out in the wilds of Scotland as we do, there is no TV, or Radio Reception in those days at least, so we did not know the forecast, as said we had no choice but to get home, as for your barbed comment regarding common sense, safety and common sense was instilled in me form 18yrs old, when I joined one of the emergency service's.
  3. Sometimes you have no choice than to tow in windy weather, I have had to be escorted across bridges in Scotland ie wait at the tool booth until two loaded quarry wagons turned up, the road was closed and with me on the leeward side of the wagons we went slowly across, no problems, another time coming home from Scotland had to get back to work etc, we hit a bad storm at Shap summit, we slowed down but an artic came passed us, and fortunately or un-fortunately depending on your point of view, had just got far enough in front of us when it turned over onto the crash barrier on the left, the strangest thing was that the units wheels were still turning and I had to climb up the underneath of the cab to switch the engine off , the driver was shaken, but ok., we got him out through the sun roof, the first three vehicles that stopped had members of the three emergency services in them so he was delt with very quickly.
  4. Iam a little confused, they did sail from Plymouth to Santander the last time we did it, and its in northern Spain, Caen is in northern France, unless things have changed I would have thought you would have got a cheque back for many hundreds or were you foot passengers?
  5. Having just bought a new Hybrid as a runabout, Iam very pleased with it at over 60mpg its helpful on the pocket. Iam surprised that no one has mentioned tidal power, it never stops, we ie, Britain is surrounded by it, its very powerful, but I dont know the costs or the marine life's implication's of it. Just a thought.
  6. The Buccaneer head office was the old control tower! very narrow, but about four stories tall, just room for one office on each floor, there used to be some WW2 photos around the walls, showing it as a working base, obviously as it was flat there was a few of them around that area.
  7. All vans are "hand made" I dont know of any manufacturer using robots, its unlikely that will happen, not enough capacity generated, what they do and did do, Buccaneers included and Iam going back to the 80s, they have units assembled off site, ie kitchens, beds, showers etc, they add their own branded fittings, there will be different photo veneers on the woodwork, unlike earlier Buccs with American or Italian Oak veneers, but all basically the same underneath the skin. When Buccaneers were in competition with other top end makes, they were all hand built, with cabinet makers, the reason Buccaneers survived the longest, is because at Full Sutton in one of the other tin sheds, because thats what they were, one off traveller vans were made under the Buccaneer and Roma names, all these had to be hand made as everyone was different, no toilets, so they needed the craftsmen to build both types. Buccaneer was sold because it had been run by the same two gentlemen from day one, they needed a rest and had other interests, a nice bar in York called "Plonkers", for one. Elddis was just looking for a name, nothing else, its that simple, have had four Buccs from the 70s to early 2000s, but after the switch decided to look elsewhere.
  8. As one who has lived for 11 years in a Abbey Spectrum 535, in + 40s and - 20 C. Fridges and Freezer are not designed to be used under canvas, they will stop working at low ambient temperatures, your food could de-frost and then as the temperature warms up the next day it will start to re-freeze, you will not know, some are now available that can be used in outbuildings and garages, but these places are better insulated than a piece of cotton. Waste pipes are not generally insulated, In my experience its a waste of time trying to do it, far better is to put a couple of teaspoons of table salt down the plug holes at night, or at the last time of using, ie after morning shower. You will, I assume be on mains most of the time so it shouldn't be too bad, we just had gennys. As you can see you are not mad, or at least if you are you are in good company.
  9. Yes also heating as well, blown air or wet rads, mainly for the marine market, but now also for RVs perhaps the best known ones are "Eberspaecher" and "Webasto" .
  10. To me it looks like something has fallen against it, the aluminium is creased at the bottom and stretched and hence split at the top, it should fill, but the result will depend on the skill of the body shop.
  11. When a cooper makes a new barrel for wine,or spirits, he sets fire to the inside for a pre determined time depending on how much charing you want, to flavour the contents over time, this is called "Toasting". People think that the number 13 is unlucky as that was the number of turns on the knot of an hangman's noose, its wrong six or seven was the normal number. After the mass murderer, Dr Harold Fredrick Shipman committed suicide, his hearse leaving the prison had the number plate K3 HFS.
  12. That could be so, as about that time most of the caravans external doors were made in Holland, East Yorkshire was the Uk capital of caravans, mobiles are still made there, it could have been for the docks and all the wood used.
  13. Have repaired a couple of delam floors, and seen it done many times, but never from underneath, do they turn the van upside down?? Caravan floors have de-laminated since they went onto "sandwich" construction, I think mid 80s, so surprised its still happening, I suspect it will be by the door and the sink area.
  14. I think thats his point, my car has this feature as standard, it warns you of speed cameras, it means you can do what you are supposed to do and that is to keep your eyes on the road, instead of "looking over your shoulder" for speed cameras, it personally doesn't bother me as the car warns me if I exceed the limit as well, only very occasionally, I must add. I would have thought that if your avatar is correct, then you of all people would have been trained to "read" the road hundreds of yards ahead, or perhaps you read a later version of the "Roadcraft" manual.
  15. Certainly on some caravans the floor is just not screwed or bolted to the floor, when the floor is made, as you know sandwich construction, there are large "L" shaped brackets bonded and bolted to the floor, during its construction, they are between the two plywood skins, the positions of these and the amount of them, are dictated by the manufacture, according to the model, perhaps they are not putting as many in now .
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