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  1. Thanks BJ , hopefully will get chance to watch it before someone tells me the ending , 😖😖
  2. We are going away tomorrow for a week & May be out when Vigil is on , does anyone know how much data would be required for us to watch it on iplayer later in the week , my mifi has a 24gb Three sim .
  3. I think that they have quite a large radius of action so that if you pass , say , Bordeaux you would have to give it a large detour to miss the zone . I got mine about 5 years ago , did it online & received the badge within the week , very impressed , mine is a yellow one , diesel class 6 . I leave it in the corner of my windscreen , can’t normally see it as it is obscured by my right hand when I’m driving . I can’t see why anyone would object to getting one when it is so easy to acquire & as someone else has said it’s only about a fiver .
  4. Junction 92 on the A23 is a good stop for fuel & food , it’s after Teruel . I usually have the tortilla sandwich & coffee. Mmmmm. We have stopped at Camping Altomira a few miles further on at Navajas , it’s only a couple of miles off the A23 , the road up to the first level of camping pitches is fairly steep but easily doable with a good outfit combination , we usually try to get a pitch on the first row near the toilet & shower block as the pitches are easier to get on to , further up on the next rows the kerbs are higher so you have to reverse on as they aren’t really motor mover friendly unless you have ramps .
  5. Cheers Les , we saw the town on one of the James Martin cookery shows & it looked lovely , hence the interest . Apparently one of his heroes, Keith Floyd used to own a restaurant there years ago .
  6. we have isle sur Sorgue on our ‘ to do ‘ list , was the site you used ok ? , I was looking at the one to the East of town to enable town access with a shortish walk . Cheers. Steve. I think it is Camping la Sorguette .
  7. I’ve just checked my licence details on the Gov website & according to that I have everything I used to have before I turned 70 . I never bothered with the health check when I renewed in 2018 as I was happy with the 3500kg limit for my outfit , now it says that I can drive a vehicle up to 3500kg & tow up to 3500kg . I renew again this year when I’m 73 so we’ll see what happens then. Might be in the market for a Range Rover & Vanmaster 😎😎🤥🤥
  8. it will still support 5G mr P . 3G was just coming in when I retired from BT , I was ‘ trained’ to maintain it , 4 hours of this does this , this does that , thank goodness I was never called upon to use my new found ‘ expertise ‘ . l
  9. maybe we should get Boris’s bus out of lockdown & start repainting it with this ,
  10. Got mine last week & fitted them on Saturday , £2.39 a set , so two sets needed for car & caravan , hardest part was getting the old glue off the existing plates but Sticky Stuff remover did the job.
  11. Just had an email from the Gov.uk website about the GB/UK number plate sticker rules , it’s on this link on ‘ Driving a British car abroad ‘ section . There are some interesting tips in the other sections about , thieves & others for those not in the know , might be a useful read for newbies planning to go to Spain . https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/spain/safety-and-security
  12. Excellent job , very impressed , not with the caravan build quality though 😖😖
  13. Plenty of people think that laws don’t apply to them , we have seen hundreds of people preparing to return home from Spain with trays of potted plants , the fact that they may contain pests or plant diseases seems lost on them , but invariably they know best 😡😡 why would he , they aren’t forbidden here and it’s all free , well it’s paid for by you & me & all the other taxpayers 😡😡😎
  14. The group responsible for maintaining the Vulcan at Finningly near Doncaster are holding a fundraiser in September , I’ll try & post some info on here , Staff at Doncaster Sheffield Airport will be hosting an engine ground run experience for the legendary Cold War aircraft which is sadly no longer able to fly. On Sunday 19 September for £125, visitors will be able to experience 'the Vulcan effect’ and hear ‘the howl’ of the mighty Olympus engines, get up close under the famous delta wing, and meet the ground crew. A spokesman for Vulcan To The Sky Trust, which cares for the plane, said: “There will be plenty of photo opportunities for you to capture the memory, to show to family and friends. "As always, all proceeds from these events go towards helping to care for the Vulcan XH558. An amazing and memorable experience.” The visit begins with a meet-and-greet in The Harvey Arms, Finningley and includes free parking, return transport to see XH558, drinks and a light lunch. Visitors will then be able to see the ground crew prepare the aircraft for power-on and there will also be short visit to the cockpit for a photo opportunity. And guests will also be able to witness the aircraft come to life as the control surfaces – elevons and rudder - are exercised in preparation for all Olympus engines being started. Full details about the event and booking are available here , https://www.vulcantotheskystore.co.uk/vulcan-xh558-engine-ground-run-experience---sunday-19-september-2021-7348-p.asp?goal=0_2c67459406-cc69e67075-6158629&mc_cid=cc69e67075&mc_eid=0c4693adc1 probably a few on here have already done all this during RAF service but it may appeal to some .
  15. Excellent post .👍👍👍
  16. Sorry everyone , I’m wrong it is the CCC , that explains why my sunny week at Clitheroe last week was such good value . As my wife OFTEN says , it’s not very often you’re wrong Steve , 😎😎
  17. I realise that TV but at least the Club have passed the saving on , unlike a few other businesses at this time .
  18. Just received a letter today from the club confirming a 3 month extension to my membership , it now runs until the 24th of November . No new card issued till then but hey ho I’ll make do with the old one which should have renewed on 24th August . Thanks Caravan club . I’ve also had an email today about my booking next week telling me that VAT is reduced to 5% till 30th Sept so double thanks to them , it’s easy to criticise when things go awry so this is my chance to say , Thank You !
  19. We met a retired lorry driver while we were away last week , he told us that he has been offered £50 per hour to go back to work , I thought he may have been exaggerating a little but I saw a sign above the urinals in one of the services on the M6 offering £45000 - £60000 per year for HGV drivers for a 60 hour week , so maybe not far off.
  20. We are on the last day of a superb week in Clitheroe at the wonderful CCC site next to the river , we have had loads of lovely meals at brilliant country pubs , walks along the Ribble & other visits out , only disappointment was a day out to Morecambe . My point is that as good as it has been we would have liked to visit France or earlier on in the year Spain . As others have said the traffic is nowhere near as bad on the continent as here & we are under no illusions that this weather won’t last & the warm ‘ glow ‘ we are now experiencing would be different if the weather wasn’t as nice .
  21. should be an interesting wedding Dave ,that is one of the biggest bars I have ever seen , they said they had 42 real ales on hand pump , all the bar is decorated in the style of the old mill , really interesting & it has the old steam engine in one area , that is where all the blokes will be I would imagine .
  22. we saw that this morning while we were walking around the shops , believe it’s called. Cowmans or similar , they had some very unusual flavours , we are going to drive in early tomorrow, park at Booths supermarket & visit the outdoor market over the road , nice full English somewhere , selection of sausages From the butchers & then a mooch around Booths , always a treat .
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