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  1. Have you checked today’s date ?
  2. We always have the Pont Aven buffet menu , you can have as much as you want of , prawns , langoustines , salmon ,etc , for starters , the main course is waiter served from the a la cartel menu & the pudding if you can manage it is also buffet , eat as much as you want ,I think the pricing is very good bearing in mind what you can eat if you want to.
  3. I am in Spain at the moment using my Huawei 3G mifi to send this message , it has a 3 internet with legs 24gb card & after a bit of trial & error is now working a treat , very fast , very reliable & livingup to what I expected from it . As Geoff said it was about £25 from Amazon , the sim was about £40 , I don’t stream data , just look at the Internet, emails etc so hopefully it will last quite a while , my wife has her Kindle & phone on it as well& now we are all established there is no need to input passwords. I think it’s great.
  4. Got into Altomira on Sunday afternoon , couldn’t access the supplied pitch as there was too much gravel on a very steep kerb , spent the night with the locals at the bottom of the site on a 50’ x 12’ ‘ pitch’ drove in , reversed out . Today , Monday , after quite a few people had left we managed to access a pitch near the top & had our first normal day . Good job really , it was my wife’s birthday today & we were really starting to think that things were against us . We have just been out for a nice meal in the restaurant & are enjoying the nice weather , the holiday starts today , hopefully.
  5. Not looking forward to it , we are setting off as late as possible to try & miss some of these winds . We are stopping at Chef Boutonne , Larrouleta , Zaragoza & finally an abbreviated stay at Altomira. 😬😬😬
  6. I have CCC insurance & will look into it , not felt too chipper today so not felt up to ringing around , hope I start to feel a bit better tomorrow , Quite a few miles to travel over the next few days !.
  7. Just got off the phone from the CCC , extremely busy but got through eventually, the next available ferry to Spain is Portsmouth to Santander on the 26th , it arrives at 17:15 which means an overnight stop in Santander before setting off on the 27th . The only alternative was Portsmouth to Caen tomorrow , so that is what we are doing , it leaves tomorrow night so I don’t need the Chichester booking tonight ,it gets in to Caen at 07:00 ish & our first stop is camping Le Moulin , next day is Camping Larrouleta ,then Zaragoza before getting to our original stop at camping Altomira 2 days late . I have been given a refund of £107 which may cover the fuel & tolls , the extra cost of campsites & food will be my problem 😡😡. apparently as the delay is weather related there is no insurance liability to BF , they just need to offer alternative crossings.
  8. Just been informed our crossing to Bilbao has been cancelled on Wednesday due to weather conditions. Rang BF who have advised me to ring CCC as we booked through them , they ( CCC ) don’t keep emergency hours , they open at 09:00 tomorrow , that’s the time I was going to set off for Chichester CCC site , BF have said that the Friday crossing to Santander is full , arrrrrrgh . I’ll know more tomorrow , may go through France rather than lose a week of our trip , but don’t know many overnight sites this time of year .
  9. Contacted my insurer LV by email , their preferred method of contact & they have replied within five minutes to say that they are dealing with my request for a green card & will forward it shortly , slightly happier now , still hate the useless politicians who are causing all this trouble with their inept handling of Brexit.
  10. Agree fully , I wouldn’t normally be bothered but I leave for Spain for 7 weeks on March 12th & what would normally , for me anyway , be an enjoyable time planning etc is turning into a frustrating nightmare. if the p##s up organisers in the Tory party brewery could get their act together I would be a lot happier ,😡😡😡😡
  11. Today’s Guardian , https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/feb/23/brexit-what-happens-the-next-day-if-there-is-no-deal
  12. Another possibility ? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/feb/20/britons-may-need-52-visa-to-visit-mainland-europe-after-brexit
  13. I can change mine with a few clicks on the steering wheel switch , assume most modern cars are the same. I always go KM/ph whilst I am sat on the docks waiting to board .
  14. Do you mean the driving licence paper copy ?, if so I got rid of that several years ago as it resembled a tissue serviette, the plastic one that replaced it has now been replaced by the three year one that I got when I was 70 in October last year. All the PO needed was a current passport sized photo, non smiling & no glasses & my current driving licence to verify what vehicles I am allowed to drive, there are five circles on the back inside cover that are to be stamped & they cover all the a, b, c, d etc classes of vehicle type, most important for me was the fifth one, b+e . cheers. Steve.
  15. Got my IDP this morning from Mexborough PO, there was only one member of staff on duty & it was her first IDP, she triple checked everything, which was fine by me but not I suspect by the massive queue which had built up behind me by the time I handed over my £5. 50 . We’ll be off a month tomorrow so all we need now is some positive news regarding Brexthing so that the Pound rockets against the Euro & I’ll be happy.
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