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  1. Certainly agree with you on that point , the new owners don’t seem to be pushing the new vans very much , the website hasn’t changed at all . I did see somewhere that Robinsons are having a special edition of the new Taurus vans & the Clubman , time will tell .
  2. £150 wow ! , what would the equivalent buy now ?
  3. If that price includes the motorbike I’ll have one 🏍🏍
  4. I did see that Monsieur Blanc , you were obviously a bit ahead of me , I don’t know about you but they were great days for me . I remember leaving school & wanting to be a design draughtsman , I had 4 interviews & 4 job offers , three as apprentice draughtsman & one as an apprentice telephone engineer , I embarked on a career in Telecoms purely on financial grounds , the draughtsman jobs paid £3 per week , GPO telephones £5/19/6d at 16 years old , within two months when I reached 17 I would achieve the dizzy heights of about £7/10 shillings , no contest & a brilliant decision , I thoroughly enjoyed all my 43 years there & made some good friends.
  5. Wonder how many of these will be on the road in future , I quite like the shape . I first learned to drive in one of these in the mid 60’s when I was a youth in training at the GPO , I seem to remember that it had rubber front mudguards , very handy for a novice driver 😎😎. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/morris-commercial-revived-1940s-style-electric-van?utm_medium=EMAIL&utm_campaign=&utm_content=ACAR ENews Bulletin - SUBS AD V5 (14.11.2019)::article2_readmore&utm_source=20191114
  6. Agree with Jaydug above , if you take the A23 towards Valencia it is a free dual carriageway & just past Teruel at Jcn 92 is a very convenient stop for fuel , coffee & in our case a shared sandwich ( it is quite large ) . The staff are always friendly & courteous & the toilets are clean . From there it is an easy drive down to the Med & the Valencia ring road , we always take the toll road after Valencia , as in most areas of Spain the locals & truckers take the others . whichever route you decide on have a safe journey .
  7. Just checked the e-boxer emissions , its 154 gms so I make that 59 x 95 euros extra tax , 5605 euros extra tax on a supposedly green car , MAD !!!.
  8. Just got this post from Subaru , trying to get me to buy a new car . It explains what is about to befall us . https://www.subaru.co.uk/article/11668/excess-emission-premium?utm_campaign=1615441_1911SUBEEP (E_201911_SUB_EEP%3A1)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Subaru&dm_i=2VDY,YMHD,4F0KAV,3MT7L,1
  9. Perhaps the demographics of caravan ownership have some bearing on sales ? , I don’t know the details but quite a lot of new vans seem to be owned by ‘wrinklies ‘ like myself ,the majority of visitors I saw at the NEC recently were ‘ of a certain age’ so as we all approach the edge of the cliff maybe the sales of new vans will fall . I know that when I started caravanning in my early thirties a new van was out of the question.
  10. Just had an email from the Government petitions team stating that all upcoming debate on petitions has been cancelled due to the closure of Parliament on Nov 6th , this includes the petition on Motorhome tax increases . 😡😡😡
  11. I wouldn’t want a Subaru automatic , I love the car but the auto is just a refined version of a Daf 66 variotronic. They couldn’t fit it on the earlier diesels because the torque would have ripped it to bits . They did beef it up so it would work on the later models but I think it must be near it’s limits . I spoke to a Subaru mechanic when the diesel first came out & they had managed to get 220+ bhp & 420+ nm torque out of it , they wouldn’t use this spec on a production car because of the limitations of the auto gearbox . Audi use a similar box on the 150 bhp diesel but the more powerful diesel uses a more conventional auto because of the extra power.
  12. There is also the damage to the towing vehicle clutch , mine starts to smell after a couple of minutes manoeuvring & knowing Subaru parts prices I will position the van & then use the mover .
  13. Gordon , the front seats of the Coachman VIP 545 are only 5 feet long , I know this because I looked into buying one , cheers. Steve.
  14. Some people just can’t do it , shouldn’t stop them enjoying their hobby though . only time I’ve ever refused was years ago at Dunkerque , the ferry bow door wouldn’t open & the port staff went up the lines of cars & caravans trying to get us to reverse up the ramp & all the way down the ship into our lines . After a while they decided to let us drive on & three staff unhitched the van , spun it while I did a three point turn & then reattached it for the trip to our position facing the working exit .
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