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  1. Years ago my dad was a car transporter driver , he was forever having trouble with one guy in Sheffield who would park his mk1 Escort on a corner near T C Harrison’s Ford dealership while he was in the bookies , he was asked to move it a few times but one day he wouldn’t budge , my dad had every key for the Escort , only about 10 I think , he started the guys car , loaded it onto his now empty transporter & left it on double yellows at Atterclffe on the way back to the M1 , he never had a problem after that !.
  2. Saw this dealer spec list , looks like ATC is an optional extra , I thought this van was replacing the Pastiche which I’m sure had ATC as standard. https://www.granthamcaravans.co.uk/model/2020-caravans/coachman-acadia-575-2020/
  3. Got the WSL bolts this week , both adapters fit all 10 bolts so that’s a bonus , rang Robinsons but they are still trying to source parts , next booked trip is in mid October , not holding my breath . 😡😡😡😡😡
  4. Bit more info here . http://www.caravantimes.co.uk/features/dealers/coachman-2020-big-changes-but-with-the-same-winning-formula-$21388921.htm
  5. That is great news for the employees & past , present & future customers .
  6. The reason the business was sold was told to me a couple of months ago , don’t know how accurate it is but basically 3 of the 4 siblings of the original owner wanted their share of the money out of the pot , the guy who has been running the show was forced to sell against his wishes to pay them all off & he is remaining in charge for two years to affect a smooth changeover . Hope everything runs ok , especially for the staff .
  7. Heard about this a couple of months ago , but now it’s official , Robinson’s have sold up & been taken over by a private equity fund , the fund managers are also looking to acquire more caravan dealerships this year ?. https://www.saalbachequities.com/post/saalbach-equities-acquire-22m-revenue-robinsons-caravans reading the article it seems that revenue is first on their agenda , hope customer service is also there 😟😟
  8. Amen to that brother 😇😇 They could maybe go under the bed ? , don’t know about your easel though 👨‍🎨👨‍🎨👨‍🎨👨‍🎨😎😎😇
  9. I like the twin front locker , it gives more room inside for the front seats . I also like the Bailey mid gas locker idea as well 👍👍. Hope that Coachman have managed to pare a bit of weight from their range this year .
  10. They need to get a move on or they will miss the 2020 launch season which usually starts with the Lawns at Hull in September.
  11. Found this as well on C&CC website , you might need to log into access . https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/magazine/features/1365/swift-new-caravans-motorhomes-2020/
  12. https://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/caravans/news/swift-unveils-10-new-models
  13. The insurers have okayed just about all the repairs that the assessor noted , unfortunately for me they want a 50% contribution to the new Powertouch mover 😟😬 as its 12 years old , I’ll stand that as unknown to me the assessor has authorised fitting a new offside wheelhub as ‘ good practice ‘ so when I get the van back both hubs will be brand new & I will fit WSL bolts for my piece of mind . Just need the dealer to order in the parts now & wait for the repairs to start , I’m not planning any trips in the near future 😡😡
  14. Just had the following news emailed to me by a friend , https://www.lancashirebusinessview.co.uk/latest-news-and-features/124-jobs-axed-at-troubled-caravan-firm bad news for the workers facing the job losses , let’s hope the firm can find a buyer , quickly .
  15. Agree with you about the Alaria , didn’t like the front L shaped seating & the awkward table arrangement , the upholstery felt a bit like an old army blanket. Apologies to anyone who may own one 😇😇
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