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  1. Thanks BJ , hopefully will get chance to watch it before someone tells me the ending , 😖😖
  2. We are going away tomorrow for a week & May be out when Vigil is on , does anyone know how much data would be required for us to watch it on iplayer later in the week , my mifi has a 24gb Three sim .
  3. I think that they have quite a large radius of action so that if you pass , say , Bordeaux you would have to give it a large detour to miss the zone . I got mine about 5 years ago , did it online & received the badge within the week , very impressed , mine is a yellow one , diesel class 6 . I leave it in the corner of my windscreen , can’t normally see it as it is obscured by my right hand when I’m driving . I can’t see why anyone would object to getting one when it is so easy to acquire & as someone else has said it’s only about a fiver .
  4. Junction 92 on the A23 is a good stop for fuel & food , it’s after Teruel . I usually have the tortilla sandwich & coffee. Mmmmm. We have stopped at Camping Altomira a few miles further on at Navajas , it’s only a couple of miles off the A23 , the road up to the first level of camping pitches is fairly steep but easily doable with a good outfit combination , we usually try to get a pitch on the first row near the toilet & shower block as the pitches are easier to get on to , further up on the next rows the kerbs are higher so you have to reverse on as they aren’t really motor mover friendly unless you have ramps .
  5. Cheers Les , we saw the town on one of the James Martin cookery shows & it looked lovely , hence the interest . Apparently one of his heroes, Keith Floyd used to own a restaurant there years ago .
  6. we have isle sur Sorgue on our ‘ to do ‘ list , was the site you used ok ? , I was looking at the one to the East of town to enable town access with a shortish walk . Cheers. Steve. I think it is Camping la Sorguette .
  7. I’ve just checked my licence details on the Gov website & according to that I have everything I used to have before I turned 70 . I never bothered with the health check when I renewed in 2018 as I was happy with the 3500kg limit for my outfit , now it says that I can drive a vehicle up to 3500kg & tow up to 3500kg . I renew again this year when I’m 73 so we’ll see what happens then. Might be in the market for a Range Rover & Vanmaster 😎😎🤥🤥
  8. it will still support 5G mr P . 3G was just coming in when I retired from BT , I was ‘ trained’ to maintain it , 4 hours of this does this , this does that , thank goodness I was never called upon to use my new found ‘ expertise ‘ . l
  9. maybe we should get Boris’s bus out of lockdown & start repainting it with this ,
  10. Got mine last week & fitted them on Saturday , £2.39 a set , so two sets needed for car & caravan , hardest part was getting the old glue off the existing plates but Sticky Stuff remover did the job.
  11. Just had an email from the Gov.uk website about the GB/UK number plate sticker rules , it’s on this link on ‘ Driving a British car abroad ‘ section . There are some interesting tips in the other sections about , thieves & others for those not in the know , might be a useful read for newbies planning to go to Spain . https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/spain/safety-and-security
  12. Excellent job , very impressed , not with the caravan build quality though 😖😖
  13. Plenty of people think that laws don’t apply to them , we have seen hundreds of people preparing to return home from Spain with trays of potted plants , the fact that they may contain pests or plant diseases seems lost on them , but invariably they know best 😡😡 why would he , they aren’t forbidden here and it’s all free , well it’s paid for by you & me & all the other taxpayers 😡😡😎
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