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  1. Thanks for that info about the WSL bolts John , I looked back into your posting in 2015 & they seem like a good solution as well as giving the all important peace of mind . One thing I’d like to ask you , are they multi use not one shot ? . I am just going out to jack up the van & remove the wheel again , bit safer this time 😄 , I need to take it to the local tyre depot & get it rebalanced as all the balance weight were ripped off in the incident , I’ll get them to give the rim the once over as well as the tyre . I am also going to check the shock absorber mounting as well as the motor mover brackets just to be sure they are ok , anything amiss & it might become an insurance job , if everything is ok I’ll probably refit the wheel arch myself .
  2. I have just had my faith in humanity restored today by the response from the brilliant citizens of Scunthorpe to an incident that befell me this morning . We were returning home from a weekend at the lovely Brookside caravan site at Burton upon Stather when the unthinkable happened , we had travelled no more than four miles when the nearside caravan wheel became detached , the caravan made an alarming noise & I managed to bring everything to a safe stop . A lovely couple in the car following us stopped & picked up the wheel & one of the studs they had seen fly off , they were very concerned about us & helped look for more studs . I carried the wheel back to the van & started to assess the situation , the van was resting on the chassis , spare wheel carrier & motor mover , the mudguard trim had been ripped away from the body & the wheel & tyre were both scuffed. At this point another kind person pulled up & offered to take me back to where he had seen wheel studs flying off , we went back & I found two more studs & some wheel balance weights , he then took me to a local tyre depot & I bought some new studs before returning back to the car & van . He offered to help me raise the van , I got out my hydraulic jack which unfortunately I couldn’t use as there wasn’t enough gap to fit in , my new buddy got out his car jack before I could get mine & managed to get it under the Chassis , another guy then stopped & lay on the road turning the very stiff jack handle to start raising the van enough fo me to get my bottle jack under . Before he could manage the lift yet another brilliant guy stopped & he proved to be the icing on the cake , he was a tyre fitter on the way to a breakdown & he got out his trolley jack & raised the van up enough to get the wheel back on , he checked the stud holes in the brake drum & found one a bit worn , he wondered if one stud had started to loosen in that hole causing vibration that may have started loosening the other studs , I had checked my wheels before we left the site as I always do , I have the visual plastic alignment plugs fitted on each bolt that supposedly helps you to spot if any have turned , there was nothing amiss when we left the site so what happened next is really concerning to me . We refitted the wheel & used my torque wrench to tighten the studs & finally were able to set off home , I took the tyre fitters advice & shunned the motorways & returned via the A18 , I stopped a couple of times during the 40 odd mile journey & rechecked the wheel studs , apologies to anyone following me earlier , I don’t think I went above 40 mph . My main concern after returning home was getting the van onto the drive with the mover but luckily it coped ok & the van has been emptied & I am deciding what to do next . It definitely needs a new wheel carrier/ brake drum on the near side & I would suppose it might be prudent to change both sides , the underside could do with a good check out as well . my main reason for writing this is to thank everyone who stopped & helped , the great people of Scunthorpe have really restored my faith in people’s good nature .👍👍👍👍👍
  3. Thats maybe an hour longer in the buffet eating those lovely prawns & langoustines 😛😛
  4. Looks like the Pont Aven is heading for Santander, only doing 20kts as opposed to the normal 24+. ah well at least it’s back in service, Chris Grayling can sleep easier 😎😎😡😡
  5. I use exactly the same one as Fred , I used it for 7 weeks in Spain this year for my iPad & my wife’s Kindle & Mobile, we Skyped the grandkids a couple of times on it & did all the normal surfing etc ( no downloads) , only slight downside was that it stopped working with an indicated 2gb of data left , just when we needed it most when the homeward ferry was cancelled , luckily the lovely lady on reception at Playa Joyel gave me a free Wi-fi pass when I went to buy one . On arriving back home the device started to work again & I got another week out of it at Old Oaks campsite last week , I have already bought another 24gb card as a spare & before I go abroad again will buy another . They seem to stop working abroad with data available , don’t know why , the only site I could access was the ‘ three’ site which offered me a top up at an exorbitant rate . other than that , speed and accessibility were always fine . Good luck.
  6. Looks like all Pont Aven crossings from Portsmouth have been cancelled & transferred to Plymouth , obviously because of its reduced speed I would think . details here , https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/pont-aven-latest-news https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/ferry-routes/ferries-spain/plymouth-santander/timetable Don’t know if their website is wrong but the outbound leg from Plymouth to Santander is showing 4 hours longer than the return leg , strange that as it is all uphill on the way back 😎😎😎.
  7. Looks like the Pont Aven will have reduced operating times when it returns on June 14th , up to 2 hours on some sailings & 4 hours on some Santander crossings . Must still be a problem with one of the engines?? . https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/pont-aven-latest-news
  8. We were diverted to Caen in March when the Cap Finisterre was cancelled, diesel was about 1.69 euros per litre on the autoroutes , 1.39 at E Leclerc , total toll costs were over 100 euros , Caen to the Spanish border & it took us two full days to reach Urrugne , our last stop about 5 miles from Irun on the border . Not a cheap or comfortable alternative when it’s foisted on to you at the last minute with no chance to work out an alternative .
  9. Bet they wish ‘Honfleur ‘ was still on schedule . https://www.destinationhonfleur.com/en
  10. Bet that was quite ‘ Challenger’ing , 😎😎😄
  11. Surprised that any of them have got any ‘ cheveux ‘ left .
  12. They must be pulling their hair out at BF .
  13. Bet that gets a few smiles south of the border .
  14. Just seen this https://brittany-seas-ships.jimdo.com/2019/05/01/fire-aboard-pont-aven-one-main-engine-irremediably-damaged/ And also this , they’re not having a very good month ! https://www.itv.com/news/westcountry/2019-05-08/250-passengers-spend-the-night-on-brittany-ferries-ship-as-plymouth-to-france-sailing-cancelled/
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