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  1. stevew1

    International Driving Permits

    Do you mean the driving licence paper copy ?, if so I got rid of that several years ago as it resembled a tissue serviette, the plastic one that replaced it has now been replaced by the three year one that I got when I was 70 in October last year. All the PO needed was a current passport sized photo, non smiling & no glasses & my current driving licence to verify what vehicles I am allowed to drive, there are five circles on the back inside cover that are to be stamped & they cover all the a, b, c, d etc classes of vehicle type, most important for me was the fifth one, b+e . cheers. Steve.
  2. stevew1

    International Driving Permits

    Got my IDP this morning from Mexborough PO, there was only one member of staff on duty & it was her first IDP, she triple checked everything, which was fine by me but not I suspect by the massive queue which had built up behind me by the time I handed over my £5. 50 . We’ll be off a month tomorrow so all we need now is some positive news regarding Brexthing so that the Pound rockets against the Euro & I’ll be happy.
  3. stevew1

    International Driving Permits

    When I bought my new car in November 2015 it had plain numberplates & I bought the Euro stickers from Amazon & fitted them myself, I never once thought that I would ever have to encounter the ridiculous situation where I would have to remove them, still wrankles 😡😡😡😡😡😡
  4. stevew1

    International Driving Permits

    When I checked on Tuesday the only sites shown in our area for IDP collection were at Sheffield, Nottingham, Halifax & Leeds, I walked down to the P O in Wath & they had started doing the IDP’s on Monday this week, I was the first person to enquire & they were very excited about using the new templates to issue one, I told them I’ll be back next week when I get my photos done .
  5. stevew1

    sutton bank A170

    Lovely bike . I had a ‘63 T100 A with Bonneville cams & it looked just like the one in the print, the black & cream one at the rear, one of the reasons I bought the picture as well as the memories it stirs when I glance at it . 😍😍🤪
  6. stevew1

    sutton bank A170

    I got my favourite Roy Barrett print from Pickering, is that you Geoff down the alley ??.
  7. stevew1

    Interesting gadget!

    Er, I don’t have a mobile phone .
  8. stevew1

    Caravan TVs

    A lot of the cheaper Toshibas are made in Turkey as well Geoff.
  9. Just seen this article, we will be there in 5 or so weeks so it is of interest to me . https://www. bbc. co. uk/news/world-europe-47042291
  10. stevew1

    Brittany ferries

    Anyone sailing to France via BF needs to read this . https://www. bbc. co. uk/news/uk-england-46946499
  11. Agree with you about the camping at Salbris, lovely owners & staff & a very convenient stopover, plus there is a supermarket nearby with fuel, we used it this year on the way down to The Dordogne. We’ve also used your route down to Millau & then onwards to Spain, very easy 👍👍👌
  12. stevew1

    Off to Spain / a small dinghy ?

    Sounds a great idea, be careful & look up local rules on sea life . We were told that in Northern Spain there were rules on catching fish etc due to biodiversity issues, funnily enough Spanish miscreants were never arrested but foreigners were fair game, the Police could seize cars, caravans, Motorhomes etc to cover the massive fines. Sorry to put a dampener on things & have a great time if you go ahead with the plan.
  13. stevew1

    Site recommendations, places to keep teens happy?

    The CMC site looks ok on Google maps & it is adjacent to everything else so it could be a goer for us, it doesn’t look as cramped as the other site, thanks for the heads up anyway & a Happy new year.
  14. stevew1

    Site recommendations, places to keep teens happy?

    Thanks for the recommendation, it might be an ideal site to take the Grandsons to this summer. Is the parks site ok ? , I notice that there is a CMC site nearby but the parks prices, if current, look unbeatable . cheers. Steve
  15. stevew1

    Red Pennant Quote

    I always booked Red Pennant but about 4 years ago when we were travelling for about 10 weeks Igot a quote from the dark side ( CCC) & it was far cheaper, for £40 less than the price of the Red Pennant basic quote for 60 days I got the full years insurance 190 odd days, max trip length 90 odd days, use for weeks away on package tours in Europe if needed & it was the top package, figures escape me but it was something like, Red Pennant basic insurance 60 days £330 / upgrade price around £500, CCC Intana upgrade price for times detailed above about £315, I could have got the basic for around £280 but thought what the heck, it’s still better than Red Pennant.