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  1. 504 BHP ! Wow that’s some engine 😎
  2. I also had an Escort , mk1 , NHE100F pale metallic blue , my wife had just passed her test & was driving through Doncaster in it following me in my dads car . She set off at the Gaumont traffic lights & changed from 1st to 2nd , the gear lever came off in her hand & she coasted to a stop on Bennetthorpe . I managed to get back to her & fit the lever back in , the large nut holding it in had vibrated loose , good job it wasn’t today’s traffic & easily annoyed drivers.
  3. We stayed at Camping des 2 rivieres which is about 8km from Dieppe & a very easy drive in & out . The campsite is very nice with good toilets & shower blocks , the staff were very friendly & welcoming. whatever site you choose if you get the chance try & visit restaurant ‘le Turbot ‘ in the port area , it’s near the bridge on the inland side of the port , near the control tower , booking is very much recommended . 🍽🍽🍷. I’ll post a link to the campsite http://www.camping-2-rivieres.com/gb/visite.htm And the restaurant , https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g207347-d2702916-Reviews-Le_Turbot-Dieppe_Seine_Maritime_Haute_Normandie_Normandy.html Cheers & good luck with the cycle ride , Steve.
  4. Only time will tell if ‘ well ‘ needs to lnserted before screwed , hope it doesn’t have any other connotations 😎😎😎
  5. The website is obviously a work in progress , hope the vans are better . If the section on quality is true perhaps they might be better than a lot of people may think .
  6. Just seen this website for the new Lunar Taurus range , I can’t seem to get the ‘Layout ‘ section to work but everything else seems ok. https://www.tauruscaravans.co.uk
  7. We stayed at Camping Belvedere in a pup tent about 20 years ago , it is very handy for walking down to the lakeside & into Annecy if you want . Only concern I had was a young lady in her 20’s sunbathing naked near the shower block , I didn’t know where to look , almost!.
  8. When I bought my latest Subaru Outback one of my sticking points on the deal was the lack of a spare even though when sold in other markets , USA , Australia etc it comes with a full size spare & has a wheel well to accommodate it , mine had a wheel sized polystyrene moulding with an electric pump & sealant tube . After refusing to sign the deal the seller allowed me to keep the spare from my trade in , also an Outback & that did it for me . When travelling on the motorway network it is possible to see a car waiting for a puncture repair nearly every time you go out .
  9. Certainly agree with you on that point , the new owners don’t seem to be pushing the new vans very much , the website hasn’t changed at all . I did see somewhere that Robinsons are having a special edition of the new Taurus vans & the Clubman , time will tell .
  10. £150 wow ! , what would the equivalent buy now ?
  11. If that price includes the motorbike I’ll have one 🏍🏍
  12. I did see that Monsieur Blanc , you were obviously a bit ahead of me , I don’t know about you but they were great days for me . I remember leaving school & wanting to be a design draughtsman , I had 4 interviews & 4 job offers , three as apprentice draughtsman & one as an apprentice telephone engineer , I embarked on a career in Telecoms purely on financial grounds , the draughtsman jobs paid £3 per week , GPO telephones £5/19/6d at 16 years old , within two months when I reached 17 I would achieve the dizzy heights of about £7/10 shillings , no contest & a brilliant decision , I thoroughly enjoyed all my 43 years there & made some good friends.
  13. Wonder how many of these will be on the road in future , I quite like the shape . I first learned to drive in one of these in the mid 60’s when I was a youth in training at the GPO , I seem to remember that it had rubber front mudguards , very handy for a novice driver 😎😎. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/morris-commercial-revived-1940s-style-electric-van?utm_medium=EMAIL&utm_campaign=&utm_content=ACAR ENews Bulletin - SUBS AD V5 (14.11.2019)::article2_readmore&utm_source=20191114
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