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  1. Agree with that , the M1 was its usual chaotic self , the roads in Europe are far better even before the enforced lockdown. Nice to be home though & it’s sunny. Really impressed with the Eurotunnel , drove straight off at Folkestone only straight into 50mph roadworks, welcome home .
  2. And we’re on , pushed onto the 10:20 crossing , hardly anyone at the port , so it looks like they will try & put everyone on who arrives .
  3. Well here we are sat in the line at Eurotunnel waiting for the next stage , haven’t used it for 20 years so don’t know what to expect . We came through the auto entrance which obviously recognised our number plate & were tested by the French border people before being passed to the monosyllabic British passport control , no instructions, just followed the green arrows & vehicle type to our present spot. So far I think we have seen about 6 people , one in hi-viz & there are about fifty cars , we are on a crossing 30 mins early so far , let’s hope the lack of vehicles means an earlier crossing , for anyone reading this crossing after us the use of onboard facilities on the crossing is now forbidden , you need to use the site facilities.
  4. Well done on your trip , I have done the same trip in more favourable times & know how hard it is . We are currently sat in our room at the Calais Ibis having just had a breakfast of coffee & croissants supplied by the lovely staff ,we are packing our overnight stuff ready to leave ,our crossing is booked for 11:50 but we are going to try to get there a little after nine & see if we can get on an earlier crossing. Hopefully the roads in England will be a little quieter than normal for the 240 odd miles back to Yorkshire. It’s now looking like our hotel cancellation call was a scam , the hotel we originally booked is still open & last night on our arrival at the Ibis we had an email purportedly from our original hotel asking for my bank details so that they can refund my money , what a lousy set of people who can try to scam people in these trying times , the amount of pressure they put on us was immense , if I could get my hands on them , Well "..................... Apparently my wife has decided that when we get home & during our quarantine our loft needs emptying , the garage needs tidying & the garden fence & shed could do with a paint , amazing what 4 days enforced silence in the back seat of the car will do 😡😡😡😂😂😂😂
  5. Glad you got there safe , this is a picture from our hotel window which shares its car park with the Gendarmes , they are all carrying bullet proof vests & some have pretty serious looking rifles.
  6. We are safely sat in our hotel room in Calais , the Ibis Calais Tunnel sous la Manche about 800 yards from the tunnel entrance , quite a difference from last nights dump , Campanile should be ashamed of themselves for offering such dreadful accommodation. todays trip was very smooth although the temperature never got above 6c till we arrived in a very sunny Calais where it hit 8c , I’ll post a couple of photos my wife took from the back seat of our car where she has been forced to sit since leaving Calahonda. Not my doing , it was the new rules , we have met people on the way down who were stopped by the police for sitting side by side . the top picture is the A10 south of Tours at around 10:30 , the other one is the A28 north of Le Mans at about 12:15 , any regular users of these roads will be amazed at the lack of traffic.
  7. Agree wholeheartedly about Brittany Ferries , good luck with DFDS. Hi there just had an email from Eurotunnel asking me to arrive no earlier than two hours before my booking , 11:50 on Monday , hoping that if I get there at 09:50 we might get lucky , fingers crossed , just another 350 ish miles to go & we are booked into the Eurotunnel Ibis which should be far better than this hole .
  8. Thanks for that , we have already got a tunnel crossing booked for Monday morning so hopefully we will stick with that , handy thing to know though in these rapidly changing times .
  9. Just an addition regarding the attestation forms , we were waved across the border by the French police with a cheery wave , no one wanted to speak to us or come near us , the forms are still in the bag with all my other paperwork. Cheers , I have dashcam footage of the VW passing me & the unfortunate aftermath, I’ll see if I can retrieve it when I get home , might be a bit sweary though .
  10. Just arrived at our second hotel stop in Chatellerault , Campanile nord , word of advice, don’t ever stay here , it’s like a 1950,s US rundown motel , but it will have to do for one night . We set off at about 09:00 in thick fog & 5c temps , the fog cleared before Miranda del Ebro & the temperature went up to 20c all the way to Bordeaux . We had a pretty uneventful trip till about 5 miles from the border , a car passed me at well over 100 mph , it was a white VW Passat , about 3 minutes later we came around a bend to 20-30 vehicles with hazards on , the VW was head on into the central reservation totally smashed up , several of the very brave truckers were legging it up the carriageway to try & help the driver . Everyone put their hazards on & a few others got out of their motorhomes & started to sweep the debris off the carriageway. I got my yellow vest out to try & help but there were plenty of people there before me . The car had no front left & I would imagine the driver was way beyond my basic first aid skills . Quite a lot of the drivers returned to their trucks & started to thread there way through the debris so I Along with all the other non helpers followed suit , bit unsettling for us , probably all in a days work for someone like GAS . on a lighter note the aires in France are open , not for food except for stuff you can buy through the Grille where you pay for your fuel , crisps , choc bars etc . The toilets were open though so that’s a bonus , there were quite a few motorhomers & caravans there . The fuel in France , diesel , is about 1.54 per litre , I’ve just filled mine up at the intermarche behind our ‘ hotel’ for 1.23 so worth shopping around . We had a phone call on our way here telling us that our booked hotel in Calais was closing today & our booking is cancelled ,I am now looking to try & get one tonight 😖😖
  11. J Just seen this , let’s hope it’s true , Greenwood’s will be out of flat caps when the panic buying starts
  12. Just got to our hotel in Burgos at Rubena . It’s a lovely hotel that we can’t enjoy because of the lockdown , the cafe ,bar & restaurant are closed but the receptionist has very kindly offered to cook us an omelette & salad to eat in our room , there is a limited breakfast available tomorrow so if I can get a coffee & a Danish pastry I’ll be happy . We have done nearly 500 miles today in 8 hours driving at 48.9 mpg so not too bad . We aim for a similar mileage tomorrow to Chatellerault . We saw a couple of police roadblocks but they were only stopping Spaniards to check they were on a legitimate trip , we were politely waved through.
  13. I filled our attestation forms in this afternoon Val ready for Saturdays showdown at the border , I can speak a reasonable amount of normal French & can understand most stuff when I read it but those forms are French only & quite technical . The other thing that really amazed me is that they are ‘ one shot ‘ forms , you need one every time you go out , whether it’s to shop , see the doctor , dog walk or like us make a car journey , I don’t know how they are going to deal with them , maybe stamp them or recover them after inspection , I’ll know better after the weekend . One other thing for anyone travelling who is reading this , eurotunnel have told us by text that whenever we turn up they will put us on the first available train , sounds like a recipe for queue jumping to me .
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