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  1. Apparently the North Star is based on the Scandinavian Selection , don’t know if the UK version uses the same layouts. I found this on the Knaus website , https://www.knaus.com/da-dk/campingvogne/scandinavian-selection/grundrids-og-data/580-uf/standardudstyr/
  2. Wonder how they will produce anything with no electricity or gas .
  3. I’ll definitely be waiting for an end to the epidemic before I take out travel insurance again , I had the Intana insurance this year & went down to Calahonda in February , I was hoping to travel from there after 4 weeks to Portugal then Galicia & back to Santander , after 3 weeks we had to drive back to the tunnel & home . The other European trips I had planned later in the year have also gone so I paid insurance for not much .
  4. Or not for more than 90 days anyway if that road is in Europe 😡😡😡
  5. Hi there , I understand that after Jan 2021 there will be a restriction on travel to the EU of 90 days in any 180 day period , if that is the case I assume if you travel for 89 days in a caravan/ Motorhome then you can’t travel on a package tour in Europe until the 180 day period is up . It has been worrying me because I could easily tour like you over the Winter months & would like to carry this out from October till mid July , trouble is if you do that you seem to have to quarantine for 3 months until your 90 day period revalidates itself . As I see it , if you went from Octob
  6. From what I’ve read on here I would be loathe to buy a van from them at the moment , I don’t want to cast aspersions but I can’t see staff performing at 100% if they have been treated so abysmally by this owner .
  7. I’m sure I read somewhere that you are supposed to get your bottle & pigtail inspected by some Jobsworth in Spain if you purchase a Spanish bottle , might be worth checking , cheers. Steve.
  8. Terrible news , all the best from us 👍
  9. Just been to Costco for a mooch , while my missus was perusing the non essentials like food & drink I had a wander down the fitness aisle , there was a special offer on the Vitesse men’s electric bike , it was £899 , for two days till the 24th it has £300 off . I got the last one in Sheffield & the lovely manageress there loaned me a tape measure to make sure it would fit in my car & then knocked me a further £50 off the pre vat price because the box had been re sealed , that’s £539 approx with the Costco 5 year warranty . I’ll put some photos on once I get is assembled . Here’s a
  10. Your righteous neighbour is probably jealous that she can’t do what you can , either due to finance ( lack of ) or ability to travel independently , the number of people I have met who have flown to countries in Europe without being able to point to them on a map , or similarly have travelled to Spain & can’t point to where they have been is unbelievable. Most of these people’s geographical knowledge extends from their room to the pool/ bar / restaurant / nearest beach & that is it . Make sure you tell them when you go 😎😎😎😎
  11. I bought one last month from Brayford leisure near Lincoln , it is the 7.5 kg bottle & it cost me about £8 for the first 80% fill by them . The bottle is lighter than my remaining , full , calorlite & is slightly larger , it fits in the locker with no problems , I think the 12kg would be too large. I have a few Morrisons in a 12 mile radius that are on the Safefill database , I’ll have to check the nearest one at Cortonwood next time I’m passing as that one doesn’t show up .
  12. Hi there ,you obviously know what you are doing so good luck & safe journey if you do go ahead , perhaps you could post a little travelogue on here for all us toe-dippers , it would be interesting to hear of your , hopefully , good experiences .
  13. My previous post got me thinking & I had a look on the MyGov website , I found an interesting document & will sign up for the latest news as it comes out . I’ll put a link on here , the bit about numberplates & GB stickers is interesting & is something I wasn’t aware of . https://www.gov.uk/transition-check/results?c[]=does-not-own-operate-business-organisation&c[]=move-to-EU-no&c[]=visiting-driving&c[]=visiting-EU&c[]=travel-EU-business-no&c[]=retired&c[]=living-uk&c[]=nationality-uk
  14. Regarding Brexit , does anyone know for definite , Not Daily Mail , Express or Sun lies , what may happen after the year end for Brits going to Europe . things that concern me are the obvious ones like EHIC , insurance , passports etc , I know that the residents there will welcome us with open arms for our spending power it’s just the day to day rules & regs that worry me .
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