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  1. What I wonder about battery powered vehicles is how polluting the batteries are when it comes to their inevitable scrapping . The other point that most people seem to forget is that longer journeys take forever , drivers are always sweating about finding a charging point when they get below 40% . Wouldn’t want to grind to a halt on a ‘smart’ motorway desperately trying to get to a services with a free charging point , ‘free’ as in , not in use .
  2. I don’t think the French have the towing rules that we have for weight balance , might be wrong , but some of the outfit combinations I have seen on my travels have certainly made me shake my head in wonderment & disbelief . If that is the case then 1800 kg would tow quite a large trailer 😖😖
  3. I’d better watch out then , I will not move out of the way when one of these idiots walks directly towards me , it has become a pet peeve of mine . The worst culprits to my eyes are the morons with mobile phones & pushchair , I have actually seen them push their child into moving traffic before realising what they have done & then snatching them back , they probably use it as a reason for an extra text 😡😡😡
  4. We always take our friends from Sheffield some Henderson’s relish when we visit them in Benidorm . We were in Salamanca about three years ago & visited the Cathedral ,one of the guys on the desk where we got our tickets asked us if we had any Branston pickle , apparently he loved it , especially the fine one , after living in London for a few years he was an addict . Proves that not all British food is reviled abroad .
  5. Just got back from a very cold & slippy walk , I’ll have a look this afternoon , thanks .
  6. That is similar to my fridge , I would suspect the contact behind the panel , I would imagine they will be the miniature push on/off type switch which has maybe failed in the on position. You could try jabbing it a few times to see if it will spring out , sorry to say that if it is that it will be expensive to replace .
  7. Does anyone know if the seats have been altered on the more recent Acadias . I remember trying one at the NEC a couple of years ago , seems like decades & finding them a little too firm & not very comfortable. Reason I am asking is that during these long winter months my mind is turning to changing our van & at the moment we can’t visit a dealer to try one out . Our van has the ‘ french ‘ double bed & as we get more creaky we are thinking of the more normal bed in the 575 model. Thanks. Steve.
  8. I agree with you to a point Dave & I spend loads of time & cash in the UK . The main reason we started caravanning abroad was the weather , I still vividly remember when my boys were little , we had booked two weeks in Brixham & arrived on the Saturday in bright sunshine , Sunday was the same very warm & sunny , while the lads were playing I watched the motorbike racing in the awning , Barry Sheene & Kenny Roberts , great . When I came out to join in the play the clouds gathered & for the next eleven days we had non stop rain , it eased slightly on the Friday before we
  9. Saw this on Moneysaving expert website , it’s a bit long but not a complicated read , it covers most of the questions people on here want answers to. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/family/brexit-what-it-means-for-you/?utm_source=MSE_Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=29-Dec-20-50656317-3320&source=CRM-MSETIP-50656317&utm_campaign=nt-hiya&utm_content=4
  10. I find the CMC very expensive with even the cheaper of the two policies dearer than the CCC , I like my choice with the CCC because it covers all eventualities with the caravan for up to 6 months abroad in large chunks & also covers me in Europe if I get the urge to fly off somewhere for a shorter break , the CMC policy can be tailored to your own use but you don’t get many days for your money .
  11. After seeing the reports of young Brits partying on the beach & breaking all social distance rules in Sydney , a la Bournemouth in the summer & the escapees from the Swiss ski resort it will be a wonder if our reputation as Covidiots doesn’t bring even more obstacles our way when travelling. Maybe proof of vaccination will be brought in ?.
  12. I always take my caravan insurance documents with me when I go abroad along with all my other paperwork , I also insure with the CCC for breakdown & health insurance as I assume most sensible people do .
  13. Looks great , we’ll done 🏆🏆
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