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  1. As LIW says they are stiff , I put a large flathead screwdriver on mine & pulled / pushed them across to the right , after a bit of force they just clicked open . At the time I thought it was a bit annoying but my mate had a brand new Coachman VIP & lost one of his covers first time out while driving up the M1 , lesser of two evils to have a stiff one 😎😎 , hope that gets through 😄
  2. Love some peoples sense of humour , thumbs up from me 👍👍👍
  3. Looking at the BF website it looks like you have to stay in your car after boarding , you remain there until you are called to immediately access your allocated cabin , this is to stop congestion on the stairwells & lifts . I assume the same rules apply for disembarking. Whilst on board you must have a cabin or pre booked seat , I suppose this is to discourage wandering aimlessly around the ship which is what we usually do .😀
  4. I think some have in the past Val , there was a separate rally of ex CCC members at Bonterra Park & Playa Tropicana when we were there , rumour was that they had a fall out with the club or stewards & planned their own break .
  5. Just had an email from CCC regarding the cancellation of the 2020/21 season winter sun rallies , very upsetting for a lot of people . We started rallying with them about 11 years ago & thoroughly enjoyed it , we have made some lovely friends over the years & although we had some years where we went on our own we still would come back to the good old CCC to meet up with people . Hope it’s just a one off .
  6. I have been sat watching the rain today & realised that it is almost 12 months since I last took the van out for a trip . We went to a lovely site at Burton upon Stather in North Lincolnshire on the banks of the Trent . It was a very fraught trip as I lost a wheel on the way home & the van was not repaired until Mid November , the last time I actually towed the van was November 18th when I brought it home from the dealership , I wasn’t confident enough to tow it to Spain this February having not used it since it’s repair so there it stands . My first trip when allowed out will be to a local site just to make sure everything works ok , then we will really give it some welly.
  7. Just a word of warning , I fitted a cover to my Dometic fridge one winter & within 6 months the 250v element burnt out . Might be coincidence , but!. It took me 4 hours to remove the fridge & change the element which was £65 , part of the job involved removing the two vents at the side which included the cover so that I could access & disconnect the Gas & electrics to pull the fridge out . I never bothered refitting the cover , it’s still in my garage .
  8. Do they do seasonal ? , I can’t see it on their website . Looks a very nice site .
  9. Just a thought but where are Cummings & Johnson , haven’t seen Cummings since the Downing st. Garden party & Bojo was question time last week , have they run off together ?.
  10. Salbris , that brings back memories , first stayed at the site next to the lake about 30 years ago when it had swan shaped pedalos on it . We called in again for a couple of days 2 years ago on the way to the Dordogne like you , very nice unpretentious site & a lovely stopover.
  11. As I posted under eye tests perhaps this is why he went to Barnard Castle to check out his eyesight
  12. I’ll bet someone is already checking the before & after figures for Durham & Barnard Castle 😡😡😡
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