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  1. Some people just can’t do it , shouldn’t stop them enjoying their hobby though . only time I’ve ever refused was years ago at Dunkerque , the ferry bow door wouldn’t open & the port staff went up the lines of cars & caravans trying to get us to reverse up the ramp & all the way down the ship into our lines . After a while they decided to let us drive on & three staff unhitched the van , spun it while I did a three point turn & then reattached it for the trip to our position facing the working exit .
  2. Don’t store it in the microwave , 1st speedbump or pothole will dislodge it & the door will open ........ my wife stores ours under my pillow , I always find it the 1st night away 😡😡😙
  3. I think that was hundreds of millions Mr C. worst one was the time they resprayed all the vans grey , no one bothered asking the troops in the field who had to park their vans up at the side of the road in murky or foggy weather & watch in terror as oncoming vehicles bore down on them. They quickly applied yellow & black stripes to the back.
  4. No sorry , we looked at the Kimberley Coachman special based on the Arcadia , very nice , they have put an armrest on the front nearside which I always thought was a massive omission on quite a few models . I was mainly there to see the Knaus Starclass & also , I know it sounds weird , the Mobilvetta K yacht 80 . They were both very impressive , I’d have the K yacht tomorrow if it wasn’t for the thieving Government levy on extra tax . I like the rear bed that lowers for night use , it makes the inside feel as big as a caravan , which is something you don’t normally get . I was at Robinsons on Monday this week taking my Ultima in for repair , the yard was full of Coachman vans .
  5. Was at the NEC yesterday , Lunar were definitely not present . The numbers seemed well down on previous years .
  6. Took the van in this morning , I have asked for the old Powertouch mover & electronics back along with the old alloy wheel , hopefully I can scrap the wheel & strip down & sell the motor mover for spares , it might offset some of the expense of paying the excess & 50% of the new mover .
  7. 🤣🤣👍 Never saw the screen this time , it was behind me , the consultants face was a little disconcerting when he was looking at my oesophogus though .
  8. Hope you are ok now , I managed to master the art of sleeping sitting up in bed this Summer , if I laid flat the acid would just run into my throat & I would be awake coughing for about 4 hours , delightful !😡😡
  9. 👍👍👍 80 mg per day Pantoprazole at the moment , cutting down to 40mg next week & then 20 a day after another two weeks , haven’t had any alcohol since July 😟😟. good luck for the ,22nd .
  10. Sympathise with you JD , I’ve had stomach problems all year , had CT scans for pancreas , spleen , all sorts of tests & finally ended up with an endoscopy a couple of weeks ago , turns out that it was a problem with my oesophagus , very inflamed with cuts in it from acid reflux , it’s certainly better than the problem I suspected , hope you have a similar positive outcome .
  11. Just seen that Robinsons have two new ‘Specials’ , the Swift Sunrise & the Elddis Sherwood , I think they are based on the Sprite & Avante respectively . if you go to the link & look at the news section you can see the new models & a list of the extras . https://www.robinsonscaravans.co.uk/news-&-events hit new caravans link .
  12. stevew1

    Bad Smell

    Well done , good useful response .
  13. Apparently they are back in production with the permanent staff who remained after the closure of the previous business , the temporary staff are still not re-employed so production output is limited to the Alaria (3 models ) , VIP (1 model ) , Clubman (5 models ) & Taurus ( 8ft Quasar , 4 models ) , the Stellar continues as a 2 berth only. I suppose if interest picks up to warrant more production they may set some more temporary staff on .
  14. According to today’s Practical Caravan , Lunar have a new 8 ft wide van called the Taurus based on the Quasar & this is being used by Them to produce a special edition for Robinsons. They are also producing a Robinsons special based on the new Clubman , the Lexon is not being produced at the moment . Apparently Lunar won’t be at the show , I will be & i’ll Ask round to see if there is any info , the first sightings of all the new Lunar models will be on dealer forecourts.
  15. That looks like the archetypical travellers outfit , not meaning to be whateverist 😎😎😡
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