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  1. stevew1

    ACSI 2019 Books/Membership

    Mine are standing order, when I first got them several years ago they worked out at about £9 now it’s about £14, shows how the pound has fared over the last few years as they are bought in euros . The order does include the years subscription to the app though .
  2. stevew1

    ACSI 2019 Books/Membership

    Got mine on Monday as well, direct from ACSI, very soggy package but contents are ok . We will use it in March / April during our trip to Spain .
  3. stevew1

    it cant just be me

    As I said in an earlier post my van is in Robinson’s at the moment having its last service & a problem with floor delamination , I noticed that they had two of the Clubman models at a £2000 plus discount, the SE & SD ( side dinette ) I asked one of the salespeople if there might be similar savings on the SI & she said she’d get back to me after looking at my van in the workshop . I’m still waiting but I’ll keep you posted, after the fairly positive comments on here about the sunroof I might have a good think about changing.
  4. stevew1

    Batteries for mover handset

    I bought 10 pp3 Duracell industrial batteries from Amazon in November when I replaced all the wireless Detector batteries in my alarm system at home, they were £11. 01 for the 10 which is probably less than half what the normal power plus batteries cost . I read that they are exactly the same batteries as power plus but just a different colour so that businesses can spot when their employees ‘ borrow ‘ them for none work related use . They certainly seem to work ok.
  5. stevew1

    it cant just be me

    My Lunar is in Robinson’s at the moment having its last service before its warranty runs out, there have been plenty of problems with it but I suspect that most vans are the same, Lunar build quality on my van is perfectly ok its been mainly the ancillary equipment that is fitted on every van that has caused my problems . The only worry I have with the latest Lunars like mine are the skylight roof lights , I wonder if they have any trouble with leaks due to the large size of the aperture, my mate had one of the early ones & it sagged causing water to collect at the base of the opening which eventually ran into the van . I notice that the latest van has a strengthened roof to accommodate an air con unit but wonder if that helps to prevent the sagging . I would have no problem buying another Lunar if the sagging has been cured, maybe some new owners on here could advise me .
  6. stevew1


    Just got the CCC mag today & spotted an ad for ‘ aguri ‘ sat navs that are Caravan & MH friendly, as I was looking into them in more depth I saw that they are powered by ‘ here ‘ software which is also used in Snooper, my Subaru & apparently up to 80% of all sat navs . They include a speed camera database & a built in dash cam & WiFi so it can be used as a tablet for surfing the net, not while driving of course. It is £100 cheaper at the moment with the £50 off .
  7. stevew1

    Estate Towcar Options - 4WD or AWD but NOT SUV?

    Lovely cars !,. I agree entirely, the dealer I used for my first Subaru dropped the brand due to IM pressuring them unduly on purchasing cars for display, I think they had to buy 1 of each model every 3 months whether they sold one or not . The model after mine increased in price massively, partly due to the yen value but also a decision, mistakenly as it turns out, to position the cars in the BMW, Mercedes& Audi market .
  8. stevew1

    Estate Towcar Options - 4WD or AWD but NOT SUV?

    I’ll be keeping mine at least another 5 or 6 years , after that who knows what will be available, if the torque is down caravanning will take a big hit .
  9. stevew1

    Estate Towcar Options - 4WD or AWD but NOT SUV?

    I agree about the engine power although I find it perfectly adequate for my needs, I spoke to a Subaru mechanic a few years ago now & he told me that the factory had got about 225 bhp out of the engine in factory tests, I think they could probably get a useful 180 - 190 bhp out of it for road use but they are limited by the use of the variotronic auto gearbox which won’t take the diesels torque. My original 2008 Outback diesel could only be specced with a 5 speed manual box, it’s torque back then was more than the 3. 6 litre petrol 6 cylinder which was also an option, sometime later they beefed up the auto box & put it in the diesel but it is at its limit with the available torque which is why I think they have never bothered to upgrade the engine, just messed with the electronics to get the emissions down . Audi have the same scenario with their cars, the lower powered diesels have a variotronic type box, the higher powered ones have the tiptronic .
  10. stevew1

    Estate Towcar Options - 4WD or AWD but NOT SUV?

    My online figures were, outback. 4815 1840 A6. 4930. 1880 A4. 4720. 1735 whatever the differences in dimensions the important one is interior space & the Outback wins that for me . Warranty & dieselgate were just two more positive factors in Subaru’s favour when I made my buying choice.
  11. stevew1

    Estate Towcar Options - 4WD or AWD but NOT SUV?

    Cheers John, Wwow what is mr Ffffrench Constant on, methinks an overdose of dictionary reading or maybe Prose ac ( pun intended ). My Outback is a 2016 diesel manual & is quite nippy enough for my 70 year old frame, back when I was a lad that 0 to 62 would have been a respectable sports car figure . Thanks for the article though, it brightened my day . 😀😀🚙. ..
  12. stevew1

    Estate Towcar Options - 4WD or AWD but NOT SUV?

    Sorry but the Outback is nearer the A6 than the A4 . 11 mm shorter than A6, 4mm narrower, 10 mm longer than A4, 11 mm wider . that’s Wider !. cargo space, seats down, Outback. 1848 litres A6. 1680 litres A4. 1610 litres price of both Audi’s is a massive increase on the Outback when equipped to the same level & if you specify all wheel drive Ooer !. plus Subaru have never been questioned on their emissions figures or mpg accuracy, well not yet anyway 😏 Oh & forgot to mention, the Outback comes with a comprehensive 5 year, 100000 mile warranty.
  13. stevew1

    Estate Towcar Options - 4WD or AWD but NOT SUV?

    I suppose I’ll have to float the Subaru boat, no pun intended, honest . I am on my second Outback diesel & really like the car for it’s driveability, comfort & economy, solo I get around 48 mpg locally, 55+ on motorways & towing my 1495kg van I get about 30 . My latest car is euro6 & is a 2015 model the previous one was euro4 & 2008 . My present car is about the same size as an Audi A6 & has loads of room for passengers or luggage, with the seats down the rear space is huge. I did look at a Skoda Superb but for the money the Subaru is a lot better equipped.
  14. Bad trouble today, https://www. bbc. co. uk/news/world-europe-46233560