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  1. I keep on using mine whether I am towing or not towing - when the road is right for it. No-one has yet made an adaptive system which looks any further forward than the rear of the vehicle directly in front. The Ford system tends to be on or off and takes no account of an issue developing way down the road. The system has either seen the vehicle in front slowing so it applied the brakes or it sees the road clear and it drops a gear and accelerates. It's a it like having a novice in the driver's seat. Roll on adaptive cruise version 2. P
  2. I agree with Leedslad. I've never seen an ammeter built into a caravan as standard. I guess it's a voltmeter. On EHU and showing 12v is not good and dropping to zero when the EHU is removed is worrying. I'd expect over 13v when on EHU and not much less when off EHU. Reading zero suggests a flat battery. All else seems fine to me. Paul
  3. My ATC always operates on a roundabout not far from home. It has happened with 2 tow cars and there is no doubt when it come on. It feels just as if the caravan brakes have been applied - funny that. Nice to know it works though. I've never had it operate in anger though. Paul
  4. I should add that of all the potential stop off points on the A12 I reckon Boreham will be the easiest to enter and leave. Forget Brentwood - v small. Colchester is not too bad but smaller than Boreham. Paul
  5. Hi there, We live in a town not too far from the Boreham services. No specific caravan parking spaces there as far as I know but plenty of general parking. A McDonalds and a cheap hotel as well.
  6. Following this thread with interest. Paul
  7. Yep, got caught out with my Bailey on this one. I thought everything went off when you switched off the master switch. My fridge light though differently. V. flat battery after 2 weeks in storage. P.
  8. We've had our S1 Valencia for 5 years now and don't see any advantage in changing it. It has had 2 lots of damp repairs - both carried out by local dealers under warranty. Long may it go on. Paul
  9. We frequently stay at a small CL called Croft Farm in Snape. http://www. croftfarmsnape. co. uk/ It's a very basic CL and hence may not be to everyone's taste, but it suits us perfectly. Snape Maltings are but a walk away and Aldeburgh is a short drive. Recommended. P.
  10. Mine is when I see the nuclear power station at Bradwell, almost home. P
  11. My S1 is presently at my local dealers having a lot of the floor replaced. At a service earlier this year damp was found behind the near side wheel, requiring replacement of a large area of floor. There is also a high damp reading under the sink in the washroom. It's all being replaced under the Bailey warranty, so I shouldn't be out of pocket. Despite all the damp I still like the van and have yet to be tempted to modernise. Paul
  12. Thanks to all the forum members who replied to my posting and advised me. I confirm the burner can be serviced (or even removed) without removing the fridge. After removing the securing screws, the fridge can be slid forward and the burner accessed from outside the van via the bottom air vent. What a poorly made assembly it is. I think I've traced my non-ignition problem down to a failed igniter. I can hear it sparking but can see no sign of a spark? Is this a known fault? I've bought a replacement igniter and I hope to fit it tomorrow. My local dealer also offered me a "universal fit" thermocouple, are they any good? Do they actually fit? Regards Paul
  13. Hello folks, I guess I'm following a well trod path here - my Dometic fridge has just failed to work on gas. I've spent the weekend at the NFOL at Hickstead and couldn't chill the wine or beer (!) My caravan is an S1 Unicorn fitted with a Dometic fridge. When i was away last the fridge worked fine on 240V though this time it would not light on gas. The gas was switched on at the bottle and at the local isolation tap. The fridge interior light was fine (fuse was OK) and I could hear the ignitor clicking when I attempted to light it. I've searched this forum for gas problems with caravan fridges and learned loads. My specific question is - can I access the fridge burner from the outside, via the bottom vent or do I need to remove the fridge from the 'van? All other tips and guidance are also welcome. Paul
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