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  1. Just like the British Army Sankey trailers. Getting out to remove the latch in heavy rain wasn't desirable, leaving it on and driving carefully was an easy short cut, but then you'd forget after a while that your trailer wasn't being braked. Then, next time you need to reverse you got out to place the latch, only to find it's still on from last time!!
  2. I'm assuming you have a twin axle? If so, you could use the Lock n Load inflatable leveller which I understand makes lining up your Alko lock easier..
  3. Good to know thanks. I'm selling my LR Defender and I fancy a Yeti as a second tow car to the wifes Tiguan.
  4. That years subscription was probably the best financial investment you ever made, but if you haven't broken down since in the following ten years then they are gradually clawing their money back from you, better hurry up and break down again quick . The moment you breakdown far from home is the moment you suddenly appreciate having breakdown cover. I was never more relieved to have cover than when I broke down in Edinburgh and got recovered to my destination of Sheffield, and the same again when in Portsmouth. It's then that you suddenly appreciate having paid your premium. Though I've never broken down since, so maybe it's now not such good value after all?
  5. I keep reading that the Yeti is a very competent tow car, but I can't help feeling it must be a bit light. Are you all towing with the 4x4 model which I think is heavier?
  6. Just renewed Mayday cover today, I have always have Roadside & Recovery for two vehicles (car and motorbike) with a renewal of £99. However we now have a third vehicle so rather than paying to add another vehicle I've instead scrapped the two vehicle cover and added Personal Cover, so now both myself and the trouble & strife are covered in any vehicle we are in for £106. Seems decent value, especially as it covers my main needs being.. 1) Any vehicle 2) Recovery to any destination 3) Double Drop-off 4) Dual Recovery
  7. Does that mean there is just one toilet for the whole site, so there can only be one person inside at a time?
  8. We never leave the caravan unattended, one of us is always in the van to stop it being stolen. Another one of us remains at home to stop our house being burgled. We have a rota system, after 2 days we all change duties, with one of us swapping places with the person at home so they can join us etc. It's the only way to be safe. I remember once, back in the late 90's when I returned from the toilet block to the caravan only to find it empty, with the wife not there. Panic set in for a few moments until I realised she was actually in the caravan toilet. Words were exchanged and a stern warning given, as anyone could have stolen the caravan whilst she was in the toilet. She hasn't done this since, as she doesn't want to breach the three warnings rule.
  9. Just like the door handle then? And the taps, and the..... Or don't use your finger to slide the sign? Sliding the sign with a stick, key or something else is more preferable to me than delving into a bucket of slurry, but you carry on if you're ok with doing that. I'm yet to see a caravan that is equipped with a disabled toilet. Also, some people might not want to use their caravan toilet with others in the van, friends, visitors etc. Folk with a medical problem might prefer using the toilet block for privacy. Not everyone with a caravan is a perfectly able couple who are able or willing to use a caravan toilet. Should they be made to stay at home?
  10. True, bit I don't personally see the need to have to provide proof for everything I say, if folk choose to not believe then thats fine by me. I also hadn't seen the need to take the photo at the time of originally posting, but I sourced it afterwards just for you But a few 'engaged slide' signs would be even easier, with less contact.
  11. It' Broadway, in the beautiful Cotswolds. A wonderful site in a beautiful location, now with the additional bonus of a fun new game galled 'faecal bucket' where contestants roll up their sleeves and reach down into the faecal slush to see if there is a wristband in there. Not sure? Reach in again and have a good fish around with your hand. Strike lucky and you get to ablute in the company of two other people. Entry into the game is free. Terms and conditions apply.
  12. Here you go GS, this is a handout from wardens at a CMC site. I knew it as fact, but to satisfy your good self and others.... So it's just a bucket of Milton with wristbands in. Yo have to reach into the slush and fish out a wristband and supposedly wear it, and return it to the bucket of slush when exiting. Sounds delightful. I certainly won't be doing that.
  13. Well your suggestion of just wandering into the block to then try and count how many are inside seems to contradict that statement. As for shops, you can usually see how many are already inside by looking through the window, you can't do that in the toilet block.
  14. Why is it interesting? Which one would you put first? I didn't say that they were in any particular order of priority, but seeing as the whole point of it all is to reduce contact with others then the site rules seem an obvious place to start. But if you'd prefer to just wander inside regardless then crack on.
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