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  1. To be safe, I've set fire to my caravan and my house, and I feel much better.
  2. Could an infected caravan remain infected post COVID? I wonder how many caravans might get used for the self isolating of COVID sufferers? I initially planned to take our caravan out of storage and put it on our drive, so that if anyone in our house had symptoms then they could self isolate in it. But I've decided against that as it could mean the caravan remains infected, rendering it useless and being worth less than scrap as it wouldn't be right to sell it and pass the problem on. This could make any future purchasing of a 2nd hand caravan an extremely risky purchase. Would you buy a post COVID caravan that might have been used for isolating? Maybe there will be a thousands of 2nd hand caravans being scrapped, and an increase in new caravan sales to replace them?
  3. It's a 2019 caravan, I understand it is the C2602 toilet. I do have a drain pipe from the bottom of the flush tank, but I assume you're referring to a different pipe? Or is yours a different model without the drain pipe?
  4. After six months of cursing every time I have to locate the steady sockets, I have finally got around to sorting this out, copying previous ideas posted here. I used 40mm pipe to give plenty of room for the drill attachment to fit onto the socket..
  5. Anyone know what the two batons are for please?
  6. Thanks for that, and that explains why it doesn't work as I don't have the white 12S socket on my car, perhaps I shall have one fitted, or just get it changed over to a 13 pin It's not our main tow car so not a problem for now.
  7. Just wondering which of the pins in a cars towing socket powers the caravans ATC? Works fine with the 13 pin socket on one of our cars, but on another car with 7 pin socket (and 13 pin adapter), it doesn't work. I may have an existing problem with that cars towing socket which I'm going to get tested, but I assume a cars 7 pin to a caravans 13 pin connection won't power the caravans ATC?
  8. Doesn't say much for his company when he sulks and quits a caravan forum because of some negative comments about his idea. If he's serious about his business then he wouldn't shut the door on a caravan forum, who are all potential customers. Not very business like, and it suggests that if you were one of his customers and had a problem, he'd storm off in a huff. And for that reason, I'm out.
  9. It's been done before, without success, and hardly anyone has ever heard of the previous attempt so I don't see why it would work this time.
  10. I just don't see it working. Easy to cover the numbers whilst towing the stolen caravan and remove them later. Cars have registration numbers but they get swapped for a cloned number once stolen.
  11. Precisely, and this is why I wouldn't want the stickers on my caravan. If mine gets stolen I just want the insurance pay out. I never want to see the caravan again.
  12. I still don't get it as the stickers are easy to cover up.
  13. I just don't think that people would bother once the initial novelty wore off. Would anyone on here really note every number they see and type it into a website every time they see a caravan?
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