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  1. Do Kampa Air awnings only have traditional type curtains? My poled Kampa Rally awning has window screens which when in place give complete privacy and reduce the incoming light, but can also be rolled up to reveal the window. This is useful for me as I sleep in the awning. Do any of their Air awnings have these screens as all the ones I've seen just have white curtains, which presumably let lots of light in?
  2. You'd need to buy a different jack then. Kojack for the win. The brackets are shaped to receive the jack which locates into a groove.
  3. I have them on my chassis
  4. That just leads me straight back to this section of the forum ?????
  5. The replacement pump that I fitted in 2017 to my Thetford C200CWE toilet has failed, with the impeller seizing up. Interestingly, since switching to Elsan pink flush the inside of my toilet flush tank was spotlessly clean, not a bit of black grunge to be seen, Ive replaced the pump again today, with this Comet Elegant pump, identical to the one it's replaced... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001CV02U4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. I noticed an empty void up in the roof space of my garage. I filled it with my Alko spare wheel carrier. My spare wheel now lives in a wheel bag with carry handle. It goes in the van when towing and under the van when on site
  7. Ive fitted a dongle to my Cube Reaction Race ebike which overcomes this restriction. It fools the controller into thinking you are only doing half of your actual road speed, so I now get assistance upto 30mph. I fitted this as I disliked the 15mph cut off. Of course doing this means your bike is classed as a vehicle and you have to register and insure it just like a car or motorbike.
  8. Stayed at Sherwood Forest Caravan Site over the weekend. It wasn't very busy due to the time of year and we got a pitch right by the river, with plenty of ducks. Its a nice enough site and has quite a few seasonal caravans there. Upon checking in at reception I was told where my pitch was and that a warden would be waiting there for me. Sure enough the warden was there in his van, and offered to help me pitch my van, although not needed.
  9. I keep a torque wrench in the caravan and check the wheel nuts before every journey, it also reminds me to check the wheel nuts on our cars.
  10. I'd love a Ford Custom or Transit, but the one thing that puts me off owning any van is they are prone to getting broken into by thieves looking for work tools etc, by peeling the doors back.
  11. I've left the wife in the awning quite a few times, but sadly she is always still there when I return.
  12. Thetford pink rinse was known for causing the black mould inside flush tanks. It even clogged up the impeller of my flush pump. I had to replace the pump with a new one last year, and now I use Elsan pink instead. Not a sign of any black mould since.
  13. I would never drink water from a caravan. Theres no way of knowing how clean the pipe work is. We only use it for washing up, and have bottles of drinking water for making cups of tea etc.
  14. It has one every 6 months . Thats a couple of years of exhaust grime you're looking at.
  15. I use a normal ladder with foam pipe lagging attached to the ladder uprights to protect the caravan.
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