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  1. We’ve just changed for a brand new caravan as we needed a different layout. Our last van was 8 yrs old when we bought it and we kept if for 7 yrs. it had a side dinette/bunk which our son has now outgrown so a different layout was needed We only bought brand new as it was the time of year for 2019 caravans to be cleared from dealerships for the new 2020 models, so we got a reasonable deal.
  2. LeadFarmer

    Gas Locker

    Best to keep it tidy, it's useful as an extra bed for a mall kid, kind of turning a 4 berth van into a 5 berth
  3. Don't be so sure about that. I'm constantly reading posts on here and elsewhere of users not liking them due to how awkward they are to fit with having to align the caravan wheel perfectly. Ive also read a post on here of someone having their caravan stolen whilst having one fitted to their caravan, as well as a Nemesis, their caravan having been dragged away causing both devices to snap. I wouldn't put faith in either device.
  4. Blaming Brexit and political uncertainty https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/jobs/swift-caravans-consultation-staff-production-3503518
  5. Seeing as most wardens I think only earn minimum wage, I wonder what their biggest overheads are? Land purchase Ground rent Building & ground maintenance Insurance
  6. LeadFarmer

    Gas Locker

    Aldi are currently selling black plastic garden tidies that fit perfectly into my front locker, I’ve bought two of them and use them to store toilet fluids, water pipe etc
  7. I wasn't being negative, I just recall you posting about it before and wondered if it was the same incident. As for me not posting anything positive, on one of your previous threads about this incident I was the first to post offering help. When I kept seeing more threads about the same thing I wondered why, thats all. Nothing negative about that. It is actually your third thread on the subject... 13/10 Nightmare day hope it doesn't put me off 14/10 Would I have done permanent damage? 1/11 This thread Not that that matters as you are clearly wanting help and I'm sure you'll receive it on here, I wish you the best of luck on getting the answers you seek, but I'll try and refrain from posting any advice or suggestions as Im clearly annoying you which I didn't intend to do.
  8. I think this is the third thread she’s made about the same incident
  9. Didn't this happen to you last month as well, when you were on a caravan site?
  10. You're right, I didn't realise that. Im still interested in how joanie found out that the weekends were taken up by just weekend caravaners.
  11. I wondered in there was a way of finding out. When looking at the CMC booking page for a site, if all the weekends are showing full, but the weekdays are available, that doesn't mean that the weekends are full of weekend bookers. It might be that the site is almost full every weekday, with just a handful of pitches free, whereas the weekends are fully booked. But those who are booked for those weekends might also be there for the weekdays before/after. As far as I'm aware there isn't a way of knowing.
  12. How do you know this?
  13. I've cancelled last minute before on CMC sites, either because the weather forecast is atrocious, or mechanical problems with my car. Once or twice its been within he 72hr period and I've received my warning from them. No way would I go to site knowing the weather will be atrocious, not fun with kids and a dog. I would guess that may others do the same, leaving plenty of pitches free for those wet weather caravaners who don't mind waiting to book just days prior to their stay (in atrocious weather). If I had paid a deposit for those times I've have cancelled then I would still have cancelled, so that wouldn't benefit anyone other than the club pocketing my deposit, the pitch would still appear booked to anyone else.
  14. It is an expensive site, made dearer with the options such as £5 to reserve a specified pitch etc. And the pitch allocation system is a bit weird. When booking online it allocates you a pitch number which you can see just before confirming your booking. Mine was directly next to the toilets, play ground and reception. When I phoned to change it I was told I’d have to pay an additional fee, so I din’t proceed with the booking and waited a few days until it allocated me a better pitch (or so I thought). That’s alright when the sites not busy, but if it is then your stuck (as I literally was )
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