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  1. You would be more than welcome, but I'm keeping the mover . The dealer would be happy too, as I guess they don't really want my van.
  2. I like the grumpy wardens, they make me chuckle. But I fail to see why one would spoil someones holiday. Folk write reviews of campsites and often state they had a 'warm welcome from the wardens'. As nice as that might be, I couldn't care less if the wardens were grumpy or not, or what the welcome was like. I can get on with my holiday regardless. I had a lengthy chat once with one warden at Freshwater site in Pembroke, about the life of a warden. When I see them on their ride on mowers I want to become a warden. But then I see them cleaning the toilets and I change my mind. Though some sites I've noticed have outside cleaners that do the toilets.
  3. Im selling my current van now, which is the worst time of the year and I'm doing it the worst financial way possible, by trading it in against a brand new van. The private sale price of my van is about £4,000 but I'm part ex'ing it for £2,200 simply because I can't be bothered to advertise it and fetch it from storage for anyone wanting to view it, all for the sake of £1,800, and they would want the mover leaving on, which I can have fitted to my new van. So I'm taking the hit and doing it the easy way.
  4. I pay £500/year at the storage site I use, which is expensive. However, its convenient as its a walkable distance from my house and only a 2 minute drive. I can fetch my caravan, put it on my drive and return to storage easily, quickly and whenever I want as its 24hr access. There are cheaper storage areas I could use which are £350/month, but I like the convenience that my storage site offers.
  5. Have the 'car/0/van' switch to 'car' when towing and 'van' when on site, and when connected to mains power have the charger switch to 'on' so your leisure battery gets charged from the mains power.
  6. One such thread here... https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/topic/129674-brake-squeaks-squealing-201718-alko-axle/#comments
  7. I think we need to see pictures of more of the van to be able to comment
  8. But how do you intend to attach the timber to the front? Screwing it to the wall might not be any better than just screwing the TV bracket to the wall. I assume you have no access at all to get behind the wall?
  9. You'd probably need a backing plate behind the wall, with bolts going through the TV bracket, the wall, and backing plate, with nuts on the other end. However there probably isn't enough space to accommodate doing that due to the sliding door.
  10. Thanks, I'll do the same, picking my new van up at end of the month.
  11. Black bits are thought to be caused by using Thetford pink flush liquid. I switched to Elsan and haven't had the black bits since. The impeller in your pump may have siezed up. Best thing to do is replace the pump.
  12. If your new caravan was £30k can you chip & pin this amount on a debit card? Do debit cards have limits? I would expect the bank to block that amount suspecting it to be suspicious activity.
  13. Was that a chip & pin transaction?
  14. Wouldn't it depend on the cards limit? Or are you referring to a bank card with funds ready and waiting in the account?
  15. I just take a 25kg sack of potatoes and my trusty chip pan.
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