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  1. Whats wrong with the Mondeos auto power shift box? Does it make for poor towing?
  2. Which models should be sought out, or avoided? I'll have a budget of up to £10k for a 2nd hand estate model. They seem get great reviews as tow cars, and I'm thinking of getting one as a second tow car. From what I've read, the 1.5TSi ACT is to be avoided as plagued with issues surrounding setting off from stationary, with the 2.0TSi DSG being the one to go for. Should I try and get the 4x4 version? Which models/spec would be best with my budget please? I'll be towing a 1450kg Swift Any thoughts please?
  3. This is the answer. I believe the dirt runs from the roof and down the sides where it collects around the windows, then streaks down from the window rubbers, I clean my roof regularly through the year, at the start of spring I clean, polish & wax the roof which makes follow up cleaning much easier. Once the roof is clean make sure you clean inside the awning rail with a suitable brush, and clean around the window rubbers. A good clean lie this at the start of the year usually prevents any streaks for me.
  4. Having a hybrid LNB fitted to your dish instead of the standard one for Q will allow you to keep using your old Sky HD box as well as your Q box, so if you have a lot of recordings on your old HD box you can still watch them.
  5. I fit the larger Grand Aero mirror to out 2017 Tiguan and they just slightly contact the window when the cars mirrors fold in, but doesn't cause a problem.
  6. Clearly the sticker isn't a rip off, if it won't come off. Maybe its a 'scratch off,' or a 'leave on'?
  7. If intending to buy at the show, may have 2 day there, one for browsing (with the evening spent chin scratching), and the next day for doing the deal
  8. It's not always as you think, I'm probably one of those idiots you refer to as I sometimes drive my lad to school which is only 10 mins walk away, but thats when I happen to be going to work at the same time. I'm happier driving him on those days so I know he's got there safe. He has a very busy dual carriageway to cross to get to his school, with fast moving traffic and people in a rush to get to work. Or he can use the subway and negotiate his way past the beggar that sometimes sits there. When I happen to be leaving at the same time as him its a massive relief to know I've dropped him off safely. I'm happy to be referred to as an idiot every day of the week, and twice on Sundays, if it means Im rewarded with knowing my boy is safe.
  9. I have a 100w solar panel and I have the charger button turned off when it’s in storage and the solar keeps the battery charged.
  10. We’ve just changed for a brand new caravan as we needed a different layout. Our last van was 8 yrs old when we bought it and we kept if for 7 yrs. it had a side dinette/bunk which our son has now outgrown so a different layout was needed We only bought brand new as it was the time of year for 2019 caravans to be cleared from dealerships for the new 2020 models, so we got a reasonable deal.
  11. LeadFarmer

    Gas Locker

    Best to keep it tidy, it's useful as an extra bed for a mall kid, kind of turning a 4 berth van into a 5 berth
  12. Don't be so sure about that. I'm constantly reading posts on here and elsewhere of users not liking them due to how awkward they are to fit with having to align the caravan wheel perfectly. Ive also read a post on here of someone having their caravan stolen whilst having one fitted to their caravan, as well as a Nemesis, their caravan having been dragged away causing both devices to snap. I wouldn't put faith in either device.
  13. Blaming Brexit and political uncertainty https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/jobs/swift-caravans-consultation-staff-production-3503518
  14. Seeing as most wardens I think only earn minimum wage, I wonder what their biggest overheads are? Land purchase Ground rent Building & ground maintenance Insurance
  15. LeadFarmer

    Gas Locker

    Aldi are currently selling black plastic garden tidies that fit perfectly into my front locker, I’ve bought two of them and use them to store toilet fluids, water pipe etc
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