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  1. Yes it all becomes routine after a few trips. You will keep picking up knowledge and tips as you go along. Enjoy yourselves
  2. Just take your time and stay calm. You shouldn’t have any issues. Enjoy
  3. Ours in the Sprite takes around 2 minutes We drain ours down after every trip. See no point in towing a tank full of water around behind us. But everyone is different.
  4. Lost Easter but the rest looking good and no need to join the queues on the CMC website!!
  5. Well I’m determined to make up for lost time and don’t want to miss any opportunity to get away this year!! Basic plans made for the year and bookings made as follows including Easter just in case Wirral CMC Easter Wharefdale CMC Mid April Weekend Hawes CMC Mayday Weekend Hebden Bridge CMC Spring Bank Holiday Weekend Berwick Upon Tweed CMC Mid June 7 nights Keswick C&CC Mid June 10 nights Wirral CMC July Weekend Knaresborough CMC July Weekend New England Bay CMC August 9 nights Meathorp Hall CMC August Bank Holiday weekend
  6. amdram

    Tow Car advice

    I have towed a 2017 Affinity 550 with a 150bhp 2wd 2017 Kuga Titanium X and it was a joy. The additional bhp and 4wd should make it even better
  7. We have just cancelled our annual trip to CMC Wharfedale site from 28 December for over New Year- so frustrated. All because we are stuck in Tier 3 in Manchester even though the infection rates are on a par with the UK average! Hoping we get away in February to Meathorp Hall all things being well but not holding my breath
  8. I reside in Greater Manchester and have cancelled a planned trip to CMC Hebden Bridge this weekend in line with the clubs request. I have further trips booked in late November/December including New Year and won’t be cancelling these until after the 28 day review of the Greater Manchester status decision at that time. I may then have to cancel our late November and early December trip at that time but may not. The New Year trip won’t be decided until the 28 day review in December is made.
  9. We have done 28 so far with another 19 planned by New Years Eve Group Total 288 so far
  10. Our 2017 Affinity 550 caused us no issues at all. When handing over last November for the new Celebrate the dealer checked the top corners of the rear panel and again all well and not a crack in sight
  11. We have had 3 new vans 2 Swift (2014 & 2020) and a 2017 Elddis. Had no trouble with any and currently loving our Swift Celebrate Super QEB.
  12. Have a great time and enjoy the van and the new lifestyle
  13. We are Beechwood Grange CMC and they are using the bands on a hook system that seems to be working well. It seems a lot of people are still happy to use the facility block instead/ as well as those in their Caravans/Motorhomes.
  14. We never had an issue in 3 years with our Affinity 550 - it was a fantastic van
  15. Again not setting off until Wednesday when hopefully everything will have settled down. 4 nights at York Beechwood Grange site - can’t wait.
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