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  1. Our 2017 Affinity 550 caused us no issues at all. When handing over last November for the new Celebrate the dealer checked the top corners of the rear panel and again all well and not a crack in sight
  2. We have had 3 new vans 2 Swift (2014 & 2020) and a 2017 Elddis. Had no trouble with any and currently loving our Swift Celebrate Super QEB.
  3. Have a great time and enjoy the van and the new lifestyle
  4. We are Beechwood Grange CMC and they are using the bands on a hook system that seems to be working well. It seems a lot of people are still happy to use the facility block instead/ as well as those in their Caravans/Motorhomes.
  5. We never had an issue in 3 years with our Affinity 550 - it was a fantastic van
  6. Again not setting off until Wednesday when hopefully everything will have settled down. 4 nights at York Beechwood Grange site - can’t wait.
  7. Our 2020 MY dealer special Sprite Super Quattro EB was built in July 2019 ( per all the build certificates provided at delivery)purchased at NEC October for November 2019 delivery!
  8. We are in York in July but will still have to keep our fingers crossed for Scotland at the start of August!!
  9. Excellent news. We can’t continue to stay in lockdown for ever. From an economic and social perspective the country needs to start moving forwards and what better way than through tourism. It is important though that in travelling we act responsibly and within the guidelines to safeguard ourselves and others.
  10. Carly you need to remember it is a life style choice. Some of our friends baulk at the money we have spent on caravanning but they fail to appreciate what it adds to the quality of our life’s and the number of times we get away from the stress of my working life. That cost for us is affordable and we love the lifestyle.
  11. My booking for the 4 July at Wirral CMC May be on then
  12. And we will keep compiling until the country is bankrupt with no future?! The guidelines will be relaxed - political pressure- and people will have to make individual choices on how they engage/interact with their local community, workplace and the larger world. This of course will be driven by the individuals economic needs to earn in part as the furlough payments will be ended as quickly as possible no doubt.
  13. Nice to see the CMC speaking up and representing the clubs and members interests. Be nice to see more of this moving forward with greater visibility of the work they do with lobby groups etc
  14. We already had a 10 night stay in Scotland from 27 July ( Sturgeon may stop that!) but we have in the last couple of weeks booked a long weekend at the start of July on the Wirral and a another 10 nights at end of September at Coniston. All with CMC. We already had August Bank holiday booked for their Wharfedale site. Fingers crossed!!
  15. But eventually what ever the risks we will have to go back to work. The time for a political rather than purely scientific decision will have to be made pretty soon. Lives or livelihoods. It is the youngest that will be paying for the longest. I think the problem that will need managing once furlough payments are withdrawn in the immediate future will be those individuals who are scared to go back to work. Another potential risk is we will see sectors of the population ie retired on guaranteed pensions and lower outgoings in the more vulnerable categories potentially resisting a return to normal until the risk as they perceive it has all but gone. This going to be a political nightmare with no winners.
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