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  1. The latest videos are out for the 2020 new models http://bit.ly/2020ElddisVideo http://bit.ly/2020BuccaneerVideo http://bit.ly/2020CompassVideo
  2. We took our Affinity 550 back to Glossop for this recall and everything has been in order. From memory the recall was because the sealant/glue around the skylight front hinge had been an issue hence the recall. As as far as I’m aware I have seen no reports of problems about the seal around the skylight in general or any damp issues.
  3. We have done the same on our 550 as well. SWMBO can feel a draught even when I’m convinced there isn’t one!
  4. We purchased ours in the main because of stone chips - having previously had to pay a lot more than the cost of the cover to replaced a badly stone chipped window. We tour all year and use it all the time. Ours is a Pro-Tec which is easy to fit in 2 parts zipping up the middle. When wet we give it a good shake quick wipe down and leave out in the awning to finish of. No hassle at all and the extra peace of mind is great
  5. Happy to report that after 2 years trouble free touring our caravan has sailed through its 2nd service with no issues and a clean bill of health on the damp report. We love this van and hope it continues to serve us without incident for the next 12 months. At the moment we will be keeping the Affinity for a few years yet.
  6. amdram


    Hi DaveG another happy owner of an Affinity 550 owned new from 2017 with no issues whatsoever. We love the van it’s layout towability etc and we need something special to make us change
  7. For us it’s Wharfedale - a good site great wardens and a 30 minute walk into Grassington. Gamekeepers pub a 10 minute walk. We will be there again at New Year and hopefully sometime in the summer.
  8. Another with the Affinity 550. Works perfectly for us mainly just the two of us but also when daughter and grandson stay. Went with Elddis over Lunar as it didn’t have the bulkhead at the end of the bed giving a lot more open feeling and a large bed for my 6ft frame!! 2017 model and no issues to date we love it. Would have another when it comes to upgrade
  9. We love our 550 (2017) and it has been trouble free so far and like you we switched from Swift. Hope you continue to enjoy the van
  10. Hi Jacko Try www. caravanbeddingshop. com Amdram
  11. We purchased our made to measure bed sheet for Affinity 550 from a search of eBay costing £22. 99 and it’s been excellent
  12. amdram


    We are now 18 months into our ownership of our 2017 Affinity 550 and have had no issues to date. It it has performed well and meets the criteria we set on purchase. We we a little nervous switching from a 3 year old Swift we had owned from new without issues but this has proved unwarranted. We have a good relationship with our dealer who we have used for over 10 years and are confident they would deal with any issues that may arise
  13. Great non facility site within an easy walk of Hebden Bridge - about 25 minutes. Plenty of excellent local eateries to suit all tastes and pockets
  14. If you expect larger pitches on existing sites then expect higher fees as the number of actual pitches is reduced. Would we be happy with higher costs and should someone needing less space be penalised for someone with a larger outfit?
  15. Make sure the dealer has done a good PDI and don’t be rushed when collecting the van. Make sure your happy with it before you leave. We are in Scotland with the 550 and it continues to give us a perfect trouble free home from home. Hope you enjoy yours.
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