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  1. Thanx!! You've been really helpful, I will get on it tomorrow and hopefully have a functioning sink by the end of the day. This forum is great isnt it. I am about to start doing loads of work on my caravan, fitting a free standing gas cooker, a woodburner, new flooring etc before the winter sets in so no doubt I will be on here again in the near future. Thanx again. Peace and love from emma in the woods xx
  2. Hi there caravan dwellers, I live in my caravan and have blocked the sink. I have ignored it for a while as it has been good weather and I have been doing the dishes outside, I am trying to get the van ready for winter so now I haqve to face this blocked sink. I have tried a few things to unblock but have not yet tried a sink unblocker for household sinks as I have been warned against this as apparently caravan sinks and pipes are not robust enough to deal with these chemicals. This probably sounds like an easy task to sort for hardened caravan users, I am learning all things the hard way a
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