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  1. She's keeping her fingers (just). . . as the deed is done. Acetone is the obvious choice. . . but what will it do to the net/curtain??? Anyone with experience??? TIA. G
  2. Hi All, SWMBO had a faulty cap on her nail varnish and when she shook it she got a splash on the insect net blind and one on the curtain! Has anyone any experience of removing nail varnish from these items??? Answers on a postcard please!!! Chapmag.
  3. chapmag

    Cadac Chef

    Safari Chef for us. ... prefer charcoal when BBQing. . but use the Safari Chef for everything else. . curries, paella, fry up, chili con carne, Sapghetti Bolognese. . anything that requires cooking outside the 'van to avoid impregnating the 'van with cooking odours.
  4. I have had this on our Senator Arizona Series 5 after the pink had run dry. Is it possible you have an air lock in there somewhere? Not sure how to fix it other than maybe manoeuvring the 'van to see if any air lock can be broken? HTH. G
  5. That's how we do it too!!!! Though we are on Talk Mobile Contracts at £7:50 a month. G.
  6. Many thanks. .. most thorough answer yet and we will keep it stored for use when we visit!! Thanks again. G.
  7. Geoff! You're so cruel!!!! I simply attempted to suggest an alternative to the norm (read best!!). There are those on here who sing ADAC's praises! Even if it's two strikes and your out! (or is it 3????). Or perhaps I got that wrong! I pay approx. £350 for a Red Pennant Annual (multi-trip) policy for the last 30 years . .. that I have (thankfully) never had to call upon! That's less than a £1 a day for total peace of mind!!! As I've said before. . If I befall some unfortunate accident (broken leg, hit by a bus or worse) I know that CC/Red Pennant would afford my nearest and dearest the very best of support and leadership in sorting out the consequences. I've seen it work for others many times and I wouldn't leave these shores without it!!. Sorry for the rant (NOT) G.
  8. ADAC??? . .................. I'll get my coat!!!! G.
  9. That's Karma. .. the person that told me about Scottshaven was also from Wales!!! LOL.
  10. Thanks all for the pointers. We've decided against going next late spring/early summer with the 'van. . but as we live only 3 miles from Portsmouth Ferry Port we may just pop over for a week and do B&B! Thanks again all. .. seen the parachute at St Marie Eglise when driving past and booked Le Cormoran a couple of years ago. .. but had to change plans at the last minute!! We will "do the beaches" and I will take all of your input into account. Thanks again. G.
  11. Hi, Been a while! Can anyone tell me about pedestrian access to the D Day Beaches? SWMBO is mobile (she walks with a stick after a stroke) but cannot cope with multiple elevations. Think along the lines of severe vertigo. We would like to spend some time in 2017 "doing" the D Day Beaches but we have been unable to find information about accessing said beaches by foot. Are the car parks/access points at the same level as the beaches are would we encounter steep dunes etc? Thanks in anticipation. G.
  12. La Rochelle itself and the Ile de Re are both worth a visit. . but don't do the Ile de Re at the weekend. .. the French invade it enmasse on cycles!!!!! P. S. There is a Toll Bridge onto the Ile de Re!!
  13. Recently heard of this site. . never stayed there but the person that mention it recommended it. .. http://www. scottshaven. co. uk/ HTH, G.
  14. Powrtouch for us. The one we have is 10 years old and has been on two caravans and is still going strong. The remote started playing up last summer (2014).. I asked for their opinion and Powrtouch seem to think it could be wear and tear on the membrane behind the touch keys. The remote is no longer available but Towrtouch have offered a repair for £50 or a refurbed one for £80. I think I paid £750 incl. fitting for the whole unit in 2005. ... so I've definitely had value for money (even if I end up with a refurbed remote for £80)!!! G.
  15. I too would let him know you understand French and then see if his attitude changes!! If it does fine. .. if it doesn't then you have the choice of thumping him (not recommended) or ignoring him and/or moving pitch! Just my twopenneth!!! G
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