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  1. Thank you so much for all the help and ideas, will definitely take a look at your blog long time caravanner! thanks again one and all andrew & sally
  2. Hi all, we are thinking of going to France for the first time next year. could anyone suggest particularly nice areas to visit as first timers. we also have two small dogs to consider, who don’t particularly like the heat! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. andrew @ sally
  3. Hi all, does anyone know what make of microwave is fitted in the latest Bessacarr cameo range?
  4. Hi all, we are looking for a adults only touring park in the Lake District, or a 5* park with lovely facilities. ideally in the south lakes, any suggestions would be much appreciated. thanks in anticipation Andrew.
  5. Hi all, any updates on being able to use the new sky Q box in the caravan please? I currently use our sky+HD box with a automatic travel vision flat dish. Would the new Q box work with my current set up, or should I stick with the sky HD box? Thank you for any advice. ANDREW.
  6. Hi all, please excuse my ignorance, I don't mind admitting, I'm no techno geek! We have a travel vision R6 satellite dish (automatic), which I connect to our sky HD box, my question is this, when I connect the dish to the sky box ( via a single coax cable). I connect to 'input 1' on the sky box, occasionally and randomly, I have to move the connection to 'input 2', due to no satellite signal. Can anyone please tell me, why this happens and can it be resolved please? Thank you for any advice.
  7. I totally agree, we are with the CC, all sorted very professionally and booked in for repair within 4 days. ....amazing service! Andrew.
  8. Hi, really sorry to hear about your accident. I pranged our buccaneer a couple of weeks ago. You will need a repair quote for your insurance claim. I don't know where you live, but the best in the business is a company called 'panel works' based in bawtry Doncaster. I have it on good authority, there is nowhere better. They have been very helpful with our quote and arranging for our repair. Best of luck Andrew.
  9. Hi alistair, we use our sky box in our cruiser, we simply stand the box on a wooden cutting board and use a L shaped hdmi lead, works perfectly, we've never knocked it off! Regards Andrew.
  10. We had a Bessacarr cameo before our cruiser, build quality was far superior to the cruiser. More importantly. .....the service from Couplands is second to none. We change our caravan every couple of years, so have dealt with a number of dealers. I have to say Couplands stand head and shoulders above any others we have dealt with. As said before. .....your caravan is only as good as your dealer!!
  11. Thank you durbanite, very helpful indeed. Our dealer has agreed to replace the locker. I just can't wait to swap the caravan now. .....roll on our new Bessacarr!
  12. Surely the dealer can only carry out warranty work when authorised by Elddis? Otherwise they wouldn't be paid for the work carried out? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Andrew.
  13. Hi, we have a Buccaneer Cruiser 2015, approx 18 months old now. We loved the caravan initially, we have had a leaky Heki roof light over the bed, which has been replaced under warranty. We also have a cracked locker surround, the one under the lounge window on the near side, after reporting this to our dealer, when we had the Heki replaced, we have been told that Elddis won't replace the locker surround under warranty! I find this totally unacceptable, as our service manager says, they have replaced several of these, the problem being, when the caravan is built, the lockers are clamped in place too tightly, resulting in cracks later on. We were going to order a new Buccaneer Commodore next week, this has completely changed our minds, we will now be ordering a new Bessacarr Cameo 645. Very poor show Elddis, we are one very dissatisfied customer!
  14. Hi all, I've just hit the side of our 15 month old buccaneer on a car door mirror. It's made a L shaped hole right at the back of the near side, approx 40mm X 40mm. Anyone know of a body work specialist that could repair and more importantly match the silver/grey paint please? We are based in Leicester. Any suggestions much appreciated. Thank you Andrew.
  15. Thanks very much Phil, I've looked everywhere for a pic, including the swift web site, shows how observant I am! It looks great doesn't it! I think I'll be having one on the new Bessacarr! Regards Andrew.
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