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  1. Once again thank you all for the very constructive comments. I have driven another leg of our trip in Spain and the problem was significantly better. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that it was largely due to loading. I moved even more weight to the front of the caravan including some items from the rear of the car. I previously mentioned that I checked the nose weight before leaving home and it was 70kg. When I had the problem I added more, as I did not bring my measure I could not be sure how much and of course and extra 20kg on the caravan floor does not add that much to the tow hitch. I also made sure to empty the toilet flush that is right at the rear. I will be interested to check the nose weight when I get home after I added even more. Anyway my lesson is to not assume that because it has always been ok that you do not not need to be aware and small changes to loading can make a difference.
  2. Thank you all for your helpful advice. I have worked though many of these suggestions today. I have jacked up and removed each wheel, checked the tyres, shock absorbers, axle security and that the wheels are running freely. checked the tow bar friction pads, they are undamaged and do not seem worn. I have rechecked all the tyre pressures which were OK. I put my detachable tow bar in the caravan socket and locked it in place. It gripped very firmly and was almost impossible to move by hand. I am travelling with another caravaner and we put my tow bar in his caravan, it could be moved with some effort. However, he greases his, I said this shouldn’t be done. I clean mine with break fluid every time I hitch up. I think I am right in this. The car suspension seems ok and the car tyres are in good order. I have asked the caravan club and they think it is most likely to do with loading rather than a mechanical issue. They did suggest that too much weight in the car boot can make the front wheels light. So maybe i should move heavier items to the middle or front of the caravan. I still find it hard to understand that it’s suddenly got so bad when nothing has significantly changed.
  3. I am currently touring in Spain and my caravan is very unstable. It is continually moving from side to side. I am towing a Bailey Unicorn Cadiz that is 2.5 years old with a Skoda Superb. I have towed this combination on two long continental trips before and been towing for 20 years with no such problem. I would normally tow at around 60 mph speeding up slightly to pass lorries. On this trip it has become unstable for the first time where you can feel it in the steering wheel most of the time and the drag when passing lorries or being past by vans is quite significant. Indeed, on one occasion the snaking was so bad the ATC system activated which was both reassuring and frightening for what might have happened without it. I am meticulous about tyre pressures and loading. I have found that this caravan that does not have a gas bottle storage at the front is quite light on the nose so I load items internally at the front. I checked the nose weight at the start of the trip and it was 71 kg, my cars max weight is 90 kg. During the trip I have loaded more in the front to increase it to nearer the 90kg, this made no difference. I then moved weight back to lighten the nose, again no difference. Please has anyone any suggestion, what can have changed when I have not had a problem before. Could it be a mechanical issue with the caravan.
  4. Thank you, it was an RFI moment. It is indeed installed. I now have a spare back up battery unit if anyone wants it for a fiver. Robin
  5. I am trying to install a back up battery for the Alde 3020 in my new Unicorn 4 Cadiz. It seems a simple task, unscrew the unit, remove the back cover, plug the unit in, velcro it to the skin of the caravan and put the unit back on the wall, job done. Not quite, because another wire is plugged into the socket that is clearly marked back up battery. The only other two sockets are for remote sensors and are not used. The wire is untraceable but is not a back up battery as all the settings are lost when the caravan 12v is switched off. Please can anyone tell me what this other wire does. Robin
  6. We had a split on the roof of our 700 VIP Premium 2013 Hobby agreed to replace the roof panel. This was carried out by their recommended repair shop. It looked a good job when we inspected it and signed it off. As the was September we put it on storage for the winter. We didn’t see it again until last weekend when we were horrified to find it was leaking badly. Most of the cupboards have mould and the ceiling and wall in one is distorted. In the wardrobe water was tracking down the wall into the electric fuse box. The agent says he will sort it but we are really concerned how well he will do it. Can anyone tell me if this is likely to have caused long term damage and will it be and smell mouldy for ever. Thanks. Robin
  7. I am changing my high mileage Santa fe for a Skoda Superb to tow my Bailey Unicorn Seville. They offer, as an extra, a factory fitted retractable tow bar, for normal driving it's out of sight, then for towing pull a lever and out it comes. Wonderful, I must have one. Its £725 which is £200 more than the removable one I would have had fitted but as I would expect to run the car for 5 years its a worthwile investment. Luckily just as I am poised to place the order a friend who has one on his VW says he had seen some where there was an issue with some caravans. A few minutes on the internet shows me the problem. This tow bar is not compatable with Alko chasis. It fails to give 60mm between the centre of the tow ball and the upper horizontal ot the tow bar bracket. Some other models will fail because they do not achieve the required 67mm from the centre of the ball to the rear of the towing vehicle. So, we have one of the leading world vehicle manufacturors producing a tow bar that does not fit the chasis fitted to most of the UK's caravans. So my questions are, has anyone experienced a, caravan becoming detached because of not meeting the Alko requirement b, more specifically this happening with a VW group car. c, are towing with it anyway and not had a problem. d, if it is close to the tolerances is there e real risk. Robin
  8. I am in touring in Southern France for 3 weeks and would really like to see the home countries matches in the euros. I didn't bring my satellite system because my wife gets too frustrated with me spending ages trying to tune it in, usually unsuccessfully. I was hoping I could pick up French terrestrial TV. When I search for both analogue and digital signals it finds and lists their main channels but I cannot get them to display. Can anyone tell me why this is. Are our TV's not compatible with their system. Robin
  9. Thank you all for the response. We went to a Bailey dealership this morning and even the new vans were the same, so in summary, sorry to have wasted your time. Robin
  10. The black vinyl panels either side of the front centre window of our 6 month old Unicorn 3 Seville have badly faded almost to white especially as they go over the curve onto the roof. This must be generic, has anyone else had this problem and if so, had remedial action taken. Robin
  11. Thank you all for your help with this problem and giving me the solution. It was the pump setting which was on 5, now set at 2 and all ok. Thanks again, Robin
  12. I have a problem with the Alde heating system in my Unicorn Seville. The water in the water reservoir bubbles like a 'witches cauldron'. This has not been a problem in the summer but with colder autumn nights we are using the heating during the night and the noise is really disturbing. The water is at the level it should be, I haven't tried bleeding the air out of the system as the caravan new and I wouldn't have thought that would have been needed yet. Any suggestions please. Robin
  13. I have resolved my problem. Despite all my speculation about the source of the power to the fridge and my interpretation of the manual suggesting otherwise you were correct in that the fridge was supplied from the 12v ignition feed. My problem was that this has not been provided from the car which I identified by testing the output at the tow bar socket. I was guilty of over complicating the problem. Indeed although this was wired 3 years ago I think it possible it has never worked. I have always used mains hook ups so the battery might not have discharged and it was only recently with long trips in hot weather on the continent that I began to realise that the fridge was not working on 12v. I am off the see the installer of the tow bar in a couple of days to sort it out. Thank you for your help. Robin
  14. Thank you for responding to my post. The fridge is the Dometic RML9330. I do have a 13 pin connector and the wiring for this shows a 12v permenent on the blue/brown wire and a 12v ignition on the red/brown wire. The manual States that ' The refrigerator should only be used in 12v operation whilst the caravan is being towed, otherwise the on board battery would be discharged within a few hours'. This would indicate that the fridge is supplied from the leisure battery. Also in the trouble shooting section possible causes of the fridge not working in 12v operation are, on board fuse, on board battery discharge or engine not running. I have checked the fuse, but the next two seem to be a contradiction, either it is the on board battery or a direct supply from the car. Thank you Jonno for the advice, I will be able to check the supply either way by testing for 12v at the fuse with and without the car connected and with or without the engine running to chech if there is a fault in the supply. I can then check the current flow to prove if the fridge is connected. Am I right in thinking that the ammeter should be connected in line and I could do this by testing in place of the fuse on either side of the fuse holder. Thanks Robin
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