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  1. Thanks all, I appreciate the general advice. Was looking for more opinion on which LiFePo4 batteries to go for but I presume the uptake is still pretty low with it being new-ish technology. I know there's an argument about price/lifespan advantages of regular lead acid but as OP where I'm getting undone is I can't keep my AGM battery in a recharged state and I'm certainly not going to get more than 2 years with it being regularly at 75% SoC whereas it needs to be at 100% as much as possible. I understand Lithium doesn't have this problem and what appeals to me is I can use 80Ah out of it rather than 47.5 Ah out of my 95Ah AGM (less still as it loses capacity due to improper storage) Thus I can only see Lead acid being an option via solar or being on ECU most of the time.
  2. Basically it's dawned on me that I'm absolutely murdering my AGM battery. My van is mainly stationary at the moment, and without solar and with the restrictions driving and getting a boost on my B2B charger isn't really an option. The voltage is hovering around 12.6 which isn't great. So I've been looking at the Lithium option, was wondering if anyone had any experience with brands/models? There's an Ultramax battery (random brand) doing a 100aH one for under £500 which seems like terrific value. The more established brands are at least another £150+ Just wondering if the cheaper one may be substandard in some way. Any thoughts?
  3. Car's an older Euro 4 Diesel so it's got a regular alternator. Basically my last lead acid leisure battery became leaky when the cold weather hit and the acid has left a dreadful mess. Didn't want to risk it again.
  4. Just upgraded to an AGM Leisure battery (thanks leaky lead acid) however will my alternator be able to charge it, if at all? Or, am I wasting my time because it's an AGM battery it'll require a specialized battery to battery style charger and my regular alternator won't get it anywhere with it. Any thoughts?
  5. Thanks, I looked at the Propex website and it wasn't clear whether the companies listed actually do installation work or just supply the part (HS2000) I'd like it to be fitted to my small converted micro camper. Having said that, although a local fitter would be convenient I'd be prepared to travel anywhere in the country for a good job.
  6. Hi all, I'm looking to get an HS2000 fitted in Gloucestershire. Happy to buy the unit I'm just struggling to get anywhere in terms of installers that can actually do the fitting of it. Google is mostly giving me either companies that do caravan habitation checks or youtube vids on how to fit a propex DIY, Any suggestions?
  7. Hi all, My friends van used to be an Ex council meals on wheels van. There's some left over bits from those days including a spare tyre type gas tank plus connections and filling point. He wants to reuse it for running a burner hob in the back of the van, can anyone have a look at the installation and see if they think its possible or not? The one thing that concerns me is they've DRILLED the filling point directly into the tank? Also, the output pipe is BELOW the filling point. For vapour use this seems nonsensical. Cowboys perhaps. I stand to be corrected. .. Ken
  8. Well I'm raising a case on eBay about the shoddy battery. It's a no-brand battery called Energy XL. Serves me right for not spending a few quid extra and getting a Hankook from down the road. Absolutely no idea how I'm going to return a leisure battery though. Definitely won't fit inr my local post box. .......
  9. Bought a new 110 AH battery from the bay. ..however on my doorstep it was reading just under 12. 2v!! So I've ran it under the CTEK overnight for the first time and come morning the positive terminal was really powdery. I've cleaned it off with sodium bicarbonate now. Should I complain to the seller, is my battery basically defective now? Thanks
  10. This will be a really easy one for you 12 volt guru's out there. Basically, I'm out of one type of wiring. (1. 5mm² 21 Amp Red/Black Cable) Would I be safe to join onto that wiring (either solder or fiddly fingers) on to this type of wiring on to it? https://www. screwfix. com/p/nexans-speaker-cable-2-core-x-24-strand-50m-black-red/8160t I won't be drawing more than 21 amps from my whole circuit at any given time. Thanks!
  11. Quick question from the in law. What type of car battery to leisure battery arrangement do people go for here? The CTEK charger or the traditional split charge relay? The CTEK looks great my but goodness is it pricey! Any thoughts?
  12. Well, alas nothing has become of the saga. Much bother about nothing (Peeks out window as typing, notices van being pushed down road. ..) well, hopefully not anyway. The odd thing about talking to the chap in my encounter is he made zero eye contact, always looking away very bizarre. I know I'm and ugly ***** at times, but even still. So I think the best policy is just to be as polite as possible to them. Even going on about the Virgin Mary, religious talk and proclaiming mortal devotion to the Catholic church can also win respect so I have heard as some of them are very "religious". I hate to be negative, hence my concern but I for one know if they want it they'll have it. I'm convinced that all those alarms, chains, alko locks only buy you a small amount of extra time. The good ones know how the gadgets work "....tinkers" and I'm sure 30 minutes is all they need for anything. Can't argue with 3 or for guys with gas torches and bolt cutters. ..I even read somewhere of a caravan behind reinforced bollards being lifted out on a crane. And that's probably why I'd never spent over 5 grand on a van. For those spending 30k+, put another 30m aside to build your own fort knox!!
  13. £5 places are an absolute gem!! Rarer than hens teeth though these days. Completely agree, it would be ideal if one could filter on things they don't want. 99% of what I'm finding looks like Pontin wannabies. Defeats the point of caravaning / camping IMO, the concept of getting away from it all and just enjoying nature in peace. No EHU needed. I'm a one man band for the most part so my power use is very limited especially in summer with my modest solar setup. Just to clarify, being a non club member this means I can't use their facilities, right? Or are there some that are an exception to this rule without having to pay 3x per night.
  14. It seems like *UKCS* is swamped in holiday parks and only club sites! I'm only interested in the really basic independent ones and prefer not to pay more than £10 a night. You know, the good old really quiet back to basics in nature type with only a field with a tap in it. Finding them seems to be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Can anyone give me any pointers on how to find these ones only? Trouble is, I realize these ones are less likely to put ads on websites as they don't the money to justify it.
  15. I did. The 5kg cylinders are. Too big Actually, rather than the pricey gaslow system I've been looking at the fix fire extinguisher shaped tanks on ebay. I'm thinking if I could attach an under slung gas tank inside my locker, that may be way cheaper. I wonder how feasible this is. I have much more horizontalyl space than vertically which is what limits me to these eeny weeny teeny bottles.
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