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  1. Sounds like a plan Stevan! I'll give it a try as and when. I totally agree with your conclusion - sadly!
  2. Thanks to all who replied. I think I'll try the fishing line trick, as I agree with everyone who suggested that it is only fixed by sealant. It'll be a while before I can do it, as 'van is back in store. As Rodders 53 said - why so difficult? I'll report back, in time, when I've done it. By the way,the replacement unit has the 13a socket and cover in situ. Thanks again to all.
  3. I need to replace the mains outlet on my 565. I have the new unit, but I can't see how to remove the existing one. I have attached photos which should clarify my query. Any help would be appreciated. There are four of these objects around the edge. Sorry! Don't know what went wrong with post. Hope you can make sense of it!
  4. Thanks John, I’ll give it a try,
  5. Basic question, where can I get a replacement ? 2015 VIP . Thanks!
  6. Thank you one and all, you've reassured me! Thanks.
  7. Hi, has anyone fitted a "rollout" awning to the awning rail of their coachman. The weights quoted for the cassettes are in the region of 11Kg. My concern is - can the awning rail take this sort of weigh?
  8. Job done, thanks to all! I had to remove the rail and refit the end toprunner end (the end away from the wardrobe.) Al fine now, SWMBO says it's never been right! Thanks again.
  9. Thanks, I'll search and give it a try!
  10. One of our dogs decided to try to go through the central divider when it was part closed. The result is that the upper fixing is hanging loose and so the whole thing "sways in the breeze" and is unuseable. How is/was the upper fixing attached? Could we have lost a part during the collision? Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. Unless you drive an articulated LGV or a PCV with trailer - you don't need the. Only a B+E for a 'van!
  12. Hi Haweye How did you address your request to LV? I'm sure many of us have the towing vehicle and the towed vehicle insured by different companies. Thanks. Adrian.
  13. Keep safe and thanks again for all your interesting reads agin this trip
  14. AS usual, informed and informative. Thank you again and hope you have a safe trip home. All best wishes, Adrian.
  15. Thanks for suggestions. Took drawer out completely, clever neighbour remounted runners further forward on drawer sides - making sure it closed - drawer now opens just over half way. Sorted.
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