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  1. "I will now ensure the cassette is removed between trips to ensure no long term unnecessary pressure on the seal," I wonder if you could explain this statement, like where does the pressure originate? Thanks!
  2. We too prefer our Starclass
  3. Thanks, that confirmed my thoughts. More things to take!
  4. Caravan has Snipe dome fitted, with Avtex receiver with built in tuner. What do I need to receive other than FTA channels. We have SKY at home how can we receive in 'van? Thanks Standrew.
  5. Thank you, DACS clear explanation! Thanks. Thank you Pabst, resourceful!
  6. Hi KnausCol and DACS Yes, we realise that the underfloor only operates on hook up, but my question is - why 24v? Some mysterious teutonic system? DACS, no, I realised that it wasn't 220/240v, I merely wondered why 24v. Thank you both Standrew.
  7. Thanks both! I will investigate. Forgive my ignorance, but why is there a step down transformer? Where does the 24v come from? Thanks again standrew
  8. Does anyone know the current/wattage of the underfloor heating in a Knaus starclass 565? I have searched - to no avail! Thanks.
  9. Re dometic toilet. Despite liberal application on silicone grease, it still leaks. amy interest stems from this and another forum where posters have had the dometic unit replaced with a Thetford. How difficult is this? The flush filler inlet doesn't match (apparently). Is it straightforward to connect to the pumped water inlet?
  10. I would appreciate contact/advice re-replacing that Dometic disaster!
  11. FAO Richardandros, just bought a Knaus Starclass 565 - which is (in our opinion) a super piece of kit. However the Dometic CTW 4110 is not a "super piece of kit", we have decided to bin the unit and replace it with a Thetford. Merely a matter of finding a competent "van engineer to do it. Yes, it will be pricey, but as this is probably our last 'van, it is an easy decision. Any recommends for SE Hampshire? Thanks!
  12. Yup, it was a corroded earth return. I cleaned it and stripped back, applied electrolube and all is well!
  13. Thanks Ian, will check at same time.
  14. Thank you both, I'll grovel under the 'van to where the control box is and test the connections etc. It'll take a day or so, as 'van is stored away from home. Thanks again, I'll report.
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