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  1. This powering down has just started happening to our avtex. We have had it since nov. 13 without problems, same sockets, same plug. it's just now started powering down when battery level falls from full, 13. 7-13. 8volts to something below 13. 4-5v. if it is the van wiring it would have done this from the start. mystery, have emaled avtex but just setting off for 3 weeks wildcamping in Denmark so not well chuffed. we are getting less than 60 mins viewing before it powers down. even when the sun is shinning and solar panels putting loads into the 2 leusure batteries wired in parallel.
  2. WE tried to visit this site in September. Unfortunately it was fully booked, apparently often so with many 'long term' campers.
  3. We have exactly the same problem as morningstar except our status is a 315 and the digitv has the freeviewbox already inside the tv set. The setup and signal inside the house works a1. however the van parked on the drive gets no signal at all. in the house we have a dinosour aerial system, so no new antenna or technology there. inside the van there seems no difference when the booster box is on or off or excluded from the circuit. anybody been inside a status dome to check if everything is wired up ok?
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