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  1. Ive got one of these, works OK for my needs and pretty cost effective at £50 / £70 depending if its on sale. It also has dual TS9 ports: https://www.tabletphonecase.com/netgear-aircard-762s-mobile-hotspot?___store=uk&gclid=CjwKCAjwrPCGBhALEiwAUl9X0wF_bhuzQn9tC_ayInTuigA64tpn7soLDl3h9X_kOiarAKY7MVxPJRoCh00QAvD_BwE
  2. I didnt realise you could you regular Talk / text & data SIM's in MiFi units nowadays. I recall trying this a couple of years ago and 'regular' PAYG SIM cards wouldnt work for me? It looks like Smarty SIM's work in MiFi, has anyone else tried the other networks to see if they also work? Or have I missed the point completely and you are in fact just buying a data only bundle on Smarty
  3. Hi Folks, For those who can appreciate a functional gadget, a friend of mine picked up one of these just before Christmas: http://www. amazon. co. uk/Superspot%C2%AE-Router-5200mAh-External-Battery/dp/B00RD02GH0/ref=aag_m_pw_dp?ie=UTF8&m=AQ96ETND6NOZ8 Its essentially an unlocked 3G/4G mifi unit but its also a power bank so you can charge your phone from it and if you only have an Ethernet connection it can convert it to wifi. It looks a bit toy like but he reports it works brilliantly. Thought I would share in case its of any use to my fellow Vanners. Regards, Jon.
  4. Um, was thinking more about the U bend?
  5. I read recently to put antifreeze down the plug holes to prevent freezing. Personally, I'm not sure I like the idea of antifreeze as it will have to come out at some point and can be harmful to animals etc but was wondering about vodka or better still a winter mix of screen wash? Thoughts. ...
  6. My daughter is on 3 and whilst it's really very good, the coverage is quite as good as EE from our experience (all using iPhones for comparison). Regards, Jon.
  7. Do any of these sims expire regardless of if they have been activated or not? I'm sure I read somewhere that they do, something about ofcom and recycling telephone numbers? Don't think so. It can be topped up online for different data amounts but not 90 days.
  8. Thanks for the replies Guys, I will proceed with caution. I had seen something about the fan upgrade, it would appear some people have done it and some haven't with no reported issues (yet). I made an enquiry today with a well respected local outfit and they have recommended the Westfalia detachable with OE electrics which they have confirmed will work as specified with the fridge / battery charger and vehicle stability programme. Mentioned the fan upgrade, they said that they have heard about it on VW and also BMW vehicles but thought it was more relevant to hotter climates etc. they said I should talk to my supplying dealer. Regards, Jon.
  9. Which tow bars do you Touareg owners have fitted? I'm considering buying a pre reg vehicle and will need a tow bar, can't decide what make to go for (I want detachable). Many thanks, Jon.
  10. Any updates on this saga? Got me concerned as I'm literally about to commit to buying a pre reg VW Tourareg (no option for a factory fit tow bar) so am looking at getting something aftermarket. I was drawn to the Westfalia but not so sure now? Hope you get sorted. Regards, Jon.
  11. I have a good quality 3G / 4G antenna and it works very well indeed for me. I used to put my mifi in the roof light or in extreme cases outside In a box but no need now. Especially with my new EE Buzzard device plugged into the van 247. No more needing to charge up my mifi etc. only £59 inc 2 GB of data, bit of a bargain IMO.
  12. Hey Mike, Sounds like you have had a good result getting one of the 10GB EE sims to work. Re the signal drop, have you since closed your blinds? I find that closing my concertina blinds in our van pretty much wipes out my cellular signal (regardless of network) unless I'm on top of a transmitter. That one of the reasons I purchased the external antenna. Regards, Jon.
  13. Sounds good, might give that a go for £20? Have you had any errors with it, are the maps accurate? Regards, Jon.
  14. http://www. techradar. com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/4g-and-lte-everything-you-need-to-know-926835/2#articleContent http://www. bbc. co. uk/news/technology-26546100 Im not very techie on this stuff so I can only go on what I (skim) read up on (links above). It looks to me like EE have more on tap than anyone else and also have a piece of all three bands? Also, is their 3G suffering? That's not what's implied in the BBC article above, I doubt that EE could be rated the best UK operator if they had let 3G slip for the sake of 4G. Anyway, I'm still thrilled with my set up. Kind regards, Jon.
  15. [quote name="tictag" post="1033729" timestamp="1400585415" My installation (1,600W inverter) is attached for information. Such an installation, whilst fun imho, is quite an electrical challenge. My installation includes a solar controller, monitoring and protection devices so this is likely a bit more complicated that you'd need but hopefully you can make out the inverter and cabling. Nice, very impressive installation (not that I'm 100% sure what I'm looking at!). Have you done a write up on that? Wouldn't mind having a read to understand it all a bit better. Regards, Jon.
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