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  1. A friend was telling me that this afternoon he passed a caravan that had lost a wheel. When he got home and was putting his van into storage he checked his wheel nuts to find that one nut on each side was loose. I just wondered, does anyone use the "pointy things" that hgvs etc use to indicate that wheel nuts are tight?
  2. I was told that the fitting of the guide pipes to the S3, might (a) damage the flooring or ( go some way to invalidating the warranty, so I've not done it. Are we including S3 here?
  3. I'm a member of BOC, I have just looked at the site but didn't see the offer. Could you let me have a link please, Alan?
  4. Talking to my dealers service guys about my second service due in July, and mentioned that I would want the fluid renewed and that I would want the 5 year fluid. No problem, except that they want the van for a full day just to renew the fluid, and at a cost of £199. 00. Reasonable or OTT costwise please? Coincidentally I went to a local guy (he can do my service, but is not able to do warranty repairs) and mentioned the same to him. He thought the cost was not too bad, but suggested that I check the colour of the existing fluid, saying he would be a bit surprised if there was not 5 year fluid in the system already, and that a simple check of the colour would tell me. He says that 2 year is blue, 5 year is pink. He said also that he had not bought blue fluid for "possibly 12-18 months?". Any thoughts?
  5. An inline island bed which is useable for a 6+ footer like me would be useful. To me, it's ridiculous that the bed in the Pamplona is only 5ft 10in long!
  6. Sorry, John, but here's a screenshot of the page:
  7. Tandem man says that the dealer did a good job with the repair but he was surprised Bailey had not been made the strip wider than the original, the inference being that his dealer had made a better job than they had at the factory. I know it's another inference, but it appear that the replacement strip is wider than the original. THAT'S Would be a modification.
  8. I know that the leak problem has been covered here a number of times, but this is the first time I have seen that a modification is available; previously it was just the repair of the leak. My question was really - should I be reactive or proactive, now I know a 'standard' solution is available, and maybe get something done sooner rather than later?
  9. Just found this on the Bailey Owners Facebook site. "As the owner of a Unicorn Cordoba S3 we have just found out that there is apparently a modification available to the roof joint towards the rear of the caravan. We have suffered condensation in this area, but have now been informed by our dealer this morning that there is a change to be made under warranty. Others with this series and with similar roof joints might want ti investigate." If this is true, do we a) form an orderly queue, wait for the dealer to call us, or c) wait for a leak to occur/reoccur and then have it done whilst the van is in for the repair?
  10. I understand about not blocking gas vents, but the gas is turned off at the regulator, AND the gas bottles are actually behind my shed! There simply IS no gas in the van so that point doesn't stand up I'm afraid. I'm keeping the vents covered to keep the mice out. As far as damp absorption is concerned, it seems the jury is still out.
  11. I'm about to put the Cadiz away for the winter, but could do with some advice please. Gas vents - I like to cover them all to stop little furry animals getting who might just damage furnishings etc. I have found just two vents, one in the cupboard under the sink, next to the gas taps, and one in the cupboard under the oven. Are there any others please? Apart from drain down of all water, including toilet header tank, etc. what else should I be doing?
  12. What's the waiting time? I have to say I have enjoyed reading you on here, and will miss you! Enjoy.
  13. Dorema want £35 carriage (I assume total cost, not each way), plus 'nominal' costs if slider, new stopends, etc. will resolve, or £90 for a new zip. I think I'll try the zip repair products at less than a tenner first. Nothing to lose. .....
  14. One of the end zips on my awning has somehow been damaged. The zip side has pulled out of the slider whilst the awning is erected. There are two zips on this wall, but wouldn't you know, the side that has pulled out is the 'wrong' side. It's not just a question of unzipping the whole end wall and rezipping it. Is there any easy way of getting the zip to work properly again, or is it likely to be a full zip replacement job by please? What needs to be done is to remove the slider from one side and fit it on the other. Easier said than done!
  15. Surely this can be avoided bu using a separate waste pipe on each of the two outlets, running them both into the wastemaster. The hole is large enough to accommodate both pipes. If (like me) you have a joiner, that's when you might get some back flow etc.
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