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  1. Atty

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    Pump-King price is cheaper than supermarkets around here !! Llew - you are lucky to have cheaper fuel readily available.
  2. Atty

    Mains cable problem

    Could be a dodgy pin on the plug ?? Rather than just re-terminate it, replace the plug as well.
  3. Atty

    Battery Charging

    My battery supported by 100w solar panel always appeared OK until last week. Now at my expense, I had failed to check and top up my battery, it's completely useless after adding about a litre of distilled water and trying to charge it by several alternative means. Can get no more than 8 volts.
  4. Atty

    caravan paint colour

    Yes. An option to a paint job, does anybody know the cost of getting the side panels wrapped ?? Atty
  5. Atty

    Car electrics

    OP quotes "no power at all, lights indicators nothing," Possibly disconnected earth ?? Atty
  6. Atty

    Avtex odd problem.

    Mate of mine had similar problem, it was the cable from the wall plate to the set that was faulty, proved by lending him my connecting cable.
  7. Atty

    Draft skirt

    +1 I have used one for at least 5 yrs.
  8. Atty

    Key Safe

    +1, 2 or was it 3 !!!
  9. Atty

    Caravan Levelling

    +1 I am more than pleased with Lock n Level
  10. Atty

    Caravan puncture in France

    Sorry folks, just ignore my question, I appear to have at least half a dozen copies now !! Atty
  11. Atty

    Caravan puncture in France

    I cannot access the Modification document ??? Is it me or can anybody suggest what I need to do ? Atty
  12. Atty


    All done, Thanks AJ.
  13. Atty

    Who needs the keys to steal a vehicle?

    Central locking !! Try tugging all the doors, quite by accident found n/s rear door wasn't locking, could have been like it for weeks/months/years.
  14. Atty

    Thank You

    I would like to thank all the members who respond regularly to issues, with good practical advice. I decided I could no longer tolerate the movement of the kitchen tap body every time I wanted to use it. Having read and absorbed information given by our trusted members over many years, I decided to tackle the problem. Within 10 minutes, with aid of a small 10mm ring spanner, job done via the top fridge vent. Thank you Atty