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  1. I must be lucky !! Van parked under open sky with 100w panel, keeps battery fully charged with Phantom tracker and alarm system even during winter months.
  2. Definitely safer to remove ehu lead before moving, a few years ago I witnessed a motor home destroy a power bollard whilst attempting to leave a site.
  3. I don't understand the term "slidetightener". I have a Cadiz about same age as yours and had the same problem. The tap was secured by a bolt and nut between the two pipe connections. I managed to access it through the fridge vent, a small 10mm spanner I believe. If you view the replacement taps on the Prima site you will see tap fixing bolt, nut and washer illustrated.
  4. To see message below from Surrey Police Do you recognise this caravan? We're appealing for the public's help after a white Hobby prestige caravan was found abandoned on Desborough Island next to the rifle club in Weybridge. We believe that the caravan has been previously stolen and all attempts to find the owner have proved unsuccessful. As part of our investigation, we have contacted the manufacturer of the caravan who has confirmed that the VIN plate has been tampered with and is false. We are keen to reunite this caravan with its owner and you can help us by sharing our appeal far and wide! If you recognise this caravan, you might have information which could help us with our investigation. Please call 01483 571212 or tell us more via our website quoting reference number PR/ 45190034421. You can also give information, 100% anonymously, to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or through their anonymous online form which is available on their website.
  5. Bear in mind that it seems to take for ever to purge the fridge pilot of air !
  6. Pleased to report our cheapest supermarket price £1.269p - Pump King price this week £1.255
  7. Atty

    Corelle Plates etc

    +1, might rattle a bit, never any damage.
  8. Pump-King price is cheaper than supermarkets around here !! Llew - you are lucky to have cheaper fuel readily available.
  9. Could be a dodgy pin on the plug ?? Rather than just re-terminate it, replace the plug as well.
  10. My battery supported by 100w solar panel always appeared OK until last week. Now at my expense, I had failed to check and top up my battery, it's completely useless after adding about a litre of distilled water and trying to charge it by several alternative means. Can get no more than 8 volts.
  11. Yes. An option to a paint job, does anybody know the cost of getting the side panels wrapped ?? Atty
  12. Atty

    Car electrics

    OP quotes "no power at all, lights indicators nothing," Possibly disconnected earth ?? Atty
  13. Mate of mine had similar problem, it was the cable from the wall plate to the set that was faulty, proved by lending him my connecting cable.
  14. +1 I have used one for at least 5 yrs.
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