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  1. I explained this reason to a lady friend of mine a few years back. She still to this day closes her eyes when she starts her car for fear of it exploding Sometimes ignorance is bliss :huh:
  2. This is why the AA would advise to connect the -ve to the engine or other earth. If you're sure the battery is not leaking, best results come from connecting direct to battery posts.
  3. The 'Sky+' app is very useful to me. Allows you to set programs to record at home when you're away. Also the 'Sky go' app allows you to watch Sky on the move but it will eat into your data.
  4. Just to add to Col's reply, some older engines such as my Shogun should only use mineral oil, as (semi) synthetic oil can cause oil seals in these engines to prematurely fail. Also mineral oil should be changed more regularly, every 5-7k miles or so especially with higher mileage.
  5. Only for the first time it happens, the second time it's the right leg
  6. There's mugs too. .. http://static. neatos. ..98-l. jpg?v=4398
  7. Could be the friction pads on the alko hitch need replaced, doubtfull though as it's such a new caravan. Gas bottle or anything else in the front locker securely fastened?
  8. And they say technology has moved on? :huh: Changed the battery in my old tractor a couple of weeks ago. The only thing I had to do was reset the clock!
  9. I wouldn't want to put big holes in my caravan roof just to anchor down my dish! It's the Avtec auto dish that I have. It has 4 suckers to stick it to the roof but I can never reach the two furthest away it's fine so long as there isn't a northerly wind. ...which it was on this occasion, and quite strong gusts too
  10. Or MeldrewDickinson(esque). He's another David from Cheshire ^_^
  11. According to the OP it would very much depend on how much money you had. ..
  12. IMO you've done the right thing. Don't look on it as having wasted £95 but instead you've saved yourself £2500. Damp caravans can be difficult to sell on and cost an arm and a leg to put right. Either way you'll lose money on them. Have a look round local dealers and try to get a warranty which includes damp. Keep looking, there is always a deal to be had
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