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  1. hi yes I have a drone. after a lot of looking around I went for the dji phantom 3, wow what a great bit of kit camera quality is amazing and its so easy to fly, auto take of and landings, return to home, circle points of interest just a few of the great things it can do, as well as altitude hold and gps. great bit of kit, martin
  2. Hi all just like to say we have just had new tyres fitted to our bailey pegasus and opted for a pair of dunlop tyres, fitted by tyres on the drive and can only say we were so impressed by there service from start to finish we were kept so well imformed and so professional we would definatly recommended them, martin
  3. We recently had an aldi store open near us, whilst browsing round the store I came across there dash cam maxtek on offer at 19. 99. Wow I thought cant be that gd but its worth a shot, can only say brilliant, so clear even at night and hd, so glad and pleased with the purchase well recomended,
  4. Im with you craig I fitted my own to my rav4 after dealer wanted 900 quid, and the last towbar on my previous hyundia tucson fitted through a main dealer ( farmed out to a mobile muppet) could have caught the lot on fire, saved me a fortune and its done properly and its the same make as the main dealer one, the hardest part was making sure I had the correct one as there are about 4 different ones for the rav, way to go and would sure do it again
  5. hi, east crinnis is a good site danny is great to deal with, we have used the site for the past 4 years, having said that we are moving to little winnock at London apprentice great reviews and we use goran heaven beach so go past this site lots and it always looks spotless, very good value as our first week is 7 nights for the price of 5 bargain, good luck
  6. Hi there, we have a 59 plate rav 4 2. 2 vtr 4 wheel drive think its the same model as yours, I fitted my own towbar with detachable ball some 2 years ago,purchased from flea bay if you personal message me I will try to send you a link, I did join the rav 4 owners cub forum online and got hold of a guy on there that could get a good discount on dedicated 13pin electric kit, the whole thing was so easy t fit, the whole lot was around 3 hundred quid but the garage I purchased the car from wanted around a grand for the same kit, we tow a bailey pegasus 534 with ours and its brill hope this helps
  7. I looked at the camptech awnings last year and decided on a very nice used ventura,purchased from canvas love at limpsham, there were some problems with the zips in the camptech range and new ones were fitted to 2016 models on, so you should be fine on the later models,
  8. We had the same dilemma at the end of last year, we ended up with a very nice secound hand ventura atlantic for not alot of money and are well chuffed with it, excellent quality that will last us years, we bought it from a local dealer thats near us in sumerset but does courier worth a look, called canvos love, if you can view he will even erect for you to view, martin
  9. Not sure there would have been 100cm as it went past the bedroom window but can't be sure sorry.
  10. Hi we have the pegasus 534 not sure if its alot different to yours, we had the kampa rally ace that was 4mtrs long, it fitted nicely between the front side window and door (whenr opened back) and stopped just after the window by the bed, hope its of some help to you, but we have now gone back to full size ventura atlantic as its quicker to put together, martin
  11. hi, we tend to do as march cooking on the bbq or in the microwave when we are away as it feels more like a holiday that way lol, martin
  12. Hi a few years back we used a caravan club cl site called venndown farmhouse near camelford beautiful site all weather and a cracking view, we had a lovely weeks stay there, enjoy, martin
  13. Hi guys our sat receiver went up in smoke a few weeks ago and ive been looking around for a replacement, we decided to go food shopping at a larger tesco store about 20 mins drive from home, couldnt believe our luck in the electronics isle i spotted a manhatten freesat hd receiver for a bargain 35 quid, end of line, thats us sorted for a few years, they were fetching more than that secound hand on ebay, martin
  14. Hi just been offered the above xl porch awning my van is in storage and I just wandered anybody useing a 3. 2 mtr porch awning on the pegasus 534 does it fit between the windows either side if the door, any help would be gd thanks martin
  15. Thanks very informative will give it a try, martin
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