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  1. I have an Isabella Magnum Coal on a Unicorn 4 Valencia which clears the window.. The near side of your Cabrera looks the same as the Valencia (apart from the locker). I use the roof strap as a guide when drawing the awning along the channel.
  2. I had this problem and added a one way valve on the intake side of the pump. It cured the problem but made the pump operation very noisy. I have since removed the one way valve and the issue has gone. Perhaps the grit became dislodged from the pump!
  3. Same here! About a year ago had water running from top corner, was a crack in ABS panel. Changed under warranty and no problems since. I'd get it checked out as soon as possible.
  4. Have you tried Magnum Motorhomes on Convamore Road, Grimsby ( 01472 353520)? They may be able to help if you give them the size / shape etc. I have found some difficult to source parts there many times.
  5. No reason to be "blackballed", I just seem to be ignored by the forum. My user names appear in the user list but I still have no passwords. It's sooooo frustrating! I've had two serious breakdowns with my "57" plate Santa Fe and I'd like to see if others have had similar experiences on the owners club forum.
  6. Has anyone been able to register with the Owners Club Forum? I've tried twice with different email addresses but never got a password sent. I've also emailed the administrators twice using the contact form on the forum but again no response. Do they have a problem or have I been "blackballed"?
  7. Sorry for late reply to Rob T s post, been away on business. The gauze filters are in the middle arm of each brass Tee. You need to unscrew the white plastic union to see the filter and its O-Rings. Cheers
  8. My Indiana had the problem of the pump becoming noisy and I also noticed a reduction in pressure. I have found that the valves on each side of the pump incorporate a metal gauze filter. The gauze on the input side had become clogged with black particles and hence the pump was working hard to suck in the water. Having cleaned this out I now have a pump which purrs rather than knocks. It may be that the initial use of a new filter released some charcoal particles which blocked the gauze filter.
  9. If you have BT Broadband at home you can have BT Openzone for £5+Vat per month for 500 minutes a month. This works out much more reasonable.
  10. We ordered our Indiana in October and collected it last week. We were told that Bailey were ahead of their build schedule for Senators
  11. Graham385


    Try a set of white "rope" lights. We switched to these after we saw them used on dark nights in France. The light is excellent (enough to read), low wattage, and very "warm" looking. You will need an external plug socket though.
  12. If it's just dust and rainwater that has dirtied the awning then I'd recommend lots of clean water and a clean soft brush ( the type on a long handle available in caravan accesory shops). My awning was new this year and has been up since May. This weekend I cleaned it as above and it looks as good as new.
  13. Graham385


    Where did that final comment come from??? I see this sort of post more frequently these days. Out of Order in my opinion Totally agree - the comment has been removed my Admin.
  14. I have exactly the same problem which occured on Monday. My dealer has one in stock and waiting for collection. Incidentally this is a common occurance with Baileys of this age and they now recomend using a 16A MCB as replacement. Swopping is easy!
  15. Following advice in this thread I have mounted my pump on 12mm ply with two layers of carpet underlay bonded to it. This was then bonded to the floor to make a sturdy mounting which is insulated from the 'van floor by the flexible underlay. The pump runs much quieter now. Sorted! Thanks
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