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  1. I had an email from above today which included details of special offer on caravan club vouchers. Spend £100 and get £120 worth of vouchers. Excellent deal! Iv'e purchased £600 worth for £500. Can't wait to start spending them. Not valid on CL'S or affiliated sites, but they don't have an expiry date.
  2. Thanks for your review, we are looking at booking our first visit there, next year! Sounds like we won't be disappointed!
  3. I managed to book on-line this morning, but it took a couple of hrs to get logged in. We don't want school holidays, but have already planned a route and particular sites where we wanted to stop, touring Devon and Cornwall in early July. Booked for Easter too while I was at it. Can't wait till we are retired and can enjoy days and weeks away, booking last minute, or not, as the case may be. Happy Caravanning in 2014 to all!
  4. Hi, as a pair of newbie's too, our advice is limited. We bought our 1st van a couple of years ago, not a 450 though, ours is a 490 (2004). The caravan is very well made, we are delighted with ours. We had looked around for a 2nd hand van and in our opinion Sterling looked the business. We have had no problems whatsoever with it. Ours tows like a dream, we load our van over the axle ( as advised), we tow with a Kia Sorrento. I am sure someone with a lot more knowledge will be along to give you advice.
  5. Already planning our holiday in Cornwall next year and reading reviews on here is extremely helpful, thanks, keep them coming!
  6. It was busy, but we enjoyed it. No, we didn't get a doorbin for the fridge (it fits on the inside of the fridge door), will look online and pay the postage!
  7. Thanks for info, I have found the part that I want, was just wondering if I could save on postage! Will take all relevant information with me, I may be able to order one there, thanks again.
  8. Hi Just wondered if anyone had the answer to my question regarding spares? I want a doorbin for my Thetford fridge and just wondered if the stalls at the show stock any spare parts? We are going along on Sunday, it's our first time, so haven't got a clue what to expect? Thanks.
  9. http://www. peakdistrictonline. co. uk/things-to-do-in-the-peak-district-c1103. html The Peak District is a beautiful place, we are lucky it is on our doorstep. Plenty to see and do, it comes highly recommended!
  10. We have booked at Upper Hurst Farm in Hartington May Bank Holiday. Really hoping for some good weather this year!
  11. We have booked 3 nights over the May Day Bank Holiday. The site looks lovely on the website and the owner Sue sounds really nice and helpful. Can't wait, fingers crossed for some good weather!
  12. The good news is, the jet stream is moving away. ........can't wait! Just spent a week in Barmston (just outside Bridlington). Love our van & love walking but 14 hrs of rain last Wednesday was terrible. Yes, we relaxed, but after 12 hrs, the sound of the rain on the van. ................bloomin terrible! I then suffered with a bad back, due to lack of exercise! As we have a large long haired GSD who is getting on a bit, it's not fair to get him wet through, he takes a long time to dry out & his arthritic knees can't cope with it. Did enjoy our break, but no doubt about it, a bit of
  13. Well said majorraglan, original poster (Robbie) just wanted sensible answer to a sensible question. Hope he finds what he is looking for.
  14. It certainly is interesting Rita, I won't get to near the edge, I don't like heights anyway. Looks like a lot of it has eroded. Looks nice & secluded too, which is ideal when we are walking the dogs. Can see the Italian & the pub, the menu looks good, I checked it out!
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