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  1. I looked for one of these a few years ago and in the end went for a Asus VivoMini. The main reason was because it had an optical out which i needed to plug into my amp. It was a pretty good spec and easy to up grade. I shoved an SSD for the operating system and a big HDD for data. I have to say it has been a super bit of kit The other alternative might be an Intel Nuc or a Gigabyte Brix. There are quite a few on the market. Some will mount on the back of a TV or monitor using the VEGA bracket.
  2. Active Cruise Control - Mercedes Distronic

    Thanks everyone - not decided yet but good advice from you all
  3. Active Cruise Control - Mercedes Distronic

    Was the towbar fully wired or did you have to request for it to be done?
  4. Changing my car and Mercedes E class Estate is looking to be top of the list. Looking at the Drivers Assistance Plus with the Distronic Active Cruise control - anyone use this for towing or in fact any Active Cruise Control (as opposed to "normal" cruise control) It isn't a cheap option and I would probably only use it for towing (which I do quite a fair bit of). I have no interest in getting into a using cruise control or not argument as I have used it for towing for many years and see no issues but have never had an active cruise control
  5. Endon Cottage Campsite

    Has anyone stayed at Endon Cottage Campsite in Hulme End near Hartington? Any comments?
  6. Coffee machine

    You can get stainless steel filters for the Aeropress- The Oomph looks really good though I hate instant coffee with a vengeance. Most of out time away is off grid and we have tried all sorts of Cafetieres, stove tops, filter jugs, coffee bags. The Aeropress is simple to use, quick, easy to clean and the messy grounds just pop out into the bin
  7. 2 Clutch Autos

    I had a spec B Legacy Tourer 3. 0R. It was a brilliant car. It was the auto and it went like stink. It also drank like petrol for fun. I wish they did a decent diesel to compete with the likes of Audi and BMW and went back to being a bit more quirky
  8. New Company Tug E Class Estate 220d 4matic

    The only one big enough is the V90 and I couldn't get AWD in my price range
  9. I am looking at changing my Company BMW X3 in January and was thinking of a Mercedes E Class 220D 4Matic. I have a read a couple of reviews but neither really helped much. Does anyone tow with an E class Estate 220D? Are they any good? One of the reviews I read was a tad negative Any other ideas? I need a huge boot for the dogs, low CO2 so I don’t get battered too much by HMRC, AWD or 4WD and needs to be around the 42K mark I seem to remember someone buying an E class estate recently
  10. Air Awning Recomendation

    Had a Kampa Air Pro 420 for two seasons now and it has been up and down like a fiddlers elbow. No problems except for condensation and that was cured using a roof liner. Very stable in some horrendous winds and never let us down. Also use a Sunncamp Swift 260 for weekends and that is pretty good too - very easy to erect and take down which is why we bought it I wouldn't go back to a traditional pole awning now.
  11. Charging 18v Dc Bluetooth Speaker

    Thanks everyone I think I am sorted one way or another.
  12. I have a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker the charger 240v which converts to 18V DC. I want to charge this off grid. I have an inverter which will do the job but it seems a bit of overkill to convert 12v DC to 240v AC and then back to 18v DC I was thinking of using a car lap top charger which will convert 12v to 18v. Has anyone used one of these or can recommend one? There are quite a few cheap Chinese units on a certain auction site but the safety aspect does concern me a little
  13. My Favourite Feature

    http://www. k9gates. co. uk/