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  1. Ah didn't realise that - that's a big help
  2. For a number reasons the site we used to use on the Northumbrian cost we don't to use anymore I haven't been a member of either of the clubs but thinking of rejoining as our holiday patterns are likely to change over the next few years Are there any decent CL sites on or very near the coast in Northumberland before i take the plunge
  3. I think as some others have said a freestanding option might be better. The speakers / location in my 2015 Sterling didn't sound at all good so I bought a Roberts DAB/ FM/ Internet/ Bluetooth radio with a rechargeable battery which I can charge through 12v during the day when I have plenty of Solar power. Wasn't cheap but probably not much more than a decent car stereo and speakers.
  4. Time for a new battery. I have a motor mover which I have to use to get on and off my short but steep drive and 120 watts of Solar. I always go off grid but can charge batteries from home or from my car. I have been offered a 95AH Category A AGM battery or 110AH category B sealed both are Yuasa Halfords. 110AH is £20 cheaper Any opinions on what I would be better going for?
  5. My E class 2018 220D 4matic Estate will hit 28-32 MPG towing a similar weight caravan. They are pretty good on fuel
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20-LED-MOTION-SENSOR-CARAVAN-SOLAR-LIGHT-AWNING-RAIL-STOPS-IMPROVED-VERSION/183924423896?hash=item2ad2bffcd8:g:iXsAAOSwVYhb-WxH
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/30-LED-Solar-PIR-motion-sensor-light-slides-on-caravan-motorhome-awning-rail-/113769066488 Like this?
  8. Or you could turn right (south) and walk up the miles of Beadnell Bay over the headland and to that horrible little pub The Ship at Newton By The Sea. Only trouble is they have their own micro brewery so you have to drink home brew.... It is a fair walk though
  9. Yes it does and in hindsight I should have done it myself. The guy who filled was actually the owner of the gas supplier who supply and fill their own branded gas throughout the area and are suppliers of Safefill cylinders.I thought I was in safe hands...... I would never let anyone else fill my cylinder but myself Always fill it on the flat and try and fill just before the OPD operates. I have to say though I love Safefill saved me £100s of pounds as I am nearly always off grid
  10. My Safefill was over filled a year or so ago. I went to my local Autogas supplier and one of the attendants "kindly" filled the cylinder for me and it got overfilled. Luckily no damage was caused. I did notice when he filled it he had it tilted as he was filling it - just an observation but I did wonder if this caused the OPD to fail. Filled the bottle many times since then and never had a problem. The OPD usually operates a couple of cm below the red cap of the bottle
  11. I am going to have to find a way of child / dog proofing my caravan door. One of the dogs has worked out he push the handle down and open the door. Thankfully, he didn’t go anywhere just stayed in the windbreak garden. He does this at home and opens the doors quite nonchalantly so I was expecting him to suss it at some point It is the newer black and silver Hartal lock with the pull handle not the grey and beige one. I cannot find a proprietary cover so if anyone has any ideas or has done this please let me know Failing this I will need to get a frame lock which I am loathe to do because I think they look awful however any advice on these would help as well
  12. Would you not need a DVB tuner? https://www.tektouch.net/TV/tv-usb-stick-laptops.php#HaupWi
  13. My Mercedes E Class does the same. Quite weird and not always 100% effective
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