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  1. Yes it does and in hindsight I should have done it myself. The guy who filled was actually the owner of the gas supplier who supply and fill their own branded gas throughout the area and are suppliers of Safefill cylinders.I thought I was in safe hands...... I would never let anyone else fill my cylinder but myself Always fill it on the flat and try and fill just before the OPD operates. I have to say though I love Safefill saved me £100s of pounds as I am nearly always off grid
  2. My Safefill was over filled a year or so ago. I went to my local Autogas supplier and one of the attendants "kindly" filled the cylinder for me and it got overfilled. Luckily no damage was caused. I did notice when he filled it he had it tilted as he was filling it - just an observation but I did wonder if this caused the OPD to fail. Filled the bottle many times since then and never had a problem. The OPD usually operates a couple of cm below the red cap of the bottle
  3. I am going to have to find a way of child / dog proofing my caravan door. One of the dogs has worked out he push the handle down and open the door. Thankfully, he didn’t go anywhere just stayed in the windbreak garden. He does this at home and opens the doors quite nonchalantly so I was expecting him to suss it at some point It is the newer black and silver Hartal lock with the pull handle not the grey and beige one. I cannot find a proprietary cover so if anyone has any ideas or has done this please let me know Failing this I will need to get a frame lock which I am loathe to do because I think they look awful however any advice on these would help as well
  4. Would you not need a DVB tuner? https://www.tektouch.net/TV/tv-usb-stick-laptops.php#HaupWi
  5. My Mercedes E Class does the same. Quite weird and not always 100% effective
  6. Folding campers and trailer tents - Having had a few and looked at many in the past I always felt that Conway / Pennine were always just a little bit better quality then the other brands. Of course this is just an opinion Our Conway Crusader was like new when it was sold at 12 years old and it got plenty of use
  7. Had a 2. 0 diesel auto BMW X3. Great car all round. Great tow car. Towed a 1550 kg Sterling no problems. Very stable. Much better than my current Mercedes E class estate as a tow car. Would agree with the 27-30mpg. Didn't have any problems in 4 years and 60K+ miles. Funnily enough I might be looking at a Sorento next
  8. It might be out of my price range - I will be a poor pensioner by the the time I come to buy my it! . I am a big Audi fan though my wife still has my 10 plate ex company A6 Avant. Still a great car I quite fancied the Sorento because of the 7 year warranty. Hopefully I will get the E class on the cheap . ... though I doubt it I have to say always liked the Touareg but BIK killed it as a company car so never really considered it that much
  9. Thanks all looking like it won't fit width wise in the Sorento any how. Not that is a deal breaker Have to look at the Touarag anyway
  10. Interesting I was always under the impression the boot was on the small size last time I looked - I will go and have a look. Unfortunately the cage doesn't come out of the car that easily but I reckon if it fits the bottom of the boot it will fit for height. What sort of MPG do you get with your VW? Touaregs are good value for money at the moment with the new model released
  11. Yes I want to see if the dog cage from my E-class will fit so no passengers in the second row but I still want the seats in place but pushed up to give me maximum room. My dog cage is 1067mm x 1067mm. The height won't be an issue I would love a Touareg like you have but the boot is too small
  12. Could anyone who has the new model do me a huge favour? I need some dimensions of the boot This is with the 3rd row of seats folded flat Minimum width and maximum length with the second row of seats pushed forward as far as they can go. Much appreciated if someone could
  13. Yes would have to be an Auto and KX3 was the spec I was looking at.
  14. What age is the KX1 and are you happy with it?
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