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  1. Happy Jack

    Is gas worth it.

    Horses for courses really. I have been away 70 days this and never used a hook up. On the few occasions they were available it would have been more cost effective to use gas (Safefill) and solar. Last year was about the same and the year before we did use EHU for 4 days but didn't have much with that as it was a commercial site and it was the package for caravans.
  2. Happy Jack

    Mercedes E class

    2018 220D E Class SE Estate 4matic. Lovely car. Quick, smooth and very economical but I would say on balance the BMW X3 was a better tow car. The Merc is a bit twitchy on the motorway when being overtaken by wagons. Nothing dramatic but the BMW I felt was a bit more stable and I felt more confident in it, This may be due to the longer overhang and softer suspension Plenty of pulling power though. Factory fitted electronically retractable tow bar all fully wired.
  3. Happy Jack

    dometic fridge light

    You can just push in the door switch which turns the light on and off on our fridge. There have been quite a few well documented problems of fridges alarming due to condensation getting in the the interior light circuit board and the fridge lights not going fully off. This the causes the fridge to alarm as if the door is open. We have had this a few times.
  4. Happy Jack

    Bmw Factory Fit Tow Hitch And Electrics

    My 2018 Mercedes E class was the same. Fully wire no issues BMW X3 4 years ago didn't fully wire the tow bar and it was very expensive for the dealer to do it on the BMW retracting tow bar
  5. We are in the same position. 1600 kg van up a very steep drive. We have to make sure the jockey wheel will fit in the slots on the sleeve and wind it right down to the floor as far as we can to stop the van from bottoming out. Powrtouch Evolution has no problem in getting the van up the drive
  6. Does anyone use a key safe for storing car keys and the like in the van? Anyone recommend any?
  7. Happy Jack

    Jormax, cornishwindbreaks or other

    I have Jormax and they are very good. A bit more expensive the Cornish Windbreaks but personally I prefer the Aluminium poles. It can be easily erected with one person and is very easy to clean. Very stable in windy conditions of you opt for the Vision mesh
  8. Happy Jack

    Are Haven having a joke.

    £897 a week?
  9. Happy Jack

    On board chargers Vs Ctek

    I was coming to that conclusion myself. 3 year warranty on the battery but by the time I have messed about I can just get a new one. E I just wondered if there was any mileage in getting a smart charger but Will put it on charge for 48 hours and see what comes up
  10. Happy Jack

    On board chargers Vs Ctek

    Charger Voltage was above 14V not sure what it was. There are regulators on the Solar panels
  11. Happy Jack

    On board chargers Vs Ctek

    110 AH drops to 12. 3 v minimum I had never seen it below that Recently it has dropped to 12. 1 v I am going to leave it on charge for 48 hours and see what happens. It was on charge for 24 hours and only got up to 12. 6 v and that was immediately after charging
  12. Happy Jack

    On board chargers Vs Ctek

    The BATTERY was purchased in September 2015 and fitted in September 2015 by myself
  13. Happy Jack

    On board chargers Vs Ctek

    The battery is only two years old. It was bought in September 2015. Charged with a 40 watt and 100 watt solar panels and on the drive prior to going away which is every weekend pretty much from Easter to end of October
  14. On-board chargers Vs Ctek Smart Chargers I have a 2015 Sterling Eccles Quartz. Is the on-board charger as good as a Ctek MX3. 8? Is it worthwhile getting a Ctek to keep the battery in good condition? I have noticed the battery voltage isn’t holding as much as it usually does and wondered if a smart charger my help condition the battery We rarely have a hook up so rely on the battery and the Solar panels we have.
  15. I looked for one of these a few years ago and in the end went for a Asus VivoMini. The main reason was because it had an optical out which i needed to plug into my amp. It was a pretty good spec and easy to up grade. I shoved an SSD for the operating system and a big HDD for data. I have to say it has been a super bit of kit The other alternative might be an Intel Nuc or a Gigabyte Brix. There are quite a few on the market. Some will mount on the back of a TV or monitor using the VEGA bracket.