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  1. I believe the correct date is 1st January 1997!
  2. Deno

    Caravan recovery

    I'm intrigued - which insurance would that be Car, Caravan, Personal Travel or Breakdown?
  3. It looks like it has a 13 to 7pin adapter in it. If you lift the flap and twist the socket 90 degrees anticlockwise the adapter should pull out leaving the original 13 pin socket.
  4. Is there any way you could post up a picture of the said S & F towbar. I have just taken delivery of a V90 with the Volvo electric tow bar fitted by the dealer and find it hard to believe how a seven pin socket could have been fitted as the socket and wiring is an integral part of the tow ball arm not bolted on the side like traditional ones. If I get a minute later today I'll post up a photo of mine for comparison.
  5. I hope thats not a photograph of the afore mentioned motorhome, if so I think its little out of order posting it up here for all to see. It's not even been established that its against the rules. What exactly is your objection - was the site full and so depriving someone of a place or just that you think it's "against the rules". If the latter then just report it to the CAMC - they love rules and rule breakers but hardly the crime of the century is it? Deno
  6. The one common denominator here is the tube/spigot, if there is any scoring along it's length where inserted into the fitting it will leak. Check the spigot and if its scored shorten it if you can and reassert into the fitting. As long as the end is squarely cut and the tube is smooth it should seal perfectly. Just thinking out loud here the spigots are smooth aren't they and not serrated? Deno
  7. I've just this morning received the V5c for my, new to me, car. On the front page in large type it clearly states "This document is not proof of ownership". It seems to me the Caravan and Motorhome Club might be incorrect in their assertions. It would probably be more appropriate to carry a copy of the sales invoice/receipt for proof of ownership particularly for the caravan. Either way your'e right to be ticked off with the dealers for not getting the documentation out sooner.
  8. We have a Project 2000 pull out step fitted to our caravan and it works fine, it came as a standard fit (Hymer). Its a manual one but I'm pretty sure an electric version is available. I'm not aware there any chassis reinforcements as such but If I go up to the van over the weekend (it's in storage) i'l take a photo and post it up here. Deno
  9. Thanks for that - I just thought some one on here may already know.
  10. Does anybody know if this will cover the A22 in the Algarve - doesn't it operate on a different system to the other motorways in Portugal? Deno
  11. It'll be a problem with Schaudt Elektrblock or the panel either way they are plug and play. Try these guys they carry out repairs http://www. aandncaravanservices. co. uk/schaudt-elektroblock. php. and may do service exchange units. Deno
  12. Sounds like you don't have any 12v supply so it's possibly the battery thats duff or the Power supply unit/charger. If its Alde heating it needs 12v to run the circulation pump, the fridge also needs 12v for the circuit board to operate as does the water pump and likewise the lighting is probably all 12v. I would check the battery first and see if its has a charge and then the charger to check any output together with any associated fuses. I'm assuming the van is relatively modern as per your post picture/avatar Deno
  13. There is only one reason a company moves production to Easter Europe - to reduce manufacturing costs - nothing more, nothing less, its simple economics, labour is cheaper in Rumania. Lower unit cost = higher margins. The savings will be quite significant so any additional bulk transports costs are easily absorbed. Do we know if they have actually opened their own factory or are simply using a third party contractor which is the norm these days, saves all the palaver of buying /renting property and minimises set up costs. Just transfer the tooling and Bobs your uncle. It could be a steep learning curve so quality might suffer in the short term but if they've gone about it correctly and transferred gradually they'll probably be OK. Their not the first and won't be the last.
  14. Hi Hymers tend to have a dedicated spare wheel mount in the front locker on the left hand side - both of mine have. Nose weight shouldn't be a problem as Hymer's have a longer A frame than UK vans and so the wheel sits further back thus placing the wheel nearer the axle line. Deno
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