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  1. Not a problem when there is another vent underneath the oven! It baffles me why they even fit this one! Oh, and don't try the RIDDOR route - it only affects employers and places of work. Before retirement I was a H&S Supervisor grade.......
  2. It is an air inlet vent to feed air supply to the cooker. They are fitted to be compliant with gas regulations. Having said that most caravans are a leaky as a sieve for air, so if it is causing a draught stuffing it with a piece of sponge will do no harm.
  3. The fridge, the water heater, the space heater if separate, and the microwave are normally connected by 13A plugs. Remove every plug and then try the MCB. If it doesn't trip replace the plugs one by one - I would try the fridge first followed by the water heater as these two have heating elements that could short. The OP hasn't answered one important question: is it an MCB that is tripping the bollard or is the device he is operating actually the RCD (the breaker with a little test button?) If the former it is likely an electrical fault on the circuit that the MCB protects although nothing has been mentioned about the small bang often heard when an MCB trips: if it is the RCD then the fault could be anywhere on the mains circuits, even inside the power box which suggests possibly the 12V PSU/charger. As said early on, if the OP needs to ask these questions then (no offence) he is not competent to find the fault and should get help from someone who is.
  4. Front assist sensitivity can be changed without going into settings. If ACC is active just pressing the left OK button on the steering wheel will change/cycle through it. For those that haven't found it yet, the rocker around the left OK button changes cruise speed in steps of 5mph; pressing the res and set buttons WITH NO FEET ON THE PEDALS changes it by 1mph.
  5. The front where the key goes in may fit the power outlet socket box, but the back of the switch would never fit in there - its far too big. Just leave it where it is and enjoy life.
  6. Doesn't matter if it is in warranty or not. If you get the same SD card that the dealer uses - as I did - then all that changes is the firmware version on one screen - oh and you stop complaining about it. There is no way that they can tell whether you or a dealer supplied the card. For the record I updated mine and the car is still in warranty.
  7. Caravan Guard do new for old. Readers should remember that in most cases domestic all-risks insurance should cover you in the caravan.
  8. The OP should dig down into the menus and find the page that gives all of the firmware versions and write them down, then go digging in the Interweb to find the version he has and the number of the latest version. Depending on exactly which model the OP has it is necessary to load the map files onto either a USB stick or a SD card. There will be information supplied on how to do it. For map updates its always a good idea to search on eBay. VW allow you to do your own updates so I downloaded it, put it on the SD card (you use the same card) and tried to load it. Would it load? Would it heck. I went on eBay and found the card I need brand new and packaged. Worked first time. Cost me about £26 compared with well north of a ton from a dealer.
  9. I have never used a (BP as-was) gaslight but I was always under the impression they are Propane. You can always ask FloGas (HQ Doncaster) who are very helpful, but their web site says a 27mm clip-on regulator which being red confirms it is Propane.
  10. Er, what is a USB antenna? USB is a serial data connection...... I would advise anyone to be slightly wary of some TP-Link products as they do things you don't expect. For example one of their recent plug-in wi-fi extender units (R200?) checks to see what time stations it can find and then pings one of them to get the time - this happens about every 6 seconds. It means this unit ALONE uses about 720Mb every month - not much good if you are on a 1GB download limit? There's no guarantee that the unit above doesn't do the same.
  11. Connect your PC or laptop to the unit by wi-fi. If you are using W10 from the desktop type system and click on System Information Click on the + by Components, then Network, then Adapter. Scroll down on the right to Default IP Gateway - should be something like - note this down. Exit back to your desktop Open a browser and type the number above into the URL bar - NOTHING ELSE - just the number like with the full stops as shown, and hit enter. You will be asked for username and password both of which are admin (lower case) This will take you into the built-in setup pages. Find what you want, change it, and click apply. Log out when finished.
  12. Correction there Dave. There is nothing about age and an aerial connection, it is just down to the manufacturer whether the device has an aerial socket or not. There are several old and modern Huawei units that have aerial connections - single or double - but few other makes have them (bearing in mind that most branded products are made by Huawei bar the EE models which are Alcatel.)
  13. I think you are confused. A mi-fi unit is a device that connects to the cellular system and produces a local wi-fi field for you to connect you phone/tablet/laptop. You are thus connected to the Internet by cellular data. The Solwise 3000 - as far as I can see - is a device that connects to a wi-fi signal and gives a USB connection, i.e. to make a PC or laptop that does not have built-in wi-fi work with a local wi-fi presence. You could use the Solwise 3000 to provide you with Internet connection through cellular for a device that does not have built-in wifi, but it seems an awfully conplex way of doing it when you can get a USB dongle into which you insert a SIM card and does the same job.
  14. You were using sat when near Wells with Mendip transmitter towering over you?
  15. There is a municipal which can also be a holiday site (so choose your time well) just outside St Girons south of Toulouse. St Girons has a market like you would not believe and fruit and veg to die for, although I admit it may be a bit off your route. There is a rather nice site withing walking distance of the town centre of Cahors - where they make <very> good wine mainly red. If you want to go north from Pau, Bordeaux is a good stopping off point especially to visit the beautiful wine town of St Emilion and any number of wine areas such as Medoc. There is a municipal in the castle at Blaye about 25miles NW of Bordeaux and where there is a ferry across the Gironde estuary to the Medoc area - €16.20 high season for car+2, €10.60 in low season. Then further north if you go via Poitiers look at the municipal at Chinon (south side of river, west of bridge.) Lovely old town with a huge castle which was the main home of Henry II. Its only 8 miles to the confluence of the Vienne (Chinon) and the Loire with Saumur 8 miles up the road. There is also the magnificent abbey at Fontevraud where Richard III is buried.
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