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  1. Quite simple: when ordering a vehicle from a dealer, when you sign the order write on it that the towing electrics must be complete with charging and fridge wiring, and get the dealer to sign it as well. Then if it arrives without the connections (in whatever form) they are in breach of contract and you have them over a barrel. If the dealer won't sign it just walk away. When we bought a Passat Estate Executive Style in 2015 the dealer quoted for the towbar to be fitted that came to just under a grand. He specifically noted that an additional cable at a cost of just about £100 was needed
  2. Beware of putting a socket below the mains outlet - what happens if you insert a plug with a fixed cable support that will not bend very much? 12V socket unusable. You can get ready wired 2-pin non-reversible waterproof connectors that would fit inside the housing with just a cable going through the wall. Have a look at item 251989513838 on eBay to see what I mean - rated 14A!
  3. I would suggest that you read the item above again. The monitoring is suggested would be aggregated and not vehicle specific, and could be read at the annual test but would NOT be real time. It specifically says that forcing hybrids into EV mode would be done by GPS, not by the EU.
  4. The AL-KO axle is actually a pack of three(?) rubber 'rods' inside the metal tube. When twisted by the suspension they attempt to restore themselves to the normal rest position. This should result in a minimum gap of 25mm between the top of the tyre and the wheel housing when the caravan is not loaded. The dealer is telling you that the rubber is tired and not restoring itself, and if you ask for a new axle they will quote you well into four figures. However, there were problems with the AL-KO axle on chassis fitted to Bailey caravans around 2015/2016 and it is possible you have on
  5. A useful tool to have if not already is a contactless mains detector. You just waft it around near any cable or device carrying mains and it will light up and beep. Toolstation or Screwfix sell them. First off remove mains and take the front off the power box where you will find the switched mode power supply - SMPS - (not a controlled charger) in the top. The mains input is a kettle plug in the side and they are notorious for falling out - or more correctly vibrating loose so as not to make a contact. Restore the mains and using your contactless mains detector hold it near the ket
  6. I did almost exactly the same as that with our (then) Pegasus 462. However rather than have cables which could in time break through vibration or flexing I drilled a hole in the left side panel of the battery box maybe and inch down and two inches back, put a back-to-back F-type socket adapter in it and attached a fixed cable inside the caravan up to the outlet plate. This meant that everything was fixed rigid and it was just a case of attaching the cable from the dish. Never gave a moments problem in 6 years anywhere in UK or Europe (mostly before the days of Astra 2F/G!!)
  7. Check the batteries in your remote. With Powrtouch if the batteries are low/dying when you press and hold any one button all of the LEDs adjacent to the buttons will light up together. If the batteries are good then only the LED adjacent to the button being pressed will light. If the batteries are dying the caravan will usually move 2-3ft and stop and not respond to any other button press until you have waited doing nothing for maybe a minute or three.
  8. Could it be that the handbook is generic? In some countries in Europe - Belgium for one - it is illegal to use cruise control on the motorways and I have a suspicion it applies to towing anywhere as well?
  9. Been there, done that....... BUT you only do it ONCE!!
  10. Er, didn't I tell you to look at the other settings. When you get a chance try connecting a laptop to the mifi using a micro USB (i.e. charging) cable. To get access you will need to know the default address of the mifi which may be printed on the case or if it has a removable case back it could be on the inside of it. It will likely be (note the full stops.) You open a browser (Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox or whatever - I would suggest Firefox) and type that number set into the address bar - no www or the like just the numbers with the full stops. When you hit return you sho
  11. If your TV aerial doesn't work you are very likely doing it wrong. If you supply more info someone (even me) will point you in the right direction. Sky will likely not supply a second Q box as contractually you are only ever supposed to use your Sky box (of any type) at one address - the one registered with Sky. I may however be corrected. We carry Freesat-from-Sky with an old Sky+HD box (actually a multi-room box which has no recording capability) when out of the UK or anywhere in the UK where TV reception is advertised as 'poor.' You only need a simple dish but I would buy a 60-65c
  12. Note that Renault/Nissan/Mitsubishi are pulling the Mitsubishi brand from the European market to be kept as home market models.
  13. Erm, have you tried opening the PIR to see if there's a spider inside leaving it muddy bootmarks all over the sensor? Very very common problem.
  14. This may sound a silly question but am I right in assuming you are 'talking' to this unit from a desktop/laptop with a micro USB cable? Normally Huawei will use admin (lower case) both for username and password (or sometimes just for the password with the username blank) - it is unusual to have 'none' in text, it would more likely be blank. Once you are into the settings - the unit should have its own full web server hence my query above - the details to enter for the APN should be obvious. APN settings will show you what you need to set - it is the last few lines under
  15. As MartinJB's link says it is likely the APN file has not been set up, get the settings right and it will fly. The link that Martin gives has the correct settings so once set up correctly it should work. (Incidentally I can't find a 5585 - is that correct?) I have two (or is it 3?) Huawei 4G mi-fi units and they work a treat and are amazingly fast even on a weak signal.
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