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  1. Muc-Off pushbike cleaner. Not cheap but works wonders. Tip #1: check prices at Halfords - very often well discounted especially the 5L bottle. Currently on offer at £19.79 saving £7.20 but have bought it as low as £14.99 and it lasts <ages.> Tip #2: put ¼-½ a cupful into your car washer bottle and you will never have any smear - even removes wax from the windscreen after a car wash. Bio-degradable and water soluble.
  2. There is a small clear flat plastic stopper in the end of each rail. It needs pushing with a small screwdriver to uncatch it then the curtains will slide out.
  3. The thermocouple is a cheap bit of kit and very easy to replace BUT unfortunately it should now be done by someone registered as Gas Safe. Your choice.
  4. Seat are generally very good cars but - in your application - they may have a disadvantage. in my experience of Seat they tend to be the sporty arm of VAG and are geared as such. Ergo they may not be the best vehicle for towing. I would heartily recommend a long test drive (even hire one for 48 hours) to make sure it fits the bill.
  5. There are three CMC sites in that area which are respectable. Black Horse Farm near Hawkinge just north of Folkestone - very popular for ferries - with shop and pub just across the road. What the CMC insist on called Battle Normanhurst Court which is the grounds of a long since demolished house. Daleacres at West Hythe and close to the coast.
  6. Woodentop

    Tyre test

    I think the law is 'appropriate tyres' so I guess they would deem snow tyres to be unsuitable for dry smooth roads. Of course snow tyres on smooth dry tarmac wear much more quickly than summer tyres.
  7. Woodentop

    Tyre test

    I was in Switzerland near Zurich at the end of October about a decade ago. We got up first morning there to find about 4" of snow. Our hosts both looked shot at when they arrived. Turned out they had both had to get up at 5am to change their wheels to those shod in winter/snow tyres which is the law. Trouble was that in both cases they had to do two cars - the being that used by the Management! (Note, everyone seems to have two sets of wheels and in most cases if the summer tyre is on alloys, then so are their winter tyres. Didn't help that being the end of October the trees still had much of their leaf cover on them - and it was a horribly wind morning (with falling snow in places.) Traffic was chaotic due to roads blocked by fallen trees! Next morning most of the snow was gone so they had to get up early again to change the wheels back!
  8. And it won't help anyone that Dronfield is in DERBYSHIRE!!
  9. Two aspects there: Association for people who have retired from work and taken up caravanning? Association for people who have retired from caravanning?
  10. I didn't say you would need new number plates. What I did say is that the ring of stars on the plate is an EU thing so if we are not part of the EU then we are using them illegally and hence the whole plate could be defined as illegal <in the EU.>. Cover the ring of stars and the GB left behind would likely not be compliant in this country as the plate does not meet with UK regs. Ergo you will need the big old oval GB sticker as well.
  11. Probably one of the best buys - if he can find one at the right price - is a Rover 75 D and preferably an estate. Well made, BMW engine, and (I am told) <very> economical to run. You also get plenty of bells and whistles, good comfortable leather seats. 50 miles in that would not be at all tiring.
  12. 3G tops out on a good signal at about 10Mb/s or so (in the real world.) 4G can theoretically get well into three figures but on a good signal high 40's should be easily achieved. It does depend to some extent on your ISP though. in my experience O2 is consistently better than the others with EE not far behind. There are many many places in rural areas that 3 have chosen not to install 4G.
  13. The other thing is that the ring of stars on your registration plate will make the plate invalid in the EU. You will doubtless have to cover the ring which means the associated GB is also effectively not acceptable, hence why HMG has instructed all UK vehicles will need the old, big, oval GB sticker to travel in the EU. You couldn't make it up, could you?
  14. And that is why you need a different IDP for Spain than anywhere else. Spain adheres to the 1949 Geneva Convention whereas the rest of the EU adheres to the Vienna Convention. I always thought the idea of the EU was that everyone conformed to the same rules? I don't have a card licence - yet - but doesn't it have the EU ring of stars on the top left and/or a Union flag? When we leave the EU I think I heard that the presence of the ring of stars will make it invalid as far as the EU is concerned - so we're all going to have to get new licences - at £20 a pop no doubt!
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