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  1. As caravans in most European countries require their own registration one would have thought by definition there must be some sort of type approval system to ensure they are safe to be used on the road? Maybe you need to contact the Portugese vehicle tax authorities or perhaps even consider contacting the British Embassy for guidance?
  2. No offence and I know this will sound a silly question, but does a Class 1 HGV licence permit you to tow the same as B+E when it is a car and caravan/trailer?
  3. There is a specific number to ring if you have Covid symptoms - 119. I would have thought they would know, else NHS Direct on 111.
  4. Actually Andy, if it is a diesel, properly serviced and oil - fully synthetic - is changed every 20K or less most modern engines are good for 250K+ I had three diesel company cars (all Vauxhall) that were nearer 200K than 150K when they went back and they were still doing upper 40's mpg
  5. Silly questions: (a) is it the right size/type of wheel rim - the size should be stamped on it? (b) is it the right sized tyre? (c) is it located in the proper place in the locker?
  6. To the OP, two points. Suggest you ask the installer to fit a Westfalia detachable bar. Westfalia is the manufacturer of all factory fit towbars for VAG. You MUST make it a condition of contract with the installer that they fit the fridge wiring for the 13pin socket - it is usually not a standard fit on VAG especially aftermarket. Just write that it must have fridge wiring across the job card and sign it. The installer will also need to update the car ECU for towing. If the car has parking sensors that are associated with the radio display then if the ECU has been updated when you select reverse with the caravan plugged in the car diagram normally displayed will show as a car with A-frame. There are usually also two lights on the dash that go off together: if the caravan is detected one of these lights will go off about 2 seconds later than the other - from memory I think they are traction control and anti-skid but the installer should be able to show you.
  7. I would recheck that - a quick Google shows the towbar limit as 100Kg for all versions of the XC60.
  8. I cannot see why there should be any connection to the antenna supply output unless, as someone else said, you have an external aerial on the side of your caravan - usually Vision or Ring. This aerial needs a power supply as it has an amplifier in the base, but it only draws a few milliamps so should not cause the radio to get hot. If the radio is getting uncomfortably hot it suggests a fault. If it has two connectors on the back, one with the thicker power wires and the other with thinner speaker wires, disconnect the latter and see if the radio still gets hot. If it does try reducing the value of the supply fuse (usually 10A) to, say, 5A and then 3A and see if it blows without the speakers connected. If it does then there is a fault in the radio and it may need to be replaced (they don't service them these days; if it does not then reconnect the speakers and see what happens to the heat/fuse. If it gets hot with the speakers connected but not without then you have a speaker or wiring fault. Having said all that, could it just be lack of ventilation where the radio is fitted? Per the headset issue: if you go dig on eBay you will find a Bluetooth adapter which will connect to your TV headphone socket. The words to look for are 'low latency' or even better still 'extra low latency.' If you don't get that sort you will end of with unwatchably poor lip-sync. You could of course just get a headphone extension cable 3.5mm plug to 3.5mm socket - for that matter if you can handle an electronics soldering iron you can make such a cable yourself. If you get two of these Bluetooth adapters (most of them will act as a sender or a receiver) you can use it as a feed to the radio to improve the sound quality. However don't be tempted to use the SCART socket sound output connections as these are at constant level - unless of course your headphones have a volume control. PM me if you want more info or instruction.
  9. To clarify that, there are three weight limits - the maximum the caravan chassis/hitch will take which for most small/medium caravans with an Al-Ko chassis is 100Kg, the maximum the car will take, and the maximum the towbar will take. Whichever of these three is the lowest is the limit noseweight for the caravan. As stated above the recommended range is 5-7% of the MTPLM, so in your case about 75Kg, and the nearer you can get it to 75Kg the more stable towing will be. Having said that I usually leave it a little headroom for safety. Despite the light weights all around if your car is petrol you may find it hard work as it will need a lot of gear changing with resultant increased fuel consumption. If it is diesel you may find towing somewhat easier. Don't forget to put your car tyre pressures up. With a little trial and error will eventually find the right levels but it will do no harm to start with full load pressures on the car. If you and your passenger (assumed) are not too heavy then you may find you get better control if you only increase the front tyres by a smaller amount even if at all to make sure you keep good road contact for braking. Finally with a light setup as you have it is not a good idea to put too much weight at the back of the caravan as you can find yourself pulled by the slipstream of a passing larger vehicle and end up with the caravan acting like a pendulum. Try moving things around by putting heavier items in the caravan low down (i.e. on the floor) and across the axle as much as possible - and that includes your spare wheel. If it results in a lower noseweight ther is no worry provided it stays in the range. For example my Unicorn 4 Sierra (MTPLM 1450Kg) when empty (i.e. on collection) with only the battery and a motor mover as extra weight left me with 33Kg on the hitch. We loaded the van as best we knew how (we have been caravanning for 40+ years) the absolute maximum I could achieve was 52Kg and that is where we sit - just taking driving very carefully!
  10. If the pole is long enough stick the bottom well into the ground and fasten it to the front handles with a couple of zips. Did that for years before we got a van with an aerial!
  11. NO. The signals for Freesat come from the same satellites as Sky signals, they just have a different EPG and hence channel numbering. They will suffer the same issues as Sky in terms of reception but if you can get a usable signal then the Freesat box will work. Note that there are free channels on Sky that are not on Freesat - Ch4HD and Euronews being examples.
  12. Eriba are good but very heavy for their size. Incidently, Eriba is now the brand name for Hymer caravans, with Hymer being reserved for motorhomes.
  13. Not quite sure what you mean by an 80cm Sky dish? The elliptical dishes supplied by Sky are the equivalent of a 43cm ovoid for a Zone 1 dish, and a 55cm ovoid for a Zone 2 dish. Personally I would advise anyone to by an ovoid dish - 60 or 65cm for UK and N France/Belgium/part of Germany/part of Netherlands use - as it has a collar mounted LNB so never any problems of bits of plastic failing!
  14. You missed three important letters - VPN or virtual private network. Without a VPN if you try to get onto the UK channels from abroad you will either be rejected or, for example with the BBC, you will be automatically rerouted to www.bbc.com which carries their world TV and most of the time is rubbish, poorly edited and poorly controlled. What is more the BBC are getting quite smart with VPNs and if they think you are using them from overseas they will block them. Oh, and VPNs cost money. Have a look at this site and it will show you coverage of the UK channels. http://www.lyngsat-maps.com/footprints/Astra-2G-UK.html
  15. I think you will find from a bit of Googling that it is now an offence for anyone that is not Gas Safe registered to do anything with gas other than use it, turn it on or off, or in the case of a caravan change a gas bottle.
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