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  1. Modern cars have plug-in connections for their proprietry towbar wiring, hence the socket my be fully wired but the other end of the cable isn't. Its not just a case of adding a wire and a relay. The end of the cable from the socket will need to be wired to a specific point in the vehicle structure to ensure sufficient current availability, and the engine management computer will need to be told that towing wiring has been fitted - not least to stop the so-called smart alternator from switching off when it thinks the (car) battery charge level is correct. One thing you could do is dig into the fusebox and see if there is an allocation for the towing connections and if so if a fuse is present. If you do find such you will need a 15A fuse for the permanent live and a 20A fuse for the switched live (fridge). An under surface fridge typically draws 10A, the more modern and large uprights pull around 15A.
  2. Er, Dave, the photo shows the MCB as tripped but the RCD is still good. The only things on that MCB are the water heater and charger (actually power supply). This is an older van so it may still have mains reading lights - one assumes that they are switched off when the MCB trips? This suggests that, if it does not trip when the PSU is disconnected from the mains and the lights are off it must be the water heater. Isn't that connected by a 13A plug?
  3. I can only conclude that they have changed their own rules then. When we got our Seville in Jan last year (now discontinued in less than two years!!) I asked what is and is not included in the MRO and what I put in my contribution is exactly what I was told.
  4. It largely depends upon the manufacturer. For instance Bailey state: No water in the hot water section of the Alde against cc recommendation (cc=Caravan Council) No water in the toilet cistern also against cc recommendation They fit the spare wheel as standard but do not include it They fit a 100W solar panel as standard but do not include it They fit Tracker with its own support battery - admittedly only about 4.5Kg but it all adds up. They supply an Al-Ko wheel lock and DO include it The mains cable is also included. They supply a jack which IMSMC is not included A battery is more like 25Kg tops than 30Kg, and a mover (e.g. Powrtouch Evolution) is nearer or slightly under 30Kg Its all a fiddle to get the MIRO as low as possible so when they fudge the MTPLM to make the van appear to be better suited to be towed by a smaller car it still looks like a decent payload - which we all know is never enough!
  5. Er, no, not an over 65 card. It is a Senior Concessionary Travel Pass and you are eligible from your birthday equivalent to the female pension age at that time. I got mine when I was 61, my wife (two years younger) got hers at 64. The present concessionary age is 66 nationally. The Freedom Pass for London residents permits free travel on bus, tube, or overground within the Greater London area, and on buses nationally. We poor non-London residents only get free bus travel in London but even that is great fun especially if you get to ride on the top deck!
  6. Agreed Tracker is only free for three months, but then you have a choice of an annual subscription or a once off payment that lasts as long as you own the van - and its only about the cost of two subs. Do shop around though as you might be able to get it cheaper through the cc or C&CC.
  7. 2010 Peg 462 - best van we ever had.
  8. This suggests a voltage drop issue. Was the tug wired with the manufacturer kit or was it done by a third party? An under counter fridge draws about 10A but a tall fridge pulls 15A. It would be a good idea to check the battery voltage with the van disconnected from thecar, then with the van connected but without the engine running, then with the engine running, then with the engine running and the fridge switched on. Report back your findings and we will be able to give much more help.
  9. Freepoint UK is also good if you use CMC or C&CC sites and CLs/CSs. If you have GPS turned on it will show you which way to point the aerial from your exact position and for good luck it throws in the direction for a satellite dish as well!
  10. Beg to differ. Our U4 Seville was upgraded from 1326Kg to 1450Kg albeit 1450Kg was the already plated weight (in the gas box) and is the weight rating of the axle so no headroom.
  11. There should be a means of attaching the breakaway to the bar. If it is a fixed towball you can fit a 'pigtail' connector on one bolt (don't forget to renew the bolt - NEVER reuse a high tensile nut and bolt) and clip your cable to it. It terms of the bar, we had a Thule with removeable ball fitted in 2011 and there was a loop on the bar. Failing that if there is space you could loop the cable around the bar. One thing is certain: looping the cable around the ball is unacceptable in the Netherlands - it MUST be attached to the bar and if it isn't and you get pulled (and The Law are known to sit outside the dock gates in Europort) you face a hefty fine on the spot. There's a video on YouTube of a removable hitch dropping off and the caravan and towcar going along a motorway (M6?) almost in parallel until the van comes to a gentle stop against the central crash barrier.
  12. This is a little more complex than it might at first seem. Sidelights are fed on two different cables, one feeds nearside and registration plate, the other feeds offside. Both fuses blowing suggests a quite serious wiring fault or maybe even an insulation failure due to cable overheating. Either way it needs a careful and methodical approach to find out exactly what happens and when.
  13. Start by trying some traffic film remover - generally it works wonders. Actually so does Muck-Off! (It gets black streaks off your caravan as well like nothing else I have ever used.) If no joy go along to your local hand car wash and ask them if they will sell you a small amount of the ally wheel cleaning chemical they use (hopefully you can find someone who understands a smattering of English!) Our local one used to sell branded 5L bottles of it for a tenner and you only needed to spray it on at 10-20% dilution. Just make sure you wear good rubber gloves and avoid skin contact as it is highly irritating. They stopped doing that after they moved over to Auto-Glym products but whatever they use on wheels now still works wonders. My late f-in-l had a 208 the front wheels of which got very blackened from brake dust which he could not remove. I sprayed the wheels liberally with the stuff from my local wash, left it for a few minutes, sprayed it again and after further two minutes I jet washed them. Black dust all gone. Agreed a couple of the corners needed some agitation with a wheel brush but 99% of it went with the jet. They stayed clean for months after that.
  14. Don't bother - it will be. Your bank will never kill a DD unless it is instructed to do so. It is the standard procedure (at least in this country) for the holder of a DD to kill it on their own system if it has not be used for 13 months and they should then apply to you bank to renew it. If they don't, or they ask your bank for funds before the statement date they have told your bank when they renewed it, your bank will quite rightly refuse to pay it. I suspect the only solution is to mail or write to Liber-t and ask them to confirm that your DD is still active on their system. You can at the same time ask them why their system will not permit you to pay your AAPR invoice by another method. Hopefully there will be someone there that can understand English - so keep the text simple.
  15. They were but then dropped the idea. Essentially the only lightweight you can now get is a Gaslight from Flo-Gas who now own the brand, but there is a catch. If you look at flogas.ie you will find a 5Kg costs €21 for the gas and €15 for the cylinder service charge (their name for the rental contract with Calor) which is the equivalent of about £33.50 at today's exchange rate - and you can order it on line. The only place you can easily get them in the UK is Homebase which will knock you back the princely sum of £68!!! As the cylinder deposit appears to be £12.50 this means you are paying £55.50 for 5Kg of Propane which will only cost almost exactly one third of that in the RoI. I call that a rip-off.
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