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  1. I use MuckOff which is technically and off-road push bike cleaner (Halfords stock it.) I just spray it on, leave it for a few minutes, then using a long-handled car brush wash it over and off. Works a treat.
  2. In most cases you can find the tourist offices on line. The address will be www.{placename}.fr or you can Google {placename} tourist information Many of the cities and larger towns offer English (look for a Union or US flag symbol) and if you want sites (particularly the municipals) in the area look for a heading in the town/city info of Campings.
  3. The easy way to find out what is available when you are on site is to dig into your phone setup and find the way to select the network manually. It will take a minute or two whilst it scans but eventually it will show you all of the SPs and the bands of those SPs on which it can find a signal. You can then chose which SP to use. Then just cancel the search and your phone will revert to your normal operator. One thing not mentioned is that if you connect your mi-fi to a laptop with a phone charging cable, open a browser, and enter its IP address (usually you will get into the mi-fi built-in web server and from there you can send and receive texts, i.e. on a SP other than your own. Most of them allow you to do it from the mi-fi screen as well but it is very tedious.
  4. Why buy Audi when you can get a Passat estate allroad for much less? If you want even more space get a Skoda Superb AWD estate - they are massive! Both will cost you at least half a leg less that the A6. Les will be along shortly to tell you how good the Passat AWD really is. We are on our third Passat estate (all non AWD) and would find it hard to change save possibly to a Superb or Kodiaq!
  5. I think you have done yourself. First off if Management has a mobile phone why not try it as a hotspot? If the signal is good it will work very well, especially if the phone is 4G and the data charges go against the business. Second you could have bought the Huawei mi-fi unit unlocked for less than £65. They do have the benefit that they will download faster on 4G - a phone might do 20Mb/s, I've had 42Mb/s out of my Huawei on EE. Third, if you need to resort to an external aerial you are pushing your luck, i.e. if the mi-fi won't work in your rooflight or even in the car next to the caravan window, it will be borderline that it works on an external aerial of the type shown. How they can claim the antenna gain that they do baffles me. 26dBd (the 28dBi is a theoretical figure) is 20 times - and it doesn't even have a whip aerial of any form that I can see! Finally and fortunately, you are not stuck with 3 as all kit they supply is unlocked. You can at least carry a selection of SIMs in case you are not in 3 coverage. We go to a CL in E Somerset which has an electricity pylon about 700m away with VF and O2 on it both 4G, and a 3 small tower about 1Km away in the other direction carrying 3 and EE. The only catch is that 3 does not have 4G, only 3G on this site but EE has 4G. That begs the question why do the other three SPs consider that the area (rural) warrants 4G but 3 don't? Having said that the owner of the CL (now I have put him wise) uses his phone as a hotspot on 3 and gets 10Mb/s which should be fast enough for most people in your situation (the site owner's landline speed (fibre not available) is a max of 2Mb/s) I think the Kuma information is incorrect. In most cases - and certainly in my experience with Huawei - a mi-fi unit will allow ten simultaneous wi-fi connections, not five as they claim. As for streaming, using SD you use about 1Gb per hour and only need about 5Mb/s data speed to get a decent picture.
  6. Back in the day most vehicles had dynamos that would only supply 15-20A typically and then only when the engine revs were raised - they didn't charge at tickover. A modern alternator will have a minimum output on most cars of 45A and in many cases/bigger engines of even 55A or more. They also charge at tickover.
  7. The main issue with the unit (technically a constant voltage switched mode power supply or SMPS) on most Baileys is poor ventilation. A friend fixed it easily. He got two very small (like 1.5inch) 12V computer fans, wired them in series so that they run much slower than usual, and fitted one blowing in over the grille on the upper left side panel of the power box and the other sucking out over the grille on the right of the top panel of the power box. It is not intended to blow the SMPS cool but rather just to provide some air movement which the location hampers considerably. There is a fan inside the SMPS if it gets too hot but too often this fan either seizes due to muck or lack of use, or the temperature sensing switch inside the SMPS fails - or both. You need to put a switch on the external fans so that they only run when you want them to and not at night even though they are very quiet! The direction of rotation and air flow on such fans is embossed into the outside of the fan casing.
  8. Well not quite. The GPS satellites have a time counter that counts weeks amongst other things and which has a maximum count of 1024 (actually 0-1023.) At 1023+1 the week counter goes to zero. The week counter was due to hit week 1023 on April 6th this year. As designers of satnavs don't expect them to last more than maybe 5 years - modern throw-away culture? - they didn't bother to think about the possibility of their item still running in April 2019 so ignored it until around the middle of this decade. Hence older satnavs that don't have the necessary firmware to be able to handle a rollover from 1023 to 0 will either stop working or more likely show the date as being in 1999.
  9. AFAIK only Audi in VAG ask for money to update the maps. For VW (and I think Skoda and Seat as well) it is free and on line.
  10. Slight correction: ALL tablets have a GPS chip inside (and for that matter phones as well) but not all manufacturers allow the (Android) operating system to access it. I have a Moto G5 which GSMArena will show you has GPS and Gorilla glass, but the UK one don't.
  11. Ah, so no worries about Alzheimer's then?
  12. No, you contact the DEALER only. Your contract is with the dealer and it is their responsibility to resolve the problem with or without help from the manufacturer. If they cannot or refuse to resolve it on a caravan still under warranty you have the right to reject it.
  13. We had the same problem on our Peg 462 except it was half way up the corner. My solution (as we were in France) was to get a roll of Glazing Tape (Scotch as it happened) and some meths. I very very carefully and gently wiped the whole area with meths on some kitchen roll and left it to dry. Then I gently warmed the area around and below and above the crack. Finally I cut a length of the tape well longer than the crack, held it vertically alongside the crack, touched the edge farthest from the crack to the wall and very gently rolled the tape across the crack. I repeated the same from the other side, and now having effectively strengthened the structure I rolled one across the middle and one each across the top and bottom horizontally. It was still perfectly sound weeks later when we got home despite having towed it probably 1500 miles around France! We had the wall replaced (nearly £300 inc labour) and it was distinctly noticeable that the replacement was significantly thicker than the original. Bailey cutting corners on cost again no doubt?
  14. Pedant mode? As far as I'm concerned - being way way north of Watford Gap - anything inside the M25 is London, and anything inside the North and South Circulars is Central London. In other words, London is worst overall, media comes from London, ergo they insist on telling us it is a national problem when in fact it isn't. If you leave London (inside M25) out of the equation the number of places getting anywhere near the limit can almost be counted on fingers and toes - and then it is generally only around the beginning and ending of the working day. D'oh!
  15. Why change from diesel? Petrol produces much more CO2 than any diesel, uses much more fuel when towing, and takes a lot more driving solo or towing as they don't have the considerable low-end torque of a diesel. As for pollution - and we're talking oxides of Nitrogen - a Euro6 (which any car made after early 2015 will be) in most cases means the DPF removes all particulates (soot) and the engine management keeps the oxides almost immeasurably low. Agreed most cars are above the intended maximum level but compared even with Euro5 it is still extremely low. I read the other day that Merc and another (can't remember which it was) are now doing diesels with oxides below the maximum so cleaner is coming. Don't forget that the panic actions in terms of emissions (like the London ULEZ) are never explained to the public. In practice there are only a few dozen places in the whole of England - and about a third or more of those are in Central London - where oxide levels are even approaching dangerous and then only for relatively short periods of the day. Note that the media always says that the oxides are <thought> to contribute to the early death of some people - there is as yet no definitive proof that they do. I'll get my fireproof clothing out......
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