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  1. Putting a suitably rated diode in series with the live wire will drop 0.6V
  2. A better buy is item 95426 from Screwfix. It comprises a digital multimeter, a mains testing 13A unit (checks polarity and earth), and a contactless mains detector pen. OK £20 but you will have everything you will ever need.
  3. I know that when I had the tyres changed and balanced on our last van - a Pegasus 462 - the difference was really noticeable, smooth, quieter, and more stable.
  4. I am puzzled how the Victron can provide a controlled charge <and> act as a PSU simultaneously with only one output?
  5. Well yes and no. Yes it is a comprehensive and probably very effective smart battery charger, but caravans need either a power supply as you already have that will both float charge the battery and provide a large dump of current to power 12V items in the caravan as well, or they need a unit that provides independent dual function - battery charge and caravan power.
  6. I may have misread but I take it as meaning that the generator is providing 230V for the fridge? If so don't forget that the fridge is supplied through a standard 13A plug which may have a fuse in it that is blown. For other readers as well as the OP, if you don't have testing kit get item 95426 from Screwfix which comprises a 13A test/polarity plug, a useful digital multimeter, and a no-contact mains tester. The latter is just held near a mains cable or socket and it will light up and beep if mains is present. I would never be without one now.
  7. Silly question but the slide is fitted the right way round, isn't it?
  8. Blame my son - he started it all in this house!!
  9. Equally a Tesla in 'partial' auto mode (whatever that is) piled a Highway Patrol car in Orlando at about 04:30 on Monday morning (30th Aug.) The officer had stopped to assist a disabled driver so was not in the car and thankfully both were unhurt. Google it and you will see what a mess the Tesla made of the B&W! Tesla have 'declined to comment' it seems.
  10. Do a bit of Googling about new EU 2019/2044 regs (which were promulgated in 2019 so the UK agreed to comply with them as it was pre Brexit) about requirements for new vehicles that come into effect on 6th July next year (so its not an April fool, OK?) and apply to all cars from 2024. The EU will require all new vehicles to be fitted with:- A speed assistance system that uses GPS and/or speed restriction sign cameras that force you not to exceed the speed limit by reducing the available engine power At a later date a black box that will track everywhere you go, how you drive, the speed you travel at, and how you use the throttle and brake BUT you will not have access to its contents (GDPR anyone?) An autonomous emergency braking system - so if a hare or dog trots across the motorway you have an instant pile-up? A system to ensure the driver is not falling asleep A system to make sure the vehicle stays in lane The facility for an alcohol test system to ensure the driver is not over the limit plus a number of other tweaks aimed at cutting cyclist deaths/injuries. This is expected (er, hoped?) to reduce accidents by 30% and road deaths by 20%. Given that most UK road deaths are caused by pedestrians walking out into the road without looking, I wonder how they came up with that figure? There are well over 100,000 road deaths across Europe per year but road deaths in the UK caused by vehicles (as distinct from inattentive pedestrians) are at figures only in the 100's. PSA have already announced that all vehicles that come under its control (Peugeot, Citroen, Volvo, Vauxhall/Opel etc) will ALL be limited to 112mph )180Kph - I wonder how that will affect sales especially their home market? The regs are applicable to call cars, vans, small commercial vehicles, and buses/coaches. For the moment motor cycles are being sidelined. Time to get the vintage motor out anyone?
  11. Don't bother. Thinner cable does not have such effective screening - which may cause picture pixelation - and it has greater signal loss so you may suffer that way as well. Toddle along to Screwfix or Toolstation and get yourself 25m of ?F100 cable, such as WF100, and necessary connectors. I would suggest bags each of 10 TV plugs, 10 F-type plugs, and 10 F-type barrel (i.e. back-to-back socket) connectors. A bag of 10 of each will cost you less than a pack of two of the same from a DIY shed. Using F-type connectors make up two cables, one 10m and the other 15m so you can use the shortest possible or connect them together in series if you need the length. Also since CMC still insist on using TV plugs and some caravan manufacturers still use TV plugs for outside connections you will need to make up whatever you need in terms of a short cable with a TV plug on one end and a F-type plug on the other. As the connectors are not waterproof it is a good idea to have some disposable rubber gloves to hand so that you can cut off the fingers and use them to prevent weather-related water ingress to any exposed connections. If your caravan has a F-type external socket the cable on that will either be presented as a F-type socket on the TV connection (i.e. intended to feed a satellite receiver) or as a cable presented at the side of the caravan aerial amp. If the former then make up a cable with an F-plug on one end and a TV plug on the other to connect your TV, then when you connect the pillar cable outside the signal will go directly to the TV. If the external cable is presented near the amp, disconnect the cable on the amp output that feeds the TV and connect it directly to the cable from outside. Essentially you are doing the same as the first description but using a different cable routing. DO NOT whatever happens run the external signal through the aerial amp is the incoming signal will overload it - pillar feeds are usually at quite high levels to overcome the 25m cable loss. To clarify, WF100 cable and the like is suitable for use on either FM or DAB radio, and on terrestrial TV and satellite, whereas the older (and used to be more flexible types) are not. It also has a foil screen in addition to the usual braid which stops the cable picking up strong local signals. There is masses of info on line that shows you how to make up F-type and standard TV plug connections (TV plugs do not need to be soldered.) All you will need is a sharp knife (Stanley?) and a pair of small sharp (i.e. electronics) wire cutters.
  12. Thanks for that SDA. That route is about 75 miles whereas the alternative (via A3/M25) is a minimum 121 miles and most at 132 miles!
  13. We are in the same sort of boat with a 2017-model S4 Seville. We use the beds as two singles (saves disturbing the other for that natural call during the night!) and on the third time of using I turned over during the night and the bed collapsed. There was nothing other than a short screw that held the outside head end of the bed - no supports, no legs, just one screw into the wall. The main reason was the presence of the (too large) tray for footwear etc from the outside locker access stopped 'legs' being fitted - they were fitted on the offside where SWMBO sleeps but not on mine. Took it back to the dealer and Bailey told them to come up with an answer and let them know so they would have an answer in the future!!! The repair worked perfectly. On collection the bottom of the bathroom door on the lock side was about 1cm out of true (bending outwards.) I pointed this out and the dealer fetched the door from their demo - and that was even WORSE!! And so it goes on, but we managed to get everything sorted during warranty - bar that is having to pay for uprated sprung seat cushions as the original foam units collapsed where you sit, both the originals and the replacement!. Lets face it in a two berth you do tend to sit in the same place, don't you?
  14. Would love to do that route for the views, but doesn't it take me up some steep hills over the Downs - which I was trying to avoid?
  15. To the OP: if you have had the trap etc assembly out of the tank it is a good idea when reassembling it to wipe some olive oil on <ALL> the rubbers especially the concertina ring that makes the trap seal. Don't use cooking OO, go to your local pharmacy and buy a small bottle of the pharmaceutical variety - its only a couple of quid and it will ensure the seals stay soft and supple for ages.
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