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  1. I wonder what dashcam does these things automatically? Must be very expensive! My Next 312 dashcam has an easily accessible button on the back which, when pushed, will save the last two and the next two recording blocks (default 3 minutes) so that they cannot be overwritten.
  2. Agreed with AG above. Our Powrtouch never goes to sleep although the manufacturer did advise that when quiescent the only power draw is the LED on the control box. I suspect residual current is kept low by pulsing the radio receiver periodically to see if there is a request coming from the handset. The receiver may be being pulsed on for maybe 100mS or less every, say, 2-3 seconds. This means that the average draw is only 3-5% of the 'on' current of the receiver. The modern versions of remote use a two-way communication with the control box hence the LEDs flash until various action
  3. Muc-Off does it superbly well and quickly. Also removes black streaks easily. No need to pay extra for the caravan version, the ordinary cheap bike cleaner is just as good. Get the dirt off then use wash and wax to help it stay off. If the dirt is bad then spray some on neat and leave it for 5-10 mins, then wash off with a carwash brush in warm water. If its not too bad, half a cupful in half a bucket of warm water and it will shift the dirt as if it wasn't there. Rinse well before going any further. Not cheap but look for 5L on offer at Halfords - has been as low as £14 but usua
  4. Solution: move to Octopus Energy (also supplier to M&S Energy). They don't like smart meters either and will never pester you PLUS they are also cheaper than most other suppliers.
  5. We have a 2L TDi Passat Estate which is rated to tow 1825Kg, but its kerb weight is only 1525Kg which might put you a bit over as a comparison. Also a 1.4 petrol will quickly run out of torque and cost an arm and a leg in fuel.
  6. You will not be able to watch your recordings unless your box is receiving a valid Sky satellite signal. You should however be able to watch recordings on a Freesat box without a satellite link.
  7. The mover is connected directly to the battery so if that is not working as well not only is the 'embedded' fuse blown but the battery is flat as well since the power supply/charger is the other side of the blown fuse. The mover control unit drain if switched on is a matter of milliamps - literally the current drawn by the power indication LED (and that from the mouth of Powrtouch!) I would strongly suggest that before you replace the fuse you should disconnect the battery negative so that if the battery has got a duff cell or has damaged plates the inrush of current does not blow
  8. Agreed but beware. In the Toolstation catalogue (so I assume on line) they show 32mm (white) pipe being sold in multi-packs only. However at the store they sell the same pipes in individual lengths. Also when you get the bits you should very carefully clear out the slot in the outlet where the pipe will go else you will have a job fitting it securely.
  9. If you plan your route with Viamichelin.com it will give you a travel table between your defined en-route locations with times. Don't forget to click the caravan option so it knows you are towing.
  10. The essential word there is 'network.' These days we all have some form of computer network in our homes whether it is wired or by wi-fi, and the description above is basically how any form of computer network operates. Messages are sent onto a common network randomly and if two should clash such that neither is decoded by the recipient and a resultant handshake acknowledgement is not received by the sender, the sender will wait by a pseudo-random 'back-off' time and resend. If there is another clash it backs off even more until the clashes cease and it gets the handshake back. BUT we are tal
  11. You will have two 'Sky' outlets as you need one for viewing and one for recording (or both for recording) as the box has twin tuners. Both tuners will 'see' the same signal so you can use either for alignment.
  12. Is this a commercial site, a municipal, or a sort of CL? Strikes me they are Covid and Brexit-scared!
  13. If at all possible including what is on the roof from roof height. An automatic dish for satellite will be about 60cm (2ft) in diameter and will be folded down over its mount. For terrestrial TV the (directional) aerial will be horizontal, sort-of 'aerial shaped' and there will be a shaft in a cupboard immediately below it: if it is an omni-directional aerial it will look akin to a flying saucer. Also look at the printing on it - if it is Status the printing will either be red/orange or purple - this is significant. Make, model, and year of caravan would be of help.
  14. Why have a caravan radio in France - unless you speak fluent French of course? Most caravan radios with or without DAB use the TV aerial for reception, and none such aerials that I know of will pass MW or LW signals - FM or DAB only. You can get an external radio aerial (Vision or Ring do them) that fit on the outside panel near the radio but they don't work with DAB. Plus of course, what UK stations will you be able to receive in France with any aerial? Because they have changed the formats in France, a UK TV will no longer receive French broadcasts. Depending on where you are goi
  15. Why not just fit a second fan in the lower vent, possibly wire both fans in series so they run more slowly and make less noise? Remember a fridge has to get warm so that the thermal convection moves the air. The fans are not there to effect forced cooling, just to make the air move more efficiently. If you make it too efficient you will end up with a frozen-up fridge!
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