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  1. We were doing well until you got to the bit about 'drilling out......' I think you either need to explain it in more detail or attach a picture. Rather than running a cable, if the radio has Bluetooth why not get a Bluetooth transmitter and connect it to the TV headphone output? If it hasn't got Bluetooth get a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver (often the same unit but differently configured.). The only thing that is vitally important is to got one that is specified a LOW LATENCY or you may find the sound is a few seconds behind the TV picture - and believe me there is nothing more annoying. (Been there, done that, got the..... etc etc) Both Bluetooth devices are readily available on eBay and they are surprisingly cheap.
  2. Woodentop

    Bmw x2 2.0i

    Why should the car wheels have any effect on towing? They might cause you some difficulty if you were pulling a larger van and were parked on mud, but with a Basecamp? You don't say whether the Beemer is petrol or diesel, but with such a light trailer it probably won't make a lot of difference save on fuel consumption that is! You will likely have to use your gearbox much more on a petrol than on a diesel - that is the beauty of diesels - so that <could> detract from the overall driving experience ever so slightly. Go for it is my suggestion.
  3. On the several sites we have resided in the Notherlands* they have used blue sockets seemingly correctly wired. *The country is The Netherlands: Holland is in effect a sub-district.
  4. I note that no-one has mentioned non-British vans? Hymer - who now use the Eriba name for caravans - are heavy and pricey but they are built like brick privies with good quality fixings and materials. They also seem to have been well thought out - e.g. put the wardrobe in the bathroom but put the water/room heating unit in the bottom of it to stop dampness in the clothes. We had one next to us last year that looked like new and was actually 14 years old! Only catch is that there are maybe five dealers for them in the UK two of which are Lowdhams who told us last year that they would not be importing any this year because of price.
  5. 3895 is the maximum train weight i.e. car plus trailer 2095 is the GVW Ergo 3895-2095 = 1800Kg is the maximum trailer weight. The other two figures are the front and rear axle maximum loads. Most importantly watch your noseweight - if your Superb has a Westfalia towbar then 90Kg is the maximum.
  6. We have a Passat B8 estate 150 TDi GT which we use to tow a U4 Seville - well within its capabilities. The time has come for new tyres - 36K on these so not done too bad. It has Cinturato P7 on it at the moment and although this is my first ever time on Pirelli (I had a Co car for 34 years and more tyre makes than I could shake a stick at!) I have found them quite good and safe-feeling. I always liked the ride and roadholding of Michelins but when I had some Sport 3 on my B6 estate they only did 22K. Similarly on the B7 estate with Continental Contact5P (has liquid rubber inside to self seal) they too only did 22K. I had Goodyear F1 AS2 on the B6 and A3 on the B7 and found them quite surefooted but a little 'uncomfortable' in snow. Neither my wife nor I are heavy footed drivers or brakers - we like the comfort! So, does anyone have experience of any make of tyres on a Passat Estate, preferably B8 (i.e. post 2015) ? The size is 235/45-18 98W. Speed is not an issue but 97 or 98 XL load rating does matter to me, as does a comfortable and overall quiet ride.
  7. The key fob battery has nothing to do with the immobiliser if you are (still) using a key. The surround of the keyhole radiates a wireless field which inductively powers a small chip inside the key and said chip radiates its identity back to a receiver in the keyhole assembly.
  8. Not only that but the distance hasn't changed (has it?) despite the move a fed decades ago to smaller registration plate fonts!
  9. We have a U4 Seville and a number of mainly design issues: On delivery the bathroom door was warped. The dealer took the door off their demo model and that was worse, so two new doors ordered. Bathroom door is thicker than the panel to which it is attached and not in line (design, not a fault) resulting in being able to see into the bathroom through the hinge gap. Bedding locker doors (over N/S wheel) fell off when driving home from collection. Doors - not light - held in place with 15x3mm screws. Replaced them with 22mm or 25mm screws and all fixed. Terrible weight balance. No matter how hard we try the max noseweight we can get is about 52Kg and that with a 3.9Kg Propane! (For other readers the kitchen and gas locker are all at the back.) Very poor design/build such that, on second use, I turned over in bed (we sleep 2xsingles, me on nearside) and the front end of the bed collapsed due to lack of support. Baileys told the dealer to find a solution and let them know! O/S/F window so poorly fitted you could get your fingers out round the edge. Fixed by dealer but just found still not airtight. Poor mains inlet with single top-hinged flap means flap bounces and rattles bodywork through its mounting when its windy. We tie it to the connector with a Velcro strap. Mains sockets in kitchen are fitted with plug cable entry towards side wall so if the plug has a significant cable protector the only way to use said plug is to fit an adapter. Affects both our kettle and Nespresso. Mains sockets at front are on side of front chest close to (nearside) sleepers head/face. And they call this QUALITY?????
  10. Ring the Arras tourist office on +33 3 21 51 26 95 and ask them. It is standard practice in France to get local info by going to the town web site - which will be www.{townname}.fr - and searching for 'campings'. Be sure when booking to confirm that twin axles are accepted - often in France they are not especially on smaller sites.
  11. If the van is a 2018 model and you have had it serviced as required to keep the warranty active, take it back to the dealer and get them to fix it under warranty. This of course assumes your leisure battery was new with the van: if it wasn't then look at the date code (usually embossed/melted into the top of the battery case) and consider replacing the battery if it is over about 5 years old.
  12. Common problem with movers is flat batteries in the remote. If you have a Powrtouch then if the batteries are low all of the LEDs round the outside of the buttons will light if you press a button rather than just the one you are pressing.
  13. David, it may be some distance, but I would suggest you contact Ropers at Catterick (01748 818666). After all they are the third biggest Bailey dealer in the country and they have a very good workshop.
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