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  1. Because in the UK coverage is rated on population, not geographical - yet another con from the industry!
  2. I doubt there will be a statutory plate in a 1999 caravan! There should be a label on the axle case that shows the maximum axle load. Provided the sum of the load index of the two tyres is comfortably above that maximum axle load there should not be an issue.
  3. Check the cable from the battery to the power/fuse box - there is often a buried fuse in the cable to protect the cable in the event of a short on the working side of the caravan.
  4. For info: the municipal in Bourges is quite nice and only a 15 minute walk from a very nice city centre. It is the only city centre that we have ever visited in France that does not boast a McDonald's. Another site worth looking at is the municipal for Sancerre at a small village called Crezancy about 6 miles SW of Sancerre and just north of the Bourges road. Only 8 pitches on the bed of an old railway station so it is very firm and well drained, brilliant facilities, and all EHU in blue plugs correctly wired and 10A! Need to call in advance though as there is a height barrier at the entrance and the office is only manned as required - don't think your Disco will have any problems. Baker (gorgeous) and a winery and a couple of bars and restaurants in the village, otherwise very quiet. You can get addicted to Sancerre wines if you like whites!
  5. Suggest a rethink. The wind loading in transit or on site is significantly greater for a satellite dish than it is for an omni (flying saucer) or directional (Status) TV aerial. Can you be sure that the roof and what is underpinning it is strong enough to take that load? Better to leave the aerial as is - get it resealed if necessary - and put your sat dish on a tripod. One notable advantage of doing it the tripod way is that it will still work if your caravan is under a tree or has a tree or similar obstruction where you need to point your dish. The sat dish will happily drive 15-25m of good cable so you can get your dish out in the open. One point though: if you are retaining the existing aerial and will use it then replace it with the latest version. The purple/blue writing on the aerial case indicates that the signal amplifier is inside the aerial head unit whereas modern ones (with orange/red writing) have the amplifier in the box inside the caravan. Much easier (and cheaper) to replace if it goes wrong.
  6. That is what many people find using 3 or EE. If you want to use a mi-fi on 4G then consistently in my experience O2 is the supplier of choice - certainly the OfCom maps (yes, I know) show O2 as the only system giving full indoor 4G coverage at Black Horse Farm.
  7. May I ask where that last line came from? There are a lot of adverts for PCP deals but what evidence is there that they exceed straight sales in quantity - probably outside SE England that is!
  8. Agreed, save that LED G4 bulb assemblies tend to be rather longer than a G4 halogen capsule so may foul the lamp bowl.
  9. Skoda themselves now think they are close to Audi quality. When VAG took them over Skoda decided they had to match or better the quality of most if not all of the other parts of VAG. Anyone who has or has had a Fabia/Octavia/Superb/Yeti or now has a Karoq or Kodiaq will undoubtedly agree how successful they have been. Brilliant motors (from a former Octavia owner.) Despite what the OP said about dealers, it seems the public still consider them to be some of the best.
  10. Sounds like he fitted a Westfalia - which is now owned by the same company that owns Witter.
  11. If you remove the unit completely and take the case lid off (if you can) there should be a small output fuse - usually 20x5mm rated 25A or similar - that may have blown. I assume that when you are testing it for output volts you do have the output disconnected? If there is a fault in the caravan system putting a short circuit on the PSU before the fuses it will shut the thing down instantly. The internal fuse is about protecting the cable.
  12. Come to think of it Plodd old thing, I think ours went down with a new van and N4O with Caravanguard.
  13. Try CaravanGuard - always found them consistently the best for our kit and they give discount for Tracker provided it is active.
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