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  1. The East Lancs with Scotsman are currently featuring in the Lloyds Bank advert on TV. For the record the fishing boat at the start is at Amlwch in N Wales, and the beach is Beadnell Bay in Northumberland.
  2. I think technically they are open only for arrivals of people who have already booked for the 3rd onwards but I may be wrong.
  3. You would do well to get yourself a double tap fitting so that you can draw fresh water from the tap without it going through the barrel and without having to disconnect the hose. Something like this eBay item number - 293697517258 It also has the advantage that you can use the unconnected tap to release pressure in the hose after you have turned the supply tap off. If you don't the you will not only have difficulty releasing the hose connectors due to the remnant pressure but when you do water will fly everywhere and you will get wet! Yes, I know you can rock the barrel so that the
  4. Skoda are admitted by the rest of VAG as the best quality build of them all - including Audi! They had a point to prove and managed to do it. Conversely Volvo are famed for the quality of their seats but some people don't like the firmer ride. Also note they are now only available as electric or hybrid. Don't overlook the Kia Sorento or Hyundai Tuscon which are essentially the same vehicle. A good place to look is http://www.honestjohn.co.uk - the Saturday Telegraph motoring writer.
  5. The battery will be dated - usually an embossed (OK, melted-in) numeric string on the top of the case. It will show two digits of year and two digits of week plus possibly some other digits.
  6. Despite what DCo (with my thanks) said, this unit is pulse width modulated (i.e. PWM) and if the LEDs are already being strobed by their controller then you could have all sorts of wierd effects as they beat with each other!
  7. If there is 100Gb stacked up in your Sky account why not just put your phone into Hotspot mode and use that? Admittedly phones do a lot more than a mi-fi so they sometimes have a tendency to be a bit less sensitive but they still do the job. Otherwise look at the Huawei units. You can get them cheap from the likes of Computer Exchange (uk.webuy.com) the commonest of which are 3 branded and are unlocked. Just make sure you get one with 4G. Some of the Huawei models have the advantage of external aerial connections.
  8. If you want to dim LEDs - be that in a caravan or mains at home - you need something called a trailing edge dimmer. A 'normal' dimmer delays the switch-on of the lamp until part way into the mains cycle which then imparts a very steep rising voltage from 0V to about 340V peak in a matter of microseconds which control circuits and particularly power supplies do not like and may well pop. A trailing edge dimmer switches on in the normal way as the mains cycle passes through 0V but switches off before the cycle ends. Either way the device connected only sees part of the mains cycle
  9. Never turn mine off. Powrtouch told me a couple of years ago that when it has shut itself down the only current draw is the top panel LED. I would guess that the receiver is intermittently turned on for a very short time to see if there is any demand - I'm talking perhaps 50mS on every 2 seconds or so and then off again if no handset wanting service.
  10. No potholes? But there aren't any (or at least very few) inside London. We went down there 18 months ago and couldn't believe how smooth and clean the roads were. Compared with the rest of the country I would guess it must be worth a few mpg! Oh, and where are all the MPs and Civil Servants who make these decisions on roads based? No comment..................
  11. I would guess you will so long as the viewing card is valid, but if the old card is cancelled immediately, then your suspicions are likely right. Don't think about removing the HDD as the programmes are encrypted on the disc. I can assure you the multi-room boxes do work, I've been using one for a decade or more. Without a viewing card you get BBC1 London and ITV Central West (i.e. Brum.)
  12. Apart from a few major roads most highways in the RoI belong to a different era so as and when you do get going beware that travelling will take significantly longer than you are used to in the UK.
  13. To the OP, if you want it just for free-to-air (FTA) reception your old Sky+HD box (if you still have it) will do perfectly well. If it still has the viewing card in it so much the better as it will mean you automatically get your home region on the regionalised channels (e.g. BBC, ITV, and Ch4.) As your viewing card will have expired I don't think you will be able to record unless you pay Sky £10 a month for the honour of so doing. If you don't have your old box and can do without recording there is an alternative. Toddle along to your local Cash Converters (when they reopen) and
  14. One item not mentioned. There will be a non-return valve in the pipe somewhere. If you don't have a selectable internal tank, just the Aquaroll, then it will be in the pipe between the inlet and the split for cold and hot water feeds. They can sometimes stick and/or get blocked. They are easily removed albeit probably with some spillage and are not too expensive to replace. Heaven forbid it be fitted reversed (there's an arrow on the casing)!
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