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  1. which air awning to buy

  2. Washing the caravan down this weekend

  3. Caravanning for 2 weeks in Powys Wales & loving it ;):)

  4. looking forward to going stamford bridge on sunday then off to caravan show next saturday :)

  5. Hiya inlucker thanks very much for your reply
  6. Hiya CT members has anyone been to riverside caravan park in Llangammerch Builth wells Powys ( Wales ) I would like some feed back please of the campsite and things todo many thanks :)
  7. we have both . we use sleeping bags if we dont put bed up and use duvet if we do
  8. hiya thanks for info we came back today and thought the place was loverly and will be going back again, furthest i walked was to fishing lake and shower blocks had a great pitch too, 5th pitch on right so it was quite flat and next to park for our little ones
  9. hiya thanks for the replys but we are just going to have a rest these weekend when we go, it should be loverly just doing nowt for a change :D we went diamond farm caravan park last year loverly site
  10. green hill farm oxfordshire this weekend coming hopefully weather will be good
  11. has anyone got any reviews on this place as we going for a weekend break
  12. i only saw the same caravan as ours on ebay 3 days ago never seen any others the same . and it didnt sell eathier !!!!!!!!! ( elddis ovation wisp 510/5 ) when we are driving im always looking at the different vans and SAYING HE GOING A BIT FAST WITH THAT VAN :D
  13. i ment free sat connected to dish http://www. maplin. co. uk/grundig-freesat-sd-digital-box-261705
  14. i take it you are a chelsea supporter with a name like that :)keep the blue flag flying :):)

  15. we had to do same as other people have said on this post aswell at strawberry hill farm durham as our pitch was on a slight hill it works fine and doesnt do any damage to steadies
  16. where can i get a issue from dont answer that ive just re read it
  17. when is the first issue out and how much does it cost
  18. if it was me traverling up north in bad wind i would drive about 50 mph but the wind certainly wouldnt put me off having time away in the van . when u come to open spaces in the rd just hold your breath and pray :lol: im sure u will be fine have a good time
  19. we got both a freeview tv and a saterlite dish on a pod i normally try tv freeview first. i use a indoor mobil aerial and retune the telly to pick up best reception bearing in mind that the area you are in has digital tv reception as not all the country has digital tv yet. if that fails we use saterlite dish on a tripod connect to freeview box and we always get a good reception we got it from maplins for about 100 pound it is well worth the money
  20. i just came back from durham to stevenage herts and the a1m is very good to travel down didnt have any problems . i would go a1m or a10 or m11 to m25 then over Q E 2 bridge then on to a2/m2 depending whot part of kent you going m25 isnt really that bad unless there is accident we been on m25 100s of times to go kent . p s dont forget the Q E 2 bridge is a toll bridge at certain times
  21. i have always had caravan holiday since i was a wee lad with my grandadand then with my parents . then we decided to buy one ourself a few yrs ago . we just love going away for the weekend breaks and peace it just loverly just sitting there doing nowt, having a beer and enjoying the countryside we do try as much as possible now to go awayas most of kids have grown up
  22. we to have saterlite dish and built in free view tv, we use the antenna on poles connected to jockey wheel . for the free view or if kids want more channels to watch we use the dish . the dish is on tripod strapped down by two luggage straps on a thick tent peg as this doesnt move at all. in any weather so we always get a picture with good reception .
  23. the height of the car with bikes will be fine as we did it a couple of times but they do charge you extra. we had to pay a extra 70 quid whot a bleeding rip off . if i was use i would put them in van before you reach ferry at dover happy holiday
  24. you will injoy berny so let us no whot u think of it please have a great time
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