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  1. Thats why I chain it through the reinforced handle to the nearest solid object.
  2. I have a maxview vucube ii which has the benefit of being self seeking, you can move it to a position if trees are an issue, it’s way cheaper than a fixed option and only weighs @4kg.
  3. Hi Gadgets, I have exactly this setup in my caravan with an unlimited SIM from 3. I connect our phones, iPads, laptop, smart TV's and even our smart kettle to the router without issue. So far I have not had to bother using the Poynting aerial (which does screw directly in to the router replacing the existing aerials) as the router has always found a signal even if the phone is unable too!
  4. Part of the reason for having a 70C setting is to kill legionella and this high temperature should be used the first time each time you use your caravan.
  5. Our old Delta Ti was the same and you could get past without too much trouble.
  6. I have a Suncamp Air 260 which is really light and easy to put up. It is well made and has plenty of room for everything that you mention plus a couple of chairs if the weather is conducive? It packs away well and comes with a hand pump (you don't need an electric one as it is only about 6-8 pumps before the single airbeam is full.
  7. My Swift has a factory fit 80w solar panel and this kept the battery fully topped up over last winter with the alarm and tracker activated. However, I make sure that the 12v black button is off or this will drain the battery. Just a thought- why not try using your caravan through the winter? You will find the grade 3 insulation and Alde heating on your caravan will be more than a match for even the worst weather that the UK can throw at you. I have been in snow drifts and temperatures down to -13C whilst keeping 21C+ inside the caravan.
  8. This is a crazy situation with virtually no weekend availability at many sites until the end of next year making me consider the point of paying my membership fee. It’s obvious that some members have gone online and block booked many weekends in advance knowing that they probably won’t use them but have them just in case and no doubt cancel at the last minute. Alternatively, it will be interesting to discover how many new members have joined the clubs and if this means that the clubs facilities simply cannot cope with the total number of members? Should the clubs stop non members booking? Shou
  9. On my last car I had to have all four locking wheel bolts drilled off as they were that tight even locking wheel nut removal kits couldn’t get them off. That was four hours of my life and £250 I won’t get back...
  10. My first was a 2009 RRS 3.6 TDV8 which I put @80k miles on. The only issue I had was a split inter cooler hose from the turbo (£25). My second is a FFRR 4.4 SDV8 with nothing to report after 3 months of ownership.
  11. I had an 2014 F11 530d MSport touring and had an aftermarket detachable towbar fitted with the fridge and charger circuits enabled for @£525. It was both an excellent tow car and a great daily driver and seemed to offer all things to all people. From a towing perspective it had a kerb weight of @1890kg with a max towing capacity of 2000kg, self levelling rear suspension, a very large easy accessible powered boot and more engine power than you could ever need. As a daily driver it returned @50mpg on average, was extremely comfortable, had the best sat nav I have ever used with real time traffic
  12. If it’s a Powertouch mover I believe they supply a kit and I am sure your dealer or local caravan engineer can fit it. The AWD makes all the difference with our 650👍
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