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  1. I would suggest finding a campsite between Lancaster and Carlisle not far off the M6 then stay the night and finish your journey the following morning. Woodland Farm CL is just off junction 41 M6 just north of Penrith which has good reviews on UK Campsite.
  2. I think the point is yes there will always be “newbies“ which is a great thing for our pastime and we hope that those people do some basic research prior to towing for the first time to keep not only themselves but also the rest of us safe.
  3. Do you mind me asking where you got this done as I am very disappointed with our Swift cushions and would like to get them replaced.
  4. I use an external aerial on my TP Link MR6400 4g router but I put them both in the awning rather than inside the caravan to get the best reception
  5. I tend to go to Chatsworth just before Christmas and once we got hit by a severe snow storm but as I was more than half way I just ploughed on and got there just a little bit late. Temps were -9 but very cosy in the van. I have done a couple of New Years at The Fishpool caravan site near Delamere Cheshire. We arranged our own parties with friends who brought their caravans and a great time was had by all. Both years it was very mild (& wet!).
  6. Not if the F&CO are stating nothing but essential travel then, if the flight is still running, he will be able to claim off his travel insurance which he took out prior to the virus situation. If he did go his travel insurance would be invalid.
  7. Just a thought that some of the entry level lighter caravans can be narrower than others. I am thinking of a 2011 Lunar Quasar that we had which may make it more difficult for you to put a travel cot between the front seats. Good luck and enjoy your first caravan 👍
  8. I see this morning that it appears the “air bridges” will begin from the 6th July if the BBC are to be believed. Hopefully, that means my son should get his money refunded for his holiday due to commence on the 2nd👍
  9. Yes collected the new caravan in early November and used it three times prior to lockdown. The Truma Aventa Comfort air con install went without an issue and looks as if it was always fitted. You can use it on a 6amp or above ehu. It connects directly to the Swift Command system which is really useful or you can use the supplied remote control which has additional controls. It also has the added bonus in the winter of becoming a type of fan heater as well. This is really useful when waiting for the Alde heating system to get up to speed. I have tried it on its cooling mode and it seems very capable. When going full tilt the compressor is a little noisy but during the day I don’t believe it would bother anyone and it gets quieter when not working so hard. The night mode is practically silent. The only downside so far is that you do lose some light due to replacement of the kitchen Heki roof light. I am very glad I decided to add this to our caravan 👍
  10. Hi Neil, I put my one over the top as this works best for me. Good luck and enjoy your caravan 👍
  11. I had a 2009 RRS and used Milenco Aero’s but we my FFRR I use the Grand Aero as they give a better view. Both fit well and are very stable. If you are worried about scratching the mirror casing put some masking tape on before putting the mirrors on👍
  12. Whilst I love a G&T (Monkey 47👍) I have just taken delivery of 5ltrs of real ale from my local micro brewery and have it stored in my electric cool box- fantastic 😎
  13. What seems crazy to me is that there is no definitive date when they may come in to operation which is keeping many businesses on hold but also many potential holidaymakers. For example, my son booked to go to Corfu with his mates back in December to depart on 2nd July. So here we are 6 days before departure and he has no idea if he is going or not as Ryanair haven’t cancelled his flight yet. Even if he doesn’t go he will still have to take his holiday which, IMHO, is well deserved as he has been working 7 days a week at Tesco since 23rd March but now that time might be wasted!
  14. Comfort, power (torque), driving position, electrical deployable tow bar, air suspension, boot size, full size spare, heated & cooled seats, panoramic roof, 360 cameras, tow assist system, off-road ability.
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