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  1. I love our current caravan and really would struggle to know what to change it for? However if I had the money I would add self levelling, a dishwasher and a self inflating, pegging awning that puts itself on and off the awning rail. As far as a tow car either a Diesel V8 Range Rover Autobiography or a Porsche Cayenne S 4.2 V8 diesel.
  2. I definitely need my off license to get my 5 a day in🤣🤣🍺
  3. We have two of the LG TV’s mentioned above in our caravan and they are superb. The smart functions are really good as are the freesat and Freeview tuners. I think they were @£160 each last October.
  4. As I said you pays your money... Netgear know an awful lot more than I (and I expect you) about what is and isn’t possible from a 4g network. (I am currently using a connection on Three getting 44Mbps). I could Talk about the size of the theoretical pipe all day but to use your analogy, if the road does open up then someone may rather have the option of doing 200mph (German autobahn in case anyone pulls me for speeding on UK roads😜) then struggling to get to 70 with some old piece of 🤬 last generation rubbish that others drive. All I was asked was what specs are better on the Nighthawk which is what, I believe, I answered.
  5. There are so many factors at play on this subject; 1. When the 85% recommendation was decided, by who and using what parameters 2. The experience of the person towing 3. The confidence (or overconfidence) of the person towing 4. The power and design of the tow vehicle 5. Single or twin axle 5. Towing aids on the car 6. Towing aids on the caravan 7. Speed 8. State of the road surface 9. Weather conditions 10. Other motorists 11. Air pressure and condition of the tyres of car & caravan 12. The state of the maintenance of the car & caravan You can go on and on. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you feel comfortable, safe and meet all the legal requirements surrounding your license, the cars legal weights and any other legalities that appertains to towing the caravan that you do. A guide is useful for those who have no idea where to start.
  6. Agreed. I had my supermarket delivery last night and over 60% of the items were missing or had crazy substitutes. Items missing included milk, bread, eggs, beans, soup, bleach, etc. I now can’t get another delivery or collection slot at all. The cat food is looking more and more appetising😻🤬😻
  7. Most routers in the test have download speeds of between 150-300Mbps where the M1 is 1GB per second and the M2 2GB per second. A substantial difference especially if you heavy download requirements (streaming 4K or UHD). But you pays your money...
  8. To be honest looking at the specifications on these mobile broadband devices I wouldn’t say any were the “best” mobile routers from either speed point of view. The Netgear Nighthawk M1 or M2 are far superior to any of those shown.
  9. I have a 4g wireless router that you put a SIM card in. With this I can either use the SIM card out of my iPhone with an adapter to resize it or, as using smart TV’s to watch Netflix, etc uses masses of data I have an unlimited data sim from 3 that costs £18 per month. The router that Dan Trudgian suggests are good but expensive but I use this one; https://www.amazon.co.uk/TL-MR6400-Unlocked-Configuration-Required-External/dp/B016ZWXYXG/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1A77AKMOQR3EX&dchild=1&keywords=tp+link+4g+router+with+sim+slot&qid=1584387842&sprefix=To+link+4g+%2Caps%2C162&sr=8-3
  10. Try a Lunar Quasar 546 5 birth which has bunks/dinette at one end and lounge at the other or the 556 Quasar 6 birth which has a lounge layout at both ends. Light and easy to tow. I had a 556 which was a lovely van. If a four birth there is loads of choices and the best idea is to get yourself to some dealers to see for yourself. Good luck and enjoy!
  11. You are correct that you need to change the LNB but you do not need the internet for it to work however some of the functions such as on demand won’t work.
  12. Hi bconnelly, Very interesting idea and anything that improves the security of our caravans has got to be a good thing. I couple of my thoughts are; 1. Could the existing ANPR systems be used to read the stickers or could the stickers be adapted to be read by ANPR? 2. Have you looked in to potential insurance discounts to offset the upfront cost to the caravan owner? 3. What about asking the insurance industry to offer a reward to any member of the public who finds a stolen caravan via this system - this could lead to a great family traveling game to keep the kids occupied! Well done and keep up the good work. Ken
  13. Truma are very helpful as well
  14. Sorry to hear that and a shame that the dealer was unable to fix the damp issues. I assume that you bought from a different dealer next time?
  15. Were these damp issues not picked up at the annual services? Surely all this should have been repaired under warranty? For the screws to rust and pit the aluminium suggests it was leaking for sometime. I did hear there was an issue with sealing around the cassette door on the 2011 models. Our Lunar dealer knew this and they made special checks to make good or confirm that your van was not one of the problem ones.
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