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  1. Same happened to my flush this weekend. I checked the fuse which can be accessed by removing the cassette and found the fuse intact but corroded. I replaced the fuse and covered the terminals in WD40. This cured it!
  2. We have a 40cm twin LNB dome on our Lunar Delta from Roadpro. Three years of no issues and great signal. It's the way forward!
  3. I completely disagree with Clubman above and can only sing CoPilots praises. I use it on iPhone. I used to travel internationally on business extensively - more than three flights a week on average - and I found using many hire cars the £27 I paid for copilot saved enormous amounts in not hiring a sat nav. Being able to download the maps I wanted required no continuous use of data. Great app highly recommend!
  4. We've had our Ti for four years and no major issues. Great van and I hope you are as happy with yours.
  5. Hi, I have a 2011 Delta Ti with an onboard water tank. It has worked without issue up until our last outing when it did not work. There was no pump noise when I pushed the selector switch over and the level indicator showed the tank was full. The water was connected directly to a tap and not using the external submersible pump. Does anyone have any ideas please?
  6. I couldn't throw in a late TDV8 as when chipped this is outstanding in terms of power, torque and fuel economy isn't that bad.
  7. Range Rover Sport - renewed in January - existing insurer £987 - used a comparison site £398 - the madness is that both quotes were from the same insurer - there's no price for loyalty!
  8. I would be taking business elsewhere!
  9. I'm sorry I meant the locker under the wardrobe.
  10. We have a 2011 Delta Ti which I had fitted the Reich 4x4 movers. This meant the spare wheel carrier had to be removed. Alko do a kit that allows the carrier to be fitted further back and I had this fitted by my dealer. It really helped with the nose weight issues.
  11. Firstly I am sorry to hear about the OP's damp issues - I hope they are soon rectified. To reassure other readers our 2011 Delta Ti just had third service - no damp anywhere (and never has been) however have had some strange liquid in the locker under the fridge? I have only found the build quality to be fantastic except for the radio CD player that is rubbish and the Heki roof struts that all had to be replaced. No other issues to report!
  12. I agree with Sandy about the Portico XL being a good choice. We have one for our Delta Ti. We also have the standard Portico which could do the job as well if you wanted something smaller?
  13. Usually the best deal is where neither side is 100% happy IMHO. However for a one off deal I can't beat traded 6 month old Lunar Quasar for £14,000 (bought new for £14,500 - wrong layout) paid £22,500 for new factory order Delta Ti with Reich 4x4 movers. Sounds like I'm a liar but not so, it was just as a previous poster said the dealer needed a sale. To get a better deal always agree to take out finance, as the dealer gets commission and then pay off immediately.
  14. Is there any chance you could take a picture of this mod and post it please? I have a Delta Ti and would be interested in doing this to ours.
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