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  1. Thanks David, now, due to COVID, I have to drop my caravan at my dealer and Swift will collect and return to them.
  2. Having had both Alde and Truma based heating systems I would not move away from Alde as we caravan all year round. In my previous 2011 Lunar Delta we were away in the winter and it was -9C outside but 21 inside on 2kw electric. We could have gone warmer if required. However it did take a while to warm up so we had a fan heater to speed up the process. In our latest caravan- a 2020 Swift Eccles- the Alde system is 3kw and heats up very quickly. In addition we have air conditioning that heats as well as cools so again we use the two together if not too cold.
  3. Thanks for your kind words Alan. Swift haven’t said yet but my dealer thinks it could be 2-3 months which is ok if they can take it in January. Before then I have a number of trips booked. The dealer has removed and refitted all the external fittings and sealed them correctly thanks Pete
  4. I am posting the following so that owners of similar vans made around the same time can have theirs checked - I have owned a 2020 Swift Eccles 650 from new and it has just had its second service. The damp test revealed 99% damp in various areas where the floor meets the sides and the floor has become rotten with mushrooms starting to grow. Upon further investigation it was found that the non of the amber marker lights had sealant applied and this has led to water ingress. Swift have agreed the warranty claim without question and the caravan will be returned to the factory for repair. My dealer and Swift have both acted very professionally.
  5. Just been to Hillhead and the pool is also closed there. No reason given for the closure beyond the usual COVID but they said it might open later this month?
  6. I have just returned from Hillhead after a week there. We were pitched next to two of the wardens who were no only helpful but very chatty as well. The staff in the shop and club were very nice as well.
  7. I know what you mean about the steep angle of the ramp on this ferry but if it helps I took my weekender on a couple of years ago, with its 30mm lowered suspension without issue.
  8. It really fills in the missing spots from the standard headlights especially the actual road surface and the verges. Yes I am really pleased with the outcome and they don't ruin the appearance of the car.
  9. Tomorrow I am having an 32" LED 180W light bar fitted behind my grill on my car. Whilst I will lose some light due to the grill I have seen others that have had it done and what a difference it makes. The light bar is curved with two different styles of light - flood on the edges to light up the sides and centre pinpoint to light up the road/track ahead. Could this be an option for you?
  10. Yes I have the VuQube 2 and it is very easy to use. You can use it for a Sky HD box but not Sky Q as this requires a different LNB that the VuQube does not have.
  11. I towed our up plated Swift at @106% with my BMW 530d MSport touring with self levelling rear suspension. From a power perspective absolutely no issues but I was never 100% comfortable with how the outfit towed even though I am experienced at towing and a very experienced confident driver. I made changes to nose weight and how the caravan/car was loaded but it didn’t make much difference. I changed my tow car to a Range Rover that is @75% match and the difference is immense - totally stable.
  12. I have my 996 for @5 years, 104k on the clock, up rated engine from Hartech @97k @390bhp, updated breaks and drives beautifully.
  13. Thanks very much guys for the advice. I will be on Amazon/eBay any minute now!👍
  14. I have a Truma Waterline and I find that the hose is very poor quality being hard to roll up and then forever kinking when in use. I am looking to replace the hose with something more flexible and better quality. Has anyone got experience of this and if so I would be grateful if you could recommend a suitable replacement hose please?
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