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  1. Our first caravan was a 2010 Lunar Quasar which all had headroom of 6*5”. I think the model year before this was the same too?
  2. I recently arrived on site and as I was setting up I opened the battery locker door as usual. When it reached it's full extension the left hand hinge fractured away from the locker door surround as per the pictures. It is being fixed under warranty but I just wondered if anyone else has had similar issues with locker doors and should I be concerned with the other ones? Of course it could just be a poor moulding?
  3. madasmad


    Considering that you are based in Hull with a 13 month old I would suggest North Wales as it is probably easier and quicker to get to. There are some lovely sites all around that area and as others have suggested Anglesey is a good option. Our favourite is Penrhyn Bay which is a beach side site with standard, super and even off grid pitches. There are lovely costal walks, an onsite indoor swimming pool and then you have the rest of North Wales and the Llynn Peninsular to explore which are all close by. This is not forgetting Snowdonia.
  4. We have always bought new. Our first caravan was a Lunar Quasar 556 which while a lovely caravan didn’t suit us as blown air heating, narrower than the other Lunar higher spec ranges, no ATC and no fixed bed. Therefore, at that time to get what we wanted we had to buy the Lunar Delta Ti. That was in 2011. After deciding to return to caravaning this year we decided on a particular layout and we went to look/buy a top of the range caravan. However, after looking at mid range options we found all our requirements were covered by this level and there was no good reason to spend an additional £7k on a higher range caravan. With the money saved this paid for some really nice optional extras. The best advice I can give is to list your must haves, then the what would be nice and finally the layout that suits you best. Once you have this information it should be easier to work out which range is for you. Good luck.
  5. Bryn Gloch is a really nice campsite with fabulous views of Snowdonia. We had a seasonal pitch here a few years ago and friends of ours still have. They also do standard and fully serviced touring pitches.
  6. I had a 2011 Lunar that had this issue in two separate places and until now I never knew that this was the likely reason. I just polished the area and nobody else said anything or noticed.
  7. Good advice and a timely reminder for me as we going away tomorrow 👍
  8. I am away in the caravan at the weekend and will take a photo
  9. I have the same one and have adapted a GoPro suction clamp to attach it to the side of my van. The clamp is fantastic and proven to stay in place with a camera at 120mph plus so no issues on a sited caravan 👍
  10. Just a thought but take a look at the F11 520d or 530d touring as prices are similar if not cheaper than the 3 series for the years you are considering. As others have said a great Tow car and plenty of room compared to the 3 series. The 520d has good economy but the 530 or 535d has amazing torque for towing. I believe all are 8 speed automatic and come with self levelling rear suspension.
  11. You will miss the RRS TDV8. I used to tow with one of these and what a vehicle! As others have said take the test and then it's done. One thing just watch out for a weeping back axle on the RRS as common and very expensive to fix.
  12. Thanks to everyone for their input and I have now booked to go out via Portsmouth St Malo, staying at Domaine La Breche for 7 nights, 10 nights in Pin Parasol, a couple of nights at the outlaws place followed by the overnight back from Caen. I really appreciate all the help and advice given by everyone.
  13. After having 5 punctures in the last 18 months I can tell you that not having a spare or even a space saver (BMW 530d F11) is an issue especially when one was in Austria on a recent holiday (not towing). I have run flats which are ok but you do have to watch the tyre temperature when driving as this climbs rapidly in my experience. I have now bought a full sized wheel & tyre to put in the boot when towing or solo on long distance trips. Not ideal but no real other answer sadly.
  14. Not these ones Paul they are annual payments only I believe
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