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  1. Mine is 2009 and is variable speed. They were disengaged when i did the test but I am sure it is the same when they are engaged.
  2. Just checked mine. When doing a hard turn the inside wheels are rotated slowly in the same direction as the outside wheels and they pulse slightly. Speed up and down. No idea why but they do on mine.
  3. Hi Kathp29 Welcome here and I hope you get your Bessacarr. We got one a couple of months ago and are very pleased. Enjoy
  4. We have a Cameo 635GL 2005. All in all very pleased with it. They are not made any more but I have had good support and spares from http://www. bessacarrcaravan. co. uk/. It is nice to have something a bit different. There are a few little niggles like any manufacturer as they all share the same hardware. Just make sure the windows are all good as they are hard to get (I guess) and expensive and check for soft or damp internal panels. Just like you would with any caravan.
  5. Just spoke to Powrwheel to order a new boot for the motor. They told me that they have had other people with the same problem over the past few weeks due to the heavy rain. So grease up your boots or you might get a problem and you wont notice until it has been parked up for a while.
  6. Could it be that the mover is for a single axle van and is trying to spin the van on the spot? It might be worth checking. A mover for a single axle will turn both wheels in opposite rotation at the same time to effectively spin the caravan around its centre. This cant be done with a twin axle van as one set of wheels will be pushed sideways. Single movers designed for twin axles will not do this and will turn the van in more of an arc. Although, that said, they will still push the other set of wheels sideways to an extent. A single axle mover for a twin axle van will be programmed to
  7. It sounds like my experience with them might be a one off. Now the warranty is in place I will undoubtedly get the service levels that you guys have experienced if needed. Over the weekend a stripped down the motor and gearbox as it was not covered under the warranty due to the fault being present before transferring the warranty (as above) The motor had a load of water in it. This particular motor is behind the rear wheel (I have a 4 wheel system). The last time I used the van it was raining heavily (shock, really?) and I think the heavy spray from the back wheel managed to get t
  8. Hi All Thanks for all of the info. I fitted the panels over the weekend before I read some of the comments so didn't leave a big gap for cooling. If they fail due to heat over the next few years I will replace them with better cheaper ones that will undoubtedly be available. So, I did opt for not using the mounts and stuck them down directly leaving some areas free of silicone for drainage. There are also a couple of cuts in the panel sides where the wire were supposed to exit. I couldn't get 2 wires down the awning rail, even with loads of lubricant so I reluctantly drilled a
  9. Right, got there in the end. They found the serial number in their manual records and have agreed to start the 5 year warranty from the date they sold it to the dealer. So I have managed to get 2 years warranty at a charge of £40. Still think a charge to transfer a warranty is outrageous but there you go.
  10. Lefthand Down - I think I will do the same as you and stick the panel directly to the roof. There is an aluminium frame all the way around it with a decent size footprint/lip which will take the glue. I will leave to holes at the low points to drain water. This will look better than the corner mounts. (Anyone want to buy 8 x corner mounts ) I will need to drill some large holes to get the wires through. Robsonalan - I have purchased some stick on cable tie mounts http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/400145152161? (£4. 95 for 100) which will hold the wires on the roof. Then I plan to run th
  11. Hi Brecon, The dealer cant transfer the warranty apparently. This has to be done by the new owner so I am told and before any faults develop. When they fitted it they told me that it still had a few years of manufacturers warranty left on it. There was no mention of any form filling or paying a fee. I know I can probably take this up with the dealer but to be honest I cant be bothered with the hassle of an argument. I have no problems paying £40 to have the warranty transferred, although I do think it is a bit cheeky. They have the serial numbers and if the unit fails within the 5 y
  12. Hi All I know this has been done to death but just want to double check. I am fixing 2 x 100W panels to the roof of my 2005 Bessacarr 635GL. After reading posts here I have purchased Sikaflex 512 and 4 corner mounts for each panel http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/160814062054?. I have screwed the mounts to the panels and was going to stick the mounts onto the roof with the Sikaflex I am a bit worried that the roof skin is not bonded to the roof ply so it is very loose. If I just stick onto this could the wind lift the panel and the roof skin and allow the panel to flap about.
  13. OK, here is an update. Nice guy at Powrwheel is sending me some motor brushes and has said that their engineers often strip down and clean the motors. So I am now hoping that a clean and new brushes will get it going. Does anyone know how to get the motor off. I am guessing I will have to drop the whole bar as I don't think I will get an hex key on the screws otherwise. I still have issues transferring the warranty as they want the original owners name, address and date the unit was fitted. The dealer that fitted the unit ((and also fitted it for the first owner) will not divulge
  14. Well, still not fixed. good voltage and connections across the motor but it wont run. So it looks like I am going to need a new motor. The unit is only 2 1/2 years old and has been sitting on the drive and just stopped working. The previous owner only used it about 6 times and I have only used it twice. Powrtouch have refused to honor the warranty because I didn't officially transfer it when I had the unit fitted last month. It was supplied and fitted by a professional caravan company so I must say that I think it is a bit unfair to wriggle out of the warranty. Even if the "correct
  15. I have had an email back from Powrtouch. They wont honor the warranty as I didn't officially transfer it and pay the transfer fee before the fault developed (nice! - I expected as much) In my businesses we honor product warranties even if the product has been transferred. But if that is the way they do business then that's down to them I guess. The good news is that they think it is a bad electrical connection on the motor so I will pop them off tonight, tighten them up, clean the contacts, bit of electrical grease and pop them back on. My feeling is that it will fix it. Going by
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