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    Provided that the CRiS document is registered to the seller then yes you can get a check for the van being reported as stolen, been previously written off by an insurance company, and for outstanding finance (provided the finance was arranged via a CRiS approved lender such as Black Horse etc.) The check costs £14. 95 - more details here http://www. CRiS. co. uk Carry out the same checks as you would when purchasing a new car, and read up as much of the bad stuff you can about the van your looking to purchase to check that a. it has had it and been repaired b. it hasn't got it, or c. that it has it and it hasn't been repaired yet. Some problems can be a very easy DIY fix, but also make an excellent bargaining point for reducing the price.
  2. Thanks for the comprehensive reply. That is the main reason for switching to LED. Our 18month old likes a night light on all night so we use the one on the middle bunk and with using non electric DA sites almost every weekend conserving every bit of battery will become more important as the autumn and winter come along
  3. Where are you staying. That will help us suggest a source for a new pump close to your holiday site
  4. We've recently upgraded to a 2010 Pegasus 546 and I am in the process of ordering LED bulbs to replace the halogen ones. I know the main roof lights are G4 type, but the 3 bunk beds are all fitted with a different bulb and the hand/service books do not list the bulb type. I have looked on the bulbs themselves and all they have as 12V 10W The lamp looks like this one Can anyone advise the fitting type? Also which type SMD LED is best for the G4 fitting?
  5. Bailey Senator Montana 2000 http://www. caravantalk. co. uk/caravan-specifications/bailey/senator-montana-2000_3818
  6. Actually, just found this on here http://www. caravantalk. co. uk/library/files/Beginners-Guide-To-Generators. pdf Thanks anyway
  7. Sound advice (and quickly too). Thank you. Will be using a charge controller as it will be a permant connection and my planned cable run is only about 4M total. I'd considered that already when I chose where to put it, which luckly is behind the skylight. You recommend Soudal's Fixall adhesive. Would Gripfill or Stiks Like ? work just as well as I have both of these. Having thought about it I'm happy to make the panel a permant fixture (I was considering using the screws so I could remove it should I sell the van) as we will have this van for at least the next 3 years (finance ) so could I stick it straight to the roof. It's only the ends (as seen in the photo) that have the screw holes that would actually be in contact with the roof. The edges are slightly higher to allow cooling underneath.
  8. I own a similar generator (and a very long power lead) but only because we have a baby who's bottle steriliser needs 240V. Having it has enabled us to use sites without facilities, but still do her bottles. We run it for about 1 hour each day, which also helps top up the battery in the van. I wasn't aware of issues with van electics though. Can anyone post a lnik to a thread explaining the dangers/problems of using cheaper generators ?
  9. I have the lower powered 318d touring (2007 model) with manual box and we tow a twin axle van @ 1261kg While slow (TBH it's slow without the van) on accelleration, I've not yet had any issues with lack of power apart from having to shift from 6th back to 5th on hills on motorways. Keep the rpm around 1600-2000 rpm and you'll have all the power you need. Can't comment re auto box performance though.
  10. I have a 15W solar panel that I want to permantly fit to the roof of my 2000 Bailey Senator. Said panel looks very much like this one I have no concerns on how and where to run the cables, my main concern is how to secure the panel to the roof. The unit (as above) comes with 4 screws, but I'm wondering if they will be enough to hold it down, and allow for flexing, as well as potential wind speeds of 100mph+ (60mph road speed and 40mph head wind). They look more like wood screws to me rather than self tappers, and would self tappers do? How thick/strong is a typical roof? I have seen some types fitted (or stuck down) using adhesive sealant, but as this has fixing holes I'd prefer to use them, and just use a small amount of sealant under the screw to seal the roof against leaks. Can anyone supply and tips or suggestions as I'd like to do the job this weekend
  11. Thank you for all the advice. I fitted a new pump today, and also found the fuse on the consumer unit had blown. Replaced the fuse, and everything works fine. Even the water heater, so I've no idea why the last owner didn't get it fixed.
  12. Hi, It was like it when we got the van. The van is a 1993 Abbey County (Dorset). It does have a pump switch. One side says ext, but I can remember what the other says. I think it just says "On" I presumed that you switch it to the "on" position to prime the system, then put it to "Ext" to operate the pump???? I have no idea about an on-board tank. It has a Carver Cascade water heater. That about as much extra info as I can add. I have tried it with the switch in both positions. I haven't been able to check the van supply to the pump yet. I'll be doing that tomorrow, but I connected the pump directly to a car battery and it doesn't work. One other thing that worries me was that someone had unpluged the cable from the carver control unit to the heater. I presume it was to prevent it boiling dry and they also put a new single tap into the bathroom sink. Confused. com I'm sure I'll figure out why in the end, but until then I guess I will have to take it one step at a time in finding out why
  13. Hi Still very new to this so answers please bear with me. The water system on my van is not working at all. It has a whale pump system fitted, which the pump doesn't seem to work on. The pump is the model 881 I am going to systematic test the whole system out, but as the pump does not work when any tap is turned on, my first guess is that has gone. Can the pump be tested by connecting it to a 12V source? If it can what is the best way to do it. Connect the terminals on the plug to a battery, or strip down the plug and test? I have not been able to check if there is power going to the pump yet. That's number 2 on the list at the weekend when I can borrow a multimeter. I understand these pumps can be problematic, so if it is just the pump, is there a suitable replacement the is more reliable? The one I have looks like this
  14. Thanks for the replies Bought a butane regulator off the bay so I'll be using that up over then next few weeks, then hopefully I can swap the butane bottle for a propane one when it's empty. If all else fails people seem to buy them empty on ebay for some reason
  15. It is bottle mounted (looks like these) Would I be correct in saying that these are bottle mounted? Guessing, would I be able to just move the gas hose from the propane regulator to the blue propane one and just carry on. My hose looks like it's just pushed on and secured by a hose clip. If that's the case then I'll have a look on the bay and see what I can pick up
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