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  1. Just got rid of my 2010 sorento kx3 after 2 failed rear diffs. I had read about this problem but you never think it will happen to you! Now own a 2016 Santa Fe, far superior tug in my opinion
  2. First time out for us was a learning curve. Everything went as expected, no problems towing. Yes we forgot the odd thing and soon learned to compile a list of things required. Just take your time, allow plenty time for braking and don't panic. If on the road you find your outfit a little unstable, pull over somewhere and rework your loading. Above all enjoy it!
  3. I have the halfords 40 ltr coolbox. 12v - 240v. Had it 2 years now no problems at all. Last time out it ran for 12 days none stop in the awning when outside temps were in the high 20's. Kept the beer and wine cool throughout.
  4. Ter


    used this to seal window hinges and awning rails seems to do what you require https://www. amazon. co. uk/Sikaflex-Caravan-Adhesive-Caravans-Trailers/dp/B0036KGDH0
  5. A standard digital tv antenna should suffice I would imagine. You also mention that yours is old, try checking the connections, maybe they just need renewed.
  6. Worth a read http://www. which. co. uk/consumer-rights/regulation/sale-of-goods-act#who-is-responsible
  7. Alnwick castle (Harry Potter movies were filmed there). Seahouses, some great fish restaurants there, Craster kippers are a local delicacy if you like fish lol
  8. I'm no electrician but I wouldn't advise connecting the two wires together. As for the heater do you use the blower as soon as you turn the heater on? If so then the blower may not allow the heat to build up.
  9. I removed ours on my own. Remove the handle screws then use step ladders outside to lift it off. Ours is the sealed type which consists of the outer cover and an inner cover that are stuck together. The most effective way I found of cleaning this type is to pour hot soapy water through it then rinse it through with a hose pipe with a jet nozzle.
  10. Owned one for about 4 years. 04 plate 2. 2 136 bhp. Used it to tow a Lunar Solaris. Great tow car. In fact I passed it on to my daughter along with the Lunar 2 years ago when I upgraded to a 57 plate 2. 0 173 bhp xtrail explorer extreme, yet another great tow car, pulls our hymer with ease.
  11. I notice that you are from the Durham area. There are a group of great lads fly and race drones on Chuter Ede field in South Shields. You should pay them a visit sometime I know they would be more than helpful and give great advice. (The same group got me into flying helicopters a few years back)
  12. I used to fly RC Helicopters and i always chose larger capacity Lipo batteries for the electric heli, these would provide more power but not necessarily more flight time. On the other hand with the nitro helis using higher capacity lipos would give extended power times for the onboard electronics. I believe that lipos are much better now and also a bit cheaper. I don't own a drone but I would imagine higher capacity batteries would more than likely give you longer flight times due to the flight characteristics of the model.
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